Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Lion Sleeps Tonight -

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle-
The Lion Sleeps Tonight!

Only it was early morning and the sun was just up and this was all before breakfast!

I always thought the Giraffes would be my favorite.  But there is something about the BIG cats – Leopards, Cheetahs and Lions that just make me catch my breath with their raw beauty.

And if it weren’t for that fabulous zoom on my camera, I wouldn’t have been able to see them clearly at all.

This guy was just hunkered down in the grass -

Enjoying the morning!

And then THIS guy walked onto the scene!

We were trying so hard to be quiet from the safety of our vehicles – I am sure they are so used to vehicles they don’t care….but this scene was so majestic!

Don’t.  Mess.  With.  Me!

And the two wandered off into the brush together.

Litter mates maybe?

And the mountain, rising in the distance.

Two females in the grass. Perfection!

Just breathtaking. Seriously.

Yes, I see you in there!

A whole pride – passed out in the sun!

This was something I had hoped we would see, but I wasn’t counting on it – and there they are – snuggled up together!  Can you see the baby at the far left by the bush!?

They weren’t happy with our disturbing their naps!

They decided to move off – but the two babies were unsure of what to do or where to go – they ended up in the bushes.  We circled around –it was about a 10 minute process and when we returned the babies were still in the bushes, but the mama was close by calling to them.  Eventually the two babies tumbled out of the bush they had climbed, and ran off to their mama.  We loved watching the whole scene!

Where is my mama!?

Right here, sweetheart!

I made a 6 minute compilation of many Lion clips – You’ll see one lioness with a tracking collar.  As they often travel in pairs, her companion doesn’t need one.

Videos are shaky as the vehicles are moving as people rearrange themselves so everyone has a chance to see. There is no way to use a tripod, so we just do the best we can being zoomed out as far as we are.  Watch the part where I zoom way out, and then back in close again!

We were told later that the lioness doing all the digging was hunting for a warthog that had burrowed underneath the ground.  She could smell it!

Sleeping beneath the palm fronds!

Check out those pads on that big front paw!

This guy didn’t want to wake for ANYTHING!  It took a bit of revving the engine to get him to raise his head and check us out:

Go away – and let me sleep!

I feel a cat nap in my future!

Rug Wrestling in the dinging room!

Our dining room table is 14’ 6’’.  Nearly 15’ of table!  Which means I need a rug that is 8‘ x 20‘.  YIKES.  You really can’t find one that size, and so have opted for two 8‘ x 10’ rugs placed end to end, meeting in the middle.  It will work.  It will also make getting them cleaned more manageable because you can lift an 8’ x 10’ rug, but an 8’ x 20’?? Not so much. The first rug of 2 ordered arrived yesterday. The second must have been on a different UPS truck.  But isn’t it gorgeous??

The navy blue background and busy floral pattern will hide a multitude of food sins.  And I’ve got the waffle weave stuff to go under them for non-skid.

Right now the rug is resting upside down with chairs on top to minimize the curl.

Last evening’s jobs of winterizing the stained glass kitchen window, hooking the dryer back up to the vent in the laundry room, and changing out the light bulbs in the kitchen were all accomplished along with other detailing.

Today I’ll check to see how the ammonia soak of the stove/oven parts is working.  If these don’t come clean I’m just going to order replacement grills and racks.  Seriously.  How could there BE this much baked on gunk.  Wasn’t it ever cleaned before we bought this place?

I’m feeling the panic of time passing too quickly and there is still so much more to be done – so I’m off to get at it! 

I am so grateful for the help and encouragement of so many.  All of the donations that are turning this big old house into a Quilter’s Home.  My heart is so full.  Thank you!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

So much gratitude! The more you share, the more you have!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, folks!


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM EST

    If the ammonia soak doesn't do the trick on your stove grates try soaking them overnight in a tub of hot water with a generous amount of dish washer detergent suck as Cascade or such. If using a bath tub place old towels on the bottom to protect the tub from stains. I have used this to clean my oven racks and it works great.

