Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Showin’ & Sharin’ & Snowin’ in Shipshewana!

It was reaching white-out conditions as we made our way from Shipshewana back to South Bend for my flights home yesterday.  I snapped this photo as we crawled on by.  Such an inviting farmhouse in the snow.  So very Midwest.  Lovely!

My heart was so full with all of the experiences shared during our 4 days together.  Even the snow and blow couldn’t remove the smile from my face!

My wish is that everyone else who was traveling through this mess would make it safely to their destinations – because it was bound to be a doozer.

And that proved true in many ways – flights were delayed getting in or out of South Bend – some flights (To Detroit – so glad that wasn’t my hub yesterday!) were cancelled all together.

As for me – We did get out, I was late getting to Atlanta, and the worst of it is that I had another 3 hour wait to catch a later flight. That is a SMALL upheaval in the midst of something that could have been so much worse.  I’ll take it gratefully!

Connie's Wild & Goosey from the Addicted to Scraps book 

So many gorgeous show & share moments!

Our Show & Share opportunity happened after my lecture on Friday evening.  It was a night filled with much eye-candy, and I loved that each person got a chance to share not just one, but up to 3 of their favorites (More than that would have meant we wouldn’t have gotten out of there til midnight, and it was a LONG LONG double duty day!) and I also enjoyed seeing things that were not Quiltville designs, each reflecting the interests, likes and loves of each maker.

Su's Punkin Patch love from String Frenzy!

Pam’s Allietare quilt!

There were many many mystery quilt finishes shown from our different mysteries over the years.  This just swells my heart – and yes, we are all excited about this year’s Frolic Mystery

How lovely is this En Provence border adaptation??

STUNNING!  I am so thrilled with them all.

Click to Play:

Thank you everyone for bringing your gorgeous quilts to inspire us all! I can't wait to see what you bring back in April 2021.

And with all of that arriving home excitement – guess what time it is?

Drawing for THREE winners this time!

Out of 4563 entries – WOW!

Entry 3470 – Susie Marvel!

Entry 1652 – Jenny Bh2o!

Entry 568 – Jodi Davila!

I seriously love this thing and I know you will too!

And you can still order your own IronEZ and save 15% by using code BH15off at MyIronEZ.com!  

You will want one at your ironing board, and at your machine side pressing station – and I’m sure you can think of a couple of other places too.  It’s also a great holiday gift for those quilty sewing friends on your list!

Oh, Dresden!

I was unpacking and getting ready to do laundry – I turned around and here he was.  PAY ATTENTION TO ME!  So glad that Jeff is here with Dresden and Lola both, though Dresden made himself right at home next to me on the bed last night and stayed the whole night.

That’s the FIRST TIME he has done that!  With Emmy Lou at the cabin (And loving it there I might add) Jeff is taking care of these two, and I am glad they are keeping him company after Sadie’s passing.  He also has a new job, working for Sprint, and we are so excited about his new position.

Today – it is absolutely pouring.  But at least it is 50 degrees and not snowing.

I am running down to Winston Salem State to replace the missing passport that was found.  (HATE that this happened, but I had no choice other than to cancel it when I did so I would have time to get a replacement.)  And then I’ll be up on my way to Virginia.

Yesterday was a postal holiday with Veteran’s Day, and I’ll set right in getting those orders out that came in over the past several days while I was in Indiana.

Don’t Forget!

For the month of November, you can find my Garlic Knots digital pattern 50% off in the Quiltville Store!

For the month of November only -
Garlic Knots PDF Pattern $4.00!
No Coupon Needed!

PLEASE click and save the pattern on a REAL computer first before transferring it to an ipad, tablet or phone. KNOW before you download just where files go and are stored, especially if moving it to a phone or ipad.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Focus on the real people who matter - The ones who really know you and encourage you. And stop focusing on those who don't.

The thing is that comparison sucks. It sucks because it doesn’t work. You cannot, absolutely cannot compare your life journey to anyone else. And you shouldn't care what others think about you and yours.

