Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Expedited Passports and Antique Mall Wanderings

LOL.  I am still laughing at this sign! LOL!

SO much of our lives can be filled with the good intentions of “helping” others – when really, unless they ask – DON’T OFFER! I really am working so hard to avoid the “You need to, you must, you really should, you ought to, or if it was me – or is it Or if it were I?” out of ANY conversation – unless that person is under 18 years old.

Anyone else who has made it to adult status can usually figure things out on their own, unless they ask.  We can’t jump in and save the world with our own opinions and ways of doing things.  Nor should we.

However – when it came to the point last evening where I saw that Hubster & Son had painted the Hen Den ceiling at Quiltville Inn with SATIN shiny paint instead of flat ceiling paint? I drew the line.  LOL.  But what can I say? I wasn’t here to take the control freak situation into my own control freak hands.  

Love them for their efforts, but shiny ceilings with shadows of ceiling fans whirring just make me dizzy.  Repainting will happen, likely this weekend. Flat paint is for ceilings.  Just so you know.

Yesterday was horridly rainy and temps dropping through the day.  While down in the North Carolina Piedmont things were just wet, it played in my favor.

Passport Office – Winston Salem State University.

The passport lost, passport canceled, and passport found and new passport replacement expedited has been accomplished!

The nearest location to me is on the Winston-Salem State University campus. It is housed in the historic home of Simon G Atkins 1863-1934. He was the founder of Slater Academy now renowned as Winston Salem State University where he was president from 1892 to 1904. From 1913 to 1934 he served as a religious and community leader.

Since its founding in 1892, Winston-Salem State University has grown from a one-room frame structure to more than 39 buildings located on a picturesque 117-acre campus overlooking the woodlands of Salem Lake in the heart of Winston-Salem.

My inner history buff loves finding these little gems in the communities where I live.  And because it was a rainy awful morning – the office was empty and I walked right in.

Not a glamour shot by any means -

But not a mug shot either!

And the upside is – this photo is SO much better than the last one.  I suggest going to a place that includes taking the photos as well as your application.  One stop.  And that way they know the photo is acceptable to what the regulations are.  And now we sit and wait because Germany happens in just a bit over 2 weeks! (2 days after our Frolic Mystery Starts!)

Since this went so smoothly, I hit a couple of places on my wandering up to Virginia.  There are a couple of things that I didn’t get a photo of that are perfect for Quiltville Inn.  A chipped up pine cupboard for the yellow upstairs bath.  A green striped fan backed chair.  Not sure if that is for one of the bedrooms or will be swapped out with a different chair in the Hen Den.

I took reckless pleasure in “freeing” a couple of machines!

Come out and be seen, my pretties!

Motorized 127 -

And it came that way!  See the SMALL hand wheel?

It was an interesting day for interesting quilts.

So much embroidery in this one!

I love the lacy stitches and embroidered flowers.

My heart smiles for cheddar!

This one!

So interesting – and all of those little geese!

Big and chunky – I love that there are light blocks and dark ones.

Spool cabinet lust in overdrive.

But far too rich for my blood!

(And someone has replaced the knobs and painted the plackets?)

Interesting one!  Also way spendy.

But what a great label!

String quilts always capture me!

Look closely and see how she has even pieced the sashings!

It was the perfect afternoon for wandering.

Strawberry or Caesar's Crown.

I always get these two confused!

Giant polka dot love!

(And what’s with the two red triangles upper left!?)

Interesting borders – What was the story here?

A string and rectangle border on the left –

A row of half blocks at the top.

And can you see it looks like she DID cut blocks in half to add in the red centers?  the fabric on either side of the red in quite a few of the blocks matches from side to side.  I just love pondering the thoughts of the makers – the why’s and how’s.  

And I love that she loved red so much.  Don’t those cornerstones look like they are floating?

Big Giant Ocean Waves.

Lovely plaids and early prints.  And then that bright yellow!

And – are you waiting for it?

The weird and disturbing of the day!

Vase of many faces?

NO.  Just NO.

Especially when each face shares an eye with its neighbor.


And when it comes to repurposing with chalk paint?


Especially do not paint lovely vintage pieces in ombre from mustard to turquoise.  JUST NO!  If the wood finish was really bad – I can see it white.  I can see it light grey.  But rainbow ombre?  JUST.  I can’t. I can’t. Please….I can’t unsee this!

It was 22 degrees as I climbed the pass up to the Virginia state line.  22 degrees!  Overnight it fell to 8.  It’s now about 17.  Brrrrrr!

What DID come home with me?  It was dark when I arrived and I left things wrapped in paper and boxed.  Besides the chair and the cupboard, it must have been lamp and clock day.  There was a booth with 40% off the lowest marked price.  There was a pair of matching hurricane style milk glass base lamps – 40% off $18.00 for the PAIR.  A third lamp from the same sale, a glass vegetable/casserole dish for here at the cabin, and an $8.00 ironing board (not vintage) that is sturdy and will make a great big board for the Quilting Quarters.  Photos on those later today now that it is daylight.

