Friday, November 08, 2019

Jamestown Landing in Shipshewana, IN!

There is just no place like Shipshewana, Indiana!

And I must say that I also love how the name of this place just rolls off your tongue like fizzy bubbles.  It’s fun to say!  It’s fun to be here – the heart of Indiana Amish country, surrounded by quilters and all things quilty.  It’s a haven for quilters of all ages.

Along with our classroom for 40, there are several other open sew retreat rooms going full bore – it’s quilters everywhere you turn, and this is the balm my soul needs!  The fabrics are flying, the projects are varied, there is eye candy to be seen on every surface and the chatter and laughter draws you right in.

You should BE HERE!  You really should!

Quilting up a storm in Jamestown Landing class!

Pattern from my book String Fling.

And evidently storm is the right word – it was spitting that 4 letter word that starts with S yesterday- SNOW!  Not that it is sticking yet, but more is expected by Monday when I’m on my way home – will I get out of town fast enough?  LOL!  I’m just not ready for this winter weather yet, but perhaps it is all in good preparation for our Germany trip coming up December 1st?

Oh, we dug the neutral strings!

After lunch it was all about triangles – LOADS of triangles!

My Essential Triangle Tool made an easy job of this batch!

Keep sewing, girls!  You need MORE!

Great variety!  I love these blues!

Reds so yummy!

Delightfully green!

Rainbow Kaffe, anyone?

Or maybe purple is your game?

Silver grey for the win!

Oh ladies, look what you did today!!

Click to Play:

It was an amazing day, and I'm so glad we've got 3 more just like it in front of us.

What a kicker of a day, ladies!

You are the best!

Today we’ve got Narragansett Blues on deck – a day with easy four-patches and rectangles is just what we need after yesterday – bring it on.  I’m ready!

But first – BREAKFAST!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Did you ever over think an answer to a situation when your gut knew all along just what was right for you?

Go with your gut! It already knows!

My gut is telling me I am right where I need to be -

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. I think your gut is saying you need Breakfast, lol. Nice to see all the smiling faces. No 'S' Word in PNW. At least not in the Walla Walla Valley in the foothills of the Blues. Love all the Blues in this Quilt!

  2. Don't forget Lolly's boat. I wish I were there but this conference was filled very quickly like in hours.

  3. I wish I was there too! I’m loving all those string blocks. Have fun Bonnie. Recharge your soul there in Amish Country.

  4. Wow, that looks like fun. Can't wait to see you back in Phoenix in January 2020. This day looked amazing. It would have been great to be there. Enjoy!

  5. From the time String Fling was published, this became my favorite quilt. I had NO blue or neutral fabrics so over a year or more, I collected fat quarters from all over the country. It was a slow process with many interruptions including retirement and three moves--one from Michigan to Phoenix. The king size quilt was finally finished in September and we sleep under it every night. I smile every time I look at it. Still my favorite quilt! Thank you.

  6. What is the great quilt in the Sadie on the porch Banner at the top of the blog? Thank you.

  7. Be sure to hit Yoder's. Great fabrics and many other things!!!!

  8. OH Bonnie! That purple is lovely! I never thought of doing Jamestown Landing in Purple, but I Just may! It would be perfect for my room; but I need to finish En Provence first. It is my spring/ summer quilt for my room. So many going at once.

    Be careful going home- the storm is to be bad back there.

    kasilof, AK
    Where the sun is shining after more than a week of rain and dismal gray!

  9. Shipshe is the best restful place to create and be with your quilt peeps! I attended a DJ Retreat for many years there and absolutely loved the experience. Wish I was there with you all. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy dear Bonnie!

  10. I have all your books and I want to make every quilt. I'm working on it!!! <3

  11. I am looking forward to a class with you. Thank you for inspiring us all to dig a little deeper, to push a little harder, and to listen to our gut.

  12. I had a wonderful time with you on Friday in your class. Thank you for being a blessing to me and sharing your world with us! Your are warmth and salve to our hearts too.

  13. Living in Central Pennsylvania, I understand your admiration of the "plain" people. Grandchildren visited from California, went down the valley. They saw Amish and Mennonite peoples and called them Pilgrims. We still chuckle. Your workshop photos are fantastic. Love to see the many choices of fabrics. The snow isn't going to be the problem, it is the Artic Blast that is going to require the woodburners and fireplaces this week. Love your job, seeing all the talented quilters and their visions transform into finished projects.

  14. This looks so fun. I have never been to a sewing conference/retreat

    Thank you for sharing pretty pictures. These always make me happy

  15. I love this pattern. Have made it three times for gifts and know I will do it again. Thanks for all you do for us

  16. Does Blue Gate have lodging or do you stay some place else? We are looking for a new retreat center.

  17. Someone really went to town on that border!!! Great job!

  18. So lovely to read all about the 'retreat' from over here in Australia. No snow here as we move into summer. Luckily no huge bushfires where I live in the south, however so many other people on the east coast have been impacted and with over 100F forecast, together with the 5+ years of drought, the fires will only get worse. So sad.

  19. That was such a fun class on Thursday, glad I was there! Thanks so much for visiting us in Indiana!!

  20. Great class, Learned great tips to perfect my sewing and cutting.


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