    1. Thank you for the info on cleaning oven racks. My fingers get too sore to clean the racks these days. My racks could sure use a good soaking and cleaning in the tub with some Cascade and hot water.

  2. I am enjoying your photos of Kenya. But these big lovelies are perhaps my favorite. To see the ear in that huge mane, or those strong legs. Wow. Seems your learned how to use your camera just fine. Bless you for sharing them all.

  3. Hi Bonnie! I would love to know where you got that rug! I love it! Thanks! Love your pictures! You did an awesome job catching the personalities of the animals! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I would also love to know where you ordered this rug,

      Jocelyne in Kanata, Ontario

  4. Thanks for the wonderful pictures from Africa. It's like I was there with your group.

  5. wish i had thought of this earlier!!!! Mark & Delia Owens, "Cry of the Kalahari" -- tale of two young research biologists and their time in the So. African desert. It's not a report of their research of several years so much as their personal experiences, rather riveting in parts... not that you have all that much time for "leisure" reading. I am planning to read "Eye of the Elephant" next up... thanks for the ongoing safari from your lovely new camera. As always thanks of gratitude for all you share, Cats in Carlsbad CA -- LOL, reading your daily, i don't think the word "leisure" is in your vocabulary. Quilty hugs

  6. I'm so enjoying your Africa stories. This was one of my favorite yet. Thanks for including us on your adventure.

    The new rug is lovely - great choice. Practical, as you said, and reminiscent of applique or antique wool work.

  7. my neighbour had a tenant in the basement--when he moved out she just gave up on the range--and replaced it, it was so disgusting. So yes, there are definitely people who don't clean.

  8. Now I’ll be singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” all day!! The rug is gorgeous. Good luck with the stove grates.

  9. Have you tried good old fashioned oven cleaner on them? I love seeing the pictures of your inn. It is beautiful. I hope I can come there someday!

  10. Love your new rugs. I usually roll them the opposite way to get them to lay flat. I don't often comment on your posts, but sure wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your Africa pictures. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Your camera has an incredible zoom!!! Thanks for taking all of us on the safari with you. The lions are simply amazing and the babies are just adorable!

  12. I do NOT know where you get your energy and stamina. Enjoy the journey.

  13. Such magnificent and regal beasts you can see how they became the kings of the jungle. Thank you so much for sharing your Kenya trip your photos and video clips are beautiful.
    Love your rug really pretty.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  14. One of my top ten songs, The Lion Sleeps tonight! You should listen to it while working so hard on the house. For oven grates (if we're speaking of the same thing) I take them outside, spray heavy duty oven cleaner, let it bake for the day, the next day with a wire brush & hose they look good. It you're speaking of the top of has stove grates that the pot sits on, the do the same as the oven. But I'm waiting to read of a better non-toxic ideas! quiltyladyrr at gmail
    dot com.

  15. Love those kitties. That zoom is superb! Wowee! I did think that either the lioness was making the biggest litter tray ever, or was doing a bit of mousing! That warthog was one big mouse then! LOL! I wonder if she was successful - but those muscles rippling as she dug - and you caught it all on camera. I did so enjoy, thank you.

  16. Bonnie, could you share the make and model of your camera with us again? It is spectacular. Thanks for all you share. Hugs from Central Florida

  17. STUNNING rug, and always fun to read your adventures. I've relied on the ammonia in a bag trick for my grates many times, and it always works; I hope you find it true also. (Last time I did it, I ended up leaving them in the bag for upwards of 24 hours instead of overnight, and it seemed to me to be even easier than usual, so perhaps a second LONG time in the bag would do the trick if the first doesn't?) Good luck!

  18. These pictures have been so enjoyable, they took us to
    Africa with you. I think they're good enough for National Geographic.

  19. Thank you for the great pics of Kenya. You did a fantastic job!

  20. Majestic creatures.....beautiful pictures

  21. Would also love to know where you got the rug! Thanks!


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