Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hug a Rhino Day!

Up close and personal with a blind rhino!

It’s been a few weeks now since we went to visit this fella at the rhino conservatory.  I can’t remember his name!

But I do know that he was born blind, and he lives here where folks can come learn about the rhinos.  He is cared for in a large area where he can roam and do what rhinos do – EAT. ALL. THE.  TIME!

Forget about goats being your lawn mower of choice.  If you really want to get the job done, hire a rhino!

Watching the children feed him is the most precious thing!

And our own group got into the act!

Such a sweetie!

He would have died if it weren’t for the conservatory.  I’m not even sure how they discovered and rescued him.  But I am so glad they did so we had the chance to learn more about rhinos in the wild and spend some time with him up close and personal.

Click to Play:

The first half of the video is with the blind rhino - the second half takes us into the wild on safari.

We came upon a rhino pair – the male just standing statue still while his lady friend munched the ground all around him, not caring if we were watching or not.

But he evidently DID care – because it was a stare off!

And if you look close – you’ll see the zebra behind them in the trees!

(watch the video again, you’ll see them migrating by!)

I know I see a few striped zebra butts out there!

It takes a lot of grazing to fill this belly!

Not a great night time shot!

This is at our watering hole in front of our tents at the Serena Tent Camp at Sweetwaters.  Here I was in my tent – and the rhinos were just beyond visiting the watering hole.  So amazing.

The ever popular butt shot  - with imapla!

Meanwhile at Quiltville Inn:

Green striped chair found Tuesday!

It sits really comfy and was found for only $45, so I’m happy with bringing it home.  It may replace one of the smaller chairs in the Hen Den – and that chair can go to a bedroom.  Still deciding.  But isn’t this so classic?

Chippy cupboard in upstairs yellow bath!

This is not a vintage piece – but it fits the space and the storage will be great. The walls in this bath have been painted a much LIGHTER yellow which brightens it up so much.  Before it was nearly a mustard yellow.

There are also a few milk glass hurricane style lamps that didn’t get a photo op last night as we spent the evening assembling this:

Harbor Frieght work bench turned cutting station!

I need goo gone to remove the sticker.  Why do they do that?!

I’m going to put a second TOP on top of this one- because of the vise and tool holes.  I don’t think a rotary mat will be enough of a surface to keep blades from skipping over those holes. 

We’ve actually got two of these for two cutting tables.  And if it works well – I may get two more to be pressing stations on the other side of the room.

The shelf underneath and drawers will be a great place to store rulers, etc.

This is how 12 luggage stands arrive -

“Some assembly required.”


After dealing with the work bench, there was no energy left to deal with these last night.  That will come another time.

Someone suggested on Facebook that I just put the KIT on top of everyone’s bed, and if they desire to use a luggage stand, they can pitch in with the assembly.  LOL!  Not a bad idea!

For the month of November, you can find my Garlic Knots digital pattern 50% off in the Quiltville Store!

For the month of November only -

Garlic Knots PDF Pattern $4.00!

No Coupon Needed!

Temps are quite frigid here in the Blue Ridge Mountains – as I type this it is 24 degrees. Brrrr!  But there is more to do, and I must get to it.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Antique broken dishes quilt shared by my friend Siobhan.

I truly believe this. If you are feeling bad about your situation, go and help someone who's got more struggles than you do.

It will open your eyes to all you've already been blessed with.

Have a warm and wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. I would LOVE to have a rhino instead of a lawn mower, but I bet my HOA would not be happy!

  2. Not sure if this will work for you....I use a small bit of peanut butter on my fingertip and rub over the sticker residue. I let it sit a while and rub some more in. I usually get all the sticky off. Just not sure if it is a good idea to use on the wood surface.

  3. dohickey connects to the thing-a-bob plus brute force! Good luck! Marilyn Marks

  4. I have really enjoyed watching Quitlville Inn come to life. Could you please post where you got the sewing chairs for the Inn? They look very comfy.

  5. I was just eyeing those workbenches in Harbor Freight yesterday and thinking they would make a great cutting table and then I could add a padded piece of plywood on top to change it into an ironing station. Sadly, there is no room in my sewing room for something this size.

  6. Fun finds! I love Ikea things for Quilting. The store is like a Maze. Good idea to enlist the retreaters to assemble the luggage racks. Counting the days until Black Friday.

  7. I use the harbor freight workbenches one for pressing area and one for cutting. We cut a plywood piece for my cutting mat. And cover plywood for ironing surface. We did replace the drawer slides for full extension

  8. Would dowel rod pieces fill the holes in the workbench? Might be an easy solution...

  9. Love the new chair...it’s so cute! Also, the yellow bathroom will be so happy.
    I think the self-assembly for the luggage racks is a good idea...maybe someone coming for the test retreat loves to assemble things.... Looks like the place is truly coming together.

  10. Hi Bonnie, I loved the chair and the little cabinet. Thank you for sharing your wonderful trips with us.

  11. Try to soften the glue on that sticker with a hairdryer first. I have had good luck doing that and it won't leave a stain on the wood from the Goo Gone.

  12. If Goo Gone won't clean the sticker off, I've found the pure lemon oil will remove gunk that Goo Gone left behind and it smells so much better!!! Did you get to touch the rhino??? What did it feel like?? Amazing creatures! The savanna obviously needs so many different kinds of grazing animals to keep it under control.

  13. I agree with you -- I love the green stripe chair. Hope you are still enjoying the journey. I've been going through my scrap baskets and fat quarters matching them to the paint chips for the mystery quilt. Really enjoying this process. Thanks again for taking us with you on your journey.

  14. Bonnie, I just love your Blogs. It makes me feel as if I am sitting right there and you are catching me up on whats been going on!

  15. Love your Rhino pics, do you know to tell the difference between the Black and White Rhinos?? The black has a pointed upper lip and the White has a straight one, the reason being is that the Black Rhino eats leaves, and the White Rhino eats grass. Amazing how nature accommodates us all.

  16. Wish I was there to help you, I love putting things together. I'm glad to see things are coming along and hope to visit Quiltville some day.

  17. Wow such a cutie so pleased they are caring for it so well in the wild he would just not have survived.
    Just love your chair that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for for my front room as the chair we have is just too big and not comfy any more. Great cutting benches they look so sturdy, your doing a fabulous job with the Inn, it will be such a beautiful place to come and immerse yourself into sewing. Thank you for letting us see all your progress it’s been fun sharing in your journey.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  18. Love your comments about the African animals.

  19. I just noticed the workbench! I bought one of these a few years back for the garage. After putting it together, I thought it was way too nice for the garage and used it for an island in my kitchen. Needing more shtorage in my quilt room, I moved it there for a cutting surface; drawers for small rulers, cutters and anything else I like at my fingertips. The shelf is where my scrap bins are, labeled per size. Very convenient.

  20. Can't help thinking how prehistoric they look - like triceratops but without the neck bone frill! Lovely little, er, big beastie, with a happy place to live the rest of his days. Wonderful, thank you

  21. I loved seeing the rhino pics. My Dad collected rhino figurines for many years. I know he would have received a few copies of this article. Just wish I knew it was Hug a Rhino Day earlier. I'll send this on to my sister and we can have our own Hug a Rhino Day today.

  22. I love that green stripe chair. What a nice find. For the tool holes in the work benches you might be able to fill them in with wood putty. And when the holes are finished the wood putty could be sanded smooth and then a coat or two of something to cover. If the work benches were done one at a time it maybe wouldn't take too long. Loved the blind Rhino.


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