Friday, November 22, 2019

Like a Flock of White Flamingoes!

The Hen Den is nearly ready!

There are a couple of barn quilts to hang on walls – but they are so heavy that I can’t do it myself.  I need to attach some hanger things to the back, and then with help put them over hooks on the walls.

The problem is – I’m out of time!  I head back to Winston Salem today as my dad’s flight gets into Greensboro tomorrow for Thanksgiving week.

We’ve ran the gauntlet and have gone as far as we can go.  The Hubster is on his way to Oregon – I’ve lost my man help!  But Thanksgiving Day may be filled with last minute touches while the turkey cooks.

I took this photo around 10pm last night -

Those lovely IKEA floor reading lamps put out beautiful circles of working light into the lap of each chair – these are going to be so great to stitch by!

The scalloped coffee table is late 1800’s empire style. I love the 3 chunky legs on it.   I can see plates of cookies or treats and coffee, tea or cocoa while folks sew and chat away the evening hours.

Three more white flamingoes shining down!

The walls look really bare.

But we can change that!

I purchased the empire table in Idaho in the early 1990s. Which is the perfect lead in to this:

1990-something trip to Penticton, BC!

That’s me with my arms around Jason.

I think this was one of those “disposable” cameras from back in the day.  Who knows WHERE The Hubster dug these photos up, but he texted them to me yesterday.

Why were we in British Columbia?

Iron Man Canada!  And he finished!

A much blurrier, younger me!

Jeff -

Evidently he didn’t get the memo that the backdrop would be striped, and he might not want to also WEAR stripes.  LOL!  My heart fell to pieces when I saw these long ago photos of my babies.  Where did the years go?  Could I just go back there and hug these small ones again?

Jason was about 13 here. 

He didn’t do much hugging at that age -

But I would love to wrap him in my arms and tell him that he will be amazing as a 36 year old!  His birthday was November 10th.

Good thing he left the “bowl cut” haircut back in the 1990s where it belonged! LOL!

A Very Merry Delivery!

Thank you, Judy & Ed Clayton!

I received notice on my phone that UPS had made a delivery. Imagine my surprise when I opened the front door and saw a green plastic bag with something in it!.

I didn't think UPS delivered things this way! (And they didn’t – it was Judy & Ed!) I am absolutely tickled with the handmade wreath, it is perfect for our opening weekend next weekend. It seriously made my day! I have no idea what time they popped by to hand deliver it and I never heard anyone sneak up on to the front porch.

Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise all the way from Indiana!

There are a few things to do around the cabin this morning to get things ready for Dad.  Then some mail needs to be shipped from the QPO, and I’ll be on my way to Winston Salem.  There will be stops by Costco, Target, and more – and I am dreading the holiday shoppers.  The ONLY thing I have purchased for Thanksgiving is our smoked turkey, a family tradition.

This year it will likely only be 3 of us. Jeff has a new job working for Sprint, and the holiday rush is going to swallow him up.  Jason is working in Portland, Oregon and we are glad we got to see him in August because we knew that it was unlikely that he could come this far for the holidays with his job.

Every year I tell myself that I need to keep Thanksgiving dinner simple – but once you add in everyone’s favorites (Like dad’s creamed pearl onions!) it is still a massive undertaking.  I seriously thought of eating out as our little favorite log cabin diner is putting on a Thanksgiving spread this year.  But – I’ve purchased the turkey!

Oh – I almost forgot!  The biggest news of the day? The new passport arrived YAY!  Let’s go to GERMANY!

(Oh, shoot! I still have to make those kits.  Looks like I’ll be putting Dad to work!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage nine patch quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter.

The world is a scary place and it is getting scarier.

We need to look each other in the eye one-on-one, not as groups, causes, parties, denominations or religions, subcultures, us versus them.
Person-to-person. We need to see each other clearly as human beings.

Today – make EYE CONTACT.  Smile.  We are all in this together!

Have a terrific Friday, everyone!


  1. Mmmm, I love creamed pearl onions and always make them for Thanksgiving!

  2. The Inn is looking beautiful! So happy for you. Enjoy your visit with your dad and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I must get a couple of those flamingo floor lamps! Loving the Hen Den! Have a fabulous Holiday Bonnie! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. that Hen Den is going to be SRO! How appealing, if you weren't a quilt=maker designer person, you could easily turn your hand as decorator! I have a feeling there's gonna needa be a sign-up sheet for 3 hour stints in those chairs... so comfy and warm... hoo ray the passport has arrived... LOL if that didn't make it there'd be no need for kits!!! whew... quilty hugs from Cats in Carlsbad CA --

  5. Words to live by. have a happy Thanksgiving

  6. Thanksgiving will be small for us this year, too. For various reasons everyone is scattering at once, so DH and his brother and I will enjoy spaghetti and a double-feature, grateful everyone is healthy and able to scatter to a wide-spread family of loved ones.

  7. Bonnie, what kind of chair do you find best for hand sewing? I have tried several styles and can't seem to find one that works well. I can't sew on the sofa because my arms need a resting place, but many chair arms are too high. I would love to visit your hen den and try them out!