Easier said than done? I recently stopped following more than a 100 profiles on Instagram as they were just noise. They were clogging up my news feed making it harder to see those things I really valued. I honestly wish them well.

Instead I am focusing on those who bring real value to the limited time I have to spend online.

In this case, less is far more!  Is there anything you can let go of this week that will give you more time to focus on those things you really want to be doing?

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Oh Bonnie, you brighten my day. I love your never ending positive attitude! I love your quote today. Have a good day. Sarah

  2. God bless you Bonnie for all the time and concern that you give to all that you do. We wish you well.

  3. I think Dresden is hinting around that he wants to go along with you next time you travel!

  4. The thing I should let go of this week is the computer...... just give myself two 45 minute sessions..... the rest is as you say ...noise.

  5. Glad you made it home! I love my two IronEz holders and entered the drawing hoping to make a gift to a friend. I will buy another! Such great advice to let fluff go in your life! I have been marking out days on my calendar so I don't schedule anything! You do that also!

  6. Thank you, Bonnie for all of the inspirational words that you share with all of us! Yup...every so often we just have to "throw out" the junk to keep room for all of the Good Stuff!!

  7. I follow so many people on IG, Pinterest and Twitter...but I honestly never go there and look at anything. I prefer to follow blogs where I can get to know the person behind the blog, not just junk that is forwarded on with a click. Love the quilts made in Shipshewana and so glad you got home with just a minor hiccup. Soon you will be taking us off to Germany for the Christmas Market...looking forward to taking that trip with your virtually!

  8. Congrats to the winners, Guess I will have to order me one. The S-word hasn't threatened us here this week. Just lots of FOG in the Walla Walla Valley. So, glad when it burns off, but it is colder than normal. Hiding under a quilt watching Hallmark Christmas Movies, lol

  9. I'm glad you made it home safe. Excited for Jeff's new job. In October I didn't have IG while in China and was excited to get back to it. Less than 30 minutes later I was unfollowing several and am finding that I don't seek to view IG daily. Same thing happened with FB a couple of years ago. I find I'm much happier on the days I skip it.

  10. Dresden really, really missed you and is glad you're back. I'm glad you made it home without too many snafus...and to 50 degrees even though it's raining. It's been so cold here the last couple days.

  11. Gay and Lynn's timing was great. The classes were over and most were home by Monday morning when it started to snow. We ended up with about 5 inches of the heaviest snow in Shipshewana. So glad everyone made it home. Thanks, Bonnie for the great class.

  12. It is Wednesday morning and I love to see the quilts, with the knowledge of the time and work needed to make such lovely pieces of art. Yes, I too understand the waste of time with some of the postings. I watched as we all have, a posting, blog that lasted 39 minutes. The total point I got out of the wasted time was storage of your stash. I have been kicking myself for wasting the time watching a sale promo for kits that are available and storage of stash. Thank you for making your sewing chats interesting. You are talking with your viewers not at US.

  13. Thank you for sharing your adventures in Shipshewana. I love all of your photos and enthusiastic friends. God Bless you dear friend
    I adore all of the quilts shared and the fun video

    Congratulations to the lucky winners. Lucky fun prize :-)

    I am happy for your husband, a new good job and position is always excellent. You Dresden kittyboy looks so happy to have you home.

  14. I really like your daily updates and look forward to your letter in the morning. I am an addicted scrap quilter and like to say that three hundred fabrics, not three fabrics, make a more interesting quilt.

  15. I have marked my calendar for your next trip to Shipshewanna. I am in the Chicagoland area and want to come to your event. Thanks so much for your work and teaching all of us. Love the double wedding ring quilt. Time to finish the one I started a few years ago.

  16. Does anyone know the name of the pattern/designer of the large star quilt shown at the 1:40 minute mark in Bonnie's Shipshewana Show and Share post above? I'm hoping to make something similar. Any help will be appreciated!


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