Invoices were printed last night, but it was late and snow was starting to blow (I don’t think anything stuck over night.) and it was a long day, so I’ll start filling those orders this morning.  There is loads to do ahead in the next week plus to get so much of EVERYTHING done.

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage double knit quilt found in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Some days are like this. Some days the best you can do is baby steps.

But baby steps still move you forward!

Let’s get this Wednesday rockin’!


  1. I'm with you on the awful paint on a beautiful vintage piece.

  2. I'm with you on the flat ceiling paint.

  3. The faced vase it just strange. FUn to find and wonder WHY would someone want that and who posed for it

  4. I have to agree with you on the chalk paint...people, please stop! I live in a small town in the Panhandle of Florida with one large antique/flea market store. They chalk paint 99% of the antique furniture in that store. They give classes on how to do it! And, there have been very few if any quilts when I have gone to visit. I do so love seeing all of the photos of the ones you come across. Thank you Bonnie for taking the time and making the effort to present such a lovely, heart-warming blog.

  5. I'm guilty of "why don't you?..." and thank you for the reminder... yes, I'm the mom! Yes, I just want to help. Yes, its a pain and I'm doing much better. Truth? Most peeps just want to be heard. Just LISTEN, just maybe sympathize... thanks again for the wake-up call... i've been working on this for longer than i know you, please accept my apologies if i've offended! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. Love, love your photos. It is great to share your antique mall wanderings. My mother - bless her heart - decided after my father died that she would make a quilt. This is 36 years ago and she passed 22 years ago. Well she chose Double Knit and did it all by hand. She was determined and did finish it, but swore she would never quilt again!!! I think the double knit did her in. LOL

  7. Cool history at the passport office!

    I always enjoy your antique store jaunts. Some lovely quilts this trip - I like the soft palette of the string quilt w the pink sashes and red cornerstones. But that strippy quilt! That's fascinating. Some kind of square-in-a-square set inside Puss in the Corner frames, on point, in between strips of flying geese.... layer after layer of ideas. Would have loved to have seen the original, unfaded colors on that one when it was new, esp. with all of that pink as the big setting triangles. Fun stuff!

  8. Might be crazy, but my first thought was that you lost all of those stamps in your old passport and what a bummer that was! At least now you have a new passport and still have the stamps in the old passport!

  9. I think I need that vase of faces for a white elephant Christmas gift exchange! I can already hear the laughter!

    1. Hahah, I do too! Something so funky will be loved or hated!

  10. Love your wanderings. loved the sign at the beginning of this post. It made me giggle. I also spied a small yellow ware bowl on the shelf above the cheddar quilt. I would love to come and antique browse on the east coast.

  11. I'm to the point in life where I'm happy to let people flounder around figuring it out for themselves. I know someone who always knows a better way & it can get annoying.

  12. Oh gorgeous pics - apart from the painted cabinet (I'd strip all that lot and bring back the wood - otherwise it's pretty) and the creepy faces!

  13. Oh my stars.....all of those lovely antique quilts.....How do you just not buy them all?

  14. Oh no, haha I do indeed greatly dislike the vase with all of the faces, eeeek and disturbing. The cabinet with the bad paint, If they paid me to take it away, I would have rescued it and had that stripped stat.

    What a great wonderful adventure. The weather was very cold on the east coast from W-S all the way up to Virginia.
    I hope we have a couple more good days for raking.... but if not, oh well
    I love all of the photos you shared

  15. Oh my gosh that is just so wrong, as you said white or a grey but that is just wrong. Love the gorgeous quilts I’ve always loved crazy patchwork with embroidery and that is a lovely example
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful finds during your antique mall search.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  16. Is the Perpetual Face dated and signed?

  17. I now find myself "freeing" old sewing machine that I find too!!!

  18. I love to see what you find on your antique wanderings. NO on the face vase and the rainbow paint job. I live in an older house and we plan to age in place. I decided as I was repainting the entire 2nd floor, to use white enamel on all of the closet ceilings to reflect every last lumin we can get in those tiny dark spaces. Flat ceiling paint out in the rooms but reflective white enamel inside the closets, makes ME very happy.
    Just bought a huge kitchen dresser with a very aged finish. I plan to live with it a while before I make any refinishing decisions but I AM leaning toward white enamel in memory of my grandmother's kitchen. Anybody else remember those cabinets with red Formica counters?

  19. Bonnie - I had to laugh. I thought that vase was interesting and I liked that rainbow cloloured shelving unit.... would I have done it myself?? No, I would not have thought of it, but seeing it done, I kind of liked it!! Have great day and thanks for the quote. I had to write it down. Today, it is the perfect one for me.

  20. I loved wondering through little shops full of old things. It's like a treasure hunt for adults! I won't paint antiques at all, it's just painful to see.

  21. I don't comment that often, so I thought I would say that I love reading your blog and finding inspiration the photos of antique quilts. We dont have the same tradition in the UK.

  22. I think the vase would be perfect in a psychiatrist office!


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