  8. The Hen Den is so inviting, don't think I would ever want to leave. Happy Thanksgiving to the Hunter family and safe travels to your Daddy.🦃

  9. your retreaters will think they are in heaven. For those of us with small to nill Thanksgiving day... release the mystery :) Keep people on their toes. Sharyn in Kalama

  10. Your beta testers will be happy help you hang quilts! Then they can get down to sewing. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie and thank you SO much for all you do for us!I know your Quiltville Inn has been a labor of love. SO much stitching and fun will fill that house with new memories. SO happy for you.

  11. I just love the Hen Den! Such a cute idea with the assorted chairs. I would love to plop down in one of those chairs with some hand stitching, being warmed by the wood stove, surrounded by quilty friends sharing life stories. Ahhhhhhhh........as the stress fades away.

  12. Oh the Hen Den looks so cozy! And I absolutely love that name for it!!! I do a lot of hand work and it looks perfect for it. Sigh, it’s only 1000 miles from my place...

  13. Like, like, like. Relax and enjoy. You have moved mountains.

    I'm confused about the wreath - they "popped by" from Indiana to leave it on your door? never mind, I must have missed something in the translation - it's gorgeous !

  14. So young you were. Funny thing, I was that much younger at that time too! Were those the days when you were a professional masseuse, offering massages to the athletes after their events?

    The Inn is looking so wonderful! Can't wait to make a reservation some day.

  15. I have a journal with a daily question. Yesterday it asked what my most treasured photo is. I responded that the ones of my children all count. When I see them my heart always leaps a little, and I want them back for just a moment. I read this post with a heart full of understanding and assent! Blessings to you and yours, from Canada, where Thanksgiving was two months ago. ;-)

  16. Your dream has come ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. The Inn looks absolutely wonderful and warm and inviting!! Wish I could share in this initial "practice run" retreat! Can hardly wait to hear all about it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels to and from Germany! You are truly an inspiration!! 😃

  18. I want to go visit the Inn just to sit in the Hen Den and stitch. It just looks so cozy and inviting!

  19. We will be a small gathering this year too. I haven’t thought of creamed pearl onions in yeArs, they were my grandfather’s favorite. I may just have to add them to the menu. Love those brilliant white flamingoes— you’ve thought of everything! ❤️

  20. WOW! Bonnie your place is just so beautiful, cozy and homey. You have done a wonderful job. I'm soooo impressed. And your parting words are so true.

  21. How nice of Judy to leave that wreath for you! Hope your "Shakedown Cruise" is a success- can't imagine that it wouldn't be!

  22. Creaed cheesy pearl onions...a staple here for Thanksgiving. That's a tradition started by my mom many, many, years ago.

  23. Haha - we went to Cracker Barrel yesterday ( a week early) to enjoy a nice turkey dinner without the craziness. Just the two of us, so no major cook fest. I'll be baking a pumpkin pie to go with whatever we decide to make on Thanksgiving. YAY!!! for the passport arriving - a big worry off your list. Now you can enjoy your week with your dad, and getting things ready for the retreaters and your trip. Never a dull moment for you.

  24. Absolutely love the “hen den!” Name and all! It looks like a great place to sit and visit while doing hand work. I remember the trouble you went through finding those coveted pearl onions last year... did you have better luck this year? Enjoy your time with your Dad! 💕

  25. So happy to hear that your passport has arrived! Hurray!!

  26. Oooh...save the turkey for leftovers and turkey soup, eat out as a small group, and just enjoy the time with your dad and relax before your weekend craziness starts!

  27. hen Den what a wonderful Title, cake and coffee, fabric and laughter will bring overflowing happiness and an idea to spread around the world

  28. My daughter turned 33, also on November 10th. Does Jason need a girlfriend????? Just kidding........kind of.

  29. Your children were (and are) so cute and handsome! I'm sure with the 2 of you raising them they're good fine men now. I know how you feel when we look at pictures of happy times. I want my little boys to cuddle up with mommy again. Oh, how I miss that part of their childhood. Next year my baby will be 40! How fast time seems to go yet when we are waiting it seems to drag. Why is that? A good psyc question don't you think? Have a Great time with your dad.

  30. Everything looks great. Glad your passport arrived and wishes for a great Thanksgiving with your Dad.

  31. Theres going to be a lot of Very happy hens

  32. Yay on the passport and the creamed onions and the hen den. You rock!

  33. Didn't know that many people liked creamed onions!!! I make them every Thanksgiving and I am the only one who eats them.

  34. Oh! Such heart-fillingly (is that a word???) beautiful photos of you and your boys! Sweet sweet sweet!!! And the Inn is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm uplifted every day with your insight! Thanks Bonnie, have fun with your dad and the holiday 😊

  35. LOL! My baby is now 54 yrs., Six feet five inches and over 350 lbs! A big stand up hug would be all I could survive! Happy Thanksgiving every one!

  36. What a beautiful wreath and a very thoughtful and kind gesture. Love what you’ve done to the henden looks the perfect and cozy place to sew and natter.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  37. What handsome young men you have. One suggestion for the Inn, coasters. I'd hate for water rings to ruin all that lovely furniture you have collected. Leave some charm squares and batting and have the ladies each make a few of the simple charm square coasters while they are Beta testing. 6 charm squares and 1 piece of batting the same size. I can send the pattern.


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