Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hang and Decorate All. The. Things.

Things are shaping up at Quiltville Inn!

TWO WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY and counting!  My first group of Beta Testers arrive at 10am on Black Friday Morning.  Much better than standing in line at Target at 3am, right?

I am so excited these ladies are willing to walk away from family the day after Thanksgiving and come help test out the facilities.

These are the ladies from my own Bee in Winston Salem.  And over the past nearly 12 years that I’ve called that area home, I haven’t had as much time to spend with them as I’d like as usually the meetings were when I was out of town, or just returning from being out of town – and now they are coming for a 2 night beta test retreat.


Little pair of milk glass lamps found Tuesday!

When the booth listed #18.00 for the PAIR, and then had a 40% off sale – well yes - of course they came home!  They need new bulbs, but I can handle that.

And a 3rd – same booth.  So cute!

I’ve placed these in bedroom 5 – and we’ve also placed a power strip next to each bed with 3 outlets and 3 USB ports for all of the charging, cpap machines, white noise machines and personal fans that happen.

There are also wall mounted reading lights to be installed above each bed – and they ALSO have a USB port.  CHARGE ALL THE THINGS!

The new green chair loves the Hen Den!

And the Hen Den loves the new green chair!

And the pillow cover I bound the other night is now filled with a pillow form.

Each little touch – one step closer!

Most precious:

Signature quilt obtained form Pepper Cory!

I love that the blocks are not square!

Aren’t these unique?

It’s hanging in the front foyer – so everyone can see it.

Doesn’t everyone deserve an Aunt Mame?

Alma Johnson.

Feb 10, 1936

Norene Epps.

So precious!

Martha came over yesterday and helped me hang oh so many things around the inn.  We’ve got less than 2 weeks!  I’m in a bit of a whirlwind of excitement. We put bedding on beds!  We placed towels and other things in guest baskets.  We wiped, we washed, we swept, we vacuumed we polished – whew!

The wood stove is making things cozy!

The decorating is the best part!

Today there is a bathroom cabinet/sink going in the downstairs bath to replace the useless pedestal sink.  There has to be some kind of counter top for people to put stuff in there, and there has to be storage space to keep things as well.

The 2nd Harbor Freight work bench will hopefully be installed today as well so the cutting tables will be up and ready.  I want 2 more for pressing stations but that will likely wait until after I am back from Germany as there is no time to run out and get them.

And there is no rest for the weary – so I am headed back there right now – finishing up bedroom #3 and the upstairs landing and then on to the next bedroom. 

Did I post about these?

From Amazon.  They have 8 outlets and 6 USB ports.  Each pair of tables shares one – so I’ve got 6 in the Quilting Quarters.

Oh my goodness!  I can’t believe the countdown is on and happening this quickly!

I've been up since 4-something this morning writing all the paper work, namely the welcome packet with rules and regulations. That took HOURS.

I also ordered dining room rugs - thank you Amazon.  I couldn't do it without you. (And before you bash me - mail order catalogs have been around since 1890s.  We HAVE nothing else this rural.) I have purchased as many of the house furnishings and antiques from brick and mortar stores when I can.

Please remember that this is a Beta Test with my FRIENDS.  It’s not an official retreat.  Prices have not been posted yet.  The calendar is not open yet.  That will happen in the Spring.  There is still so much painting in and out to do to get everything spit-spot and it will be an evolving process over the next many months.  There is a website to build.  There are photos to take when rooms are finished so I have something to put ON the website. So stay tuned and I will let you know when we are open for bookings.

What you can do in the mean time is gather your friends.  The house is a GROUP RETREAT VENUE meaning your group rents the entire facility.  Like an Air B&B, only for quilters. We are not taking individual reservations as it is not a hotel or a bed and breakfast.  The house sleeps 12, so start your lists!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Scatter sunshine not rain clouds all along your way...

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. It all looks so warm, friendly and welcoming! Kudos to you! It will be a wonderful place for relaxation and creativity.

  2. Congratulations on fulfilling your dreams! It is always so exciting to see women achieving their goals! Good for you!!!!!!

  3. It is sounding so awesome . I don’t have any friends that sew really , so I might just have to come solo!! Have a good day, and can’t wait to start frolic!!!

  4. The new green chair is a channel back chair. Not sure if you knew that. Your Inn is really lovely. What else does it need??

  5. I'm so impressed at how much you have gotten done ! Such a nice gift to the ladies from your guild to share this with them !

    fyi, there is a retreat house in Lake Tahoe - http://www.sewreadyretreat.com/

    if you don't know of them, you might want to browse their website. She does a variety - one can rent the house, or she also has some retreats that she runs and you can sign up as an individual. And she offers the option of a "hosted" retreat where you pay a bulk fee and all your meals are cooked for you as well. She must like to cook, lol !

    Two weeks - wow - good luck , don't sweat the small stuff, everyone will have fun !

  6. How exciting for you to be seeing your dream coming closer to being ready! Best wishes on this adventure!

  7. I love seeing all your touches added...so cozy, it seems you have thought of everything to make it a great place to have a retreat.
    How fun for you feathering your retreat nest.
    I sure hope to get there sometime!!!

  8. The opening picture sets an eye appealing scene. Best wishes with your Beta Test Group! I am excited, and it's not even my retreat nor is it my group of retreaters. Way to go on working your dream!

  9. Thank you, Bonnie, the Inn is lovely and I can't wait to come there and enjoy the serene beauty you've enhanced with your great eye for such things. 😊

  10. Oh Bonnie. It's shaping up quite beautifully, I know you and your quilting friends are going to have a wonderful time. I am so excited for you and them, and thanks for sharing your beautiful Victorian house and vintage finds with us, they're beautiful. I love the signature quilt. Lucky you.

  11. Such great progress on Quiltville Inn!!! I'm sure your Beta Testers are as excited as you are to be arriving in less than two weeks!!! Everything looks so lovely...perfect mixture of antique and modern. Crazy that you have to justify buying things from Amazon!! Those of us who live in the country KNOW there is no access to everything out there and those in the city know they can't get everything there either. You definitely support local businesses as much as you can, but when you can't, Amazon is there to save the day! Remember to breathe...I miss your pictures of your daily walks. Your part of the country is so beautiful with the changing seasons and I love how your view of the mountains changes as the leaves disappear. Enjoy this process, even when it demands hard physical labor! The results are so worth it.

  12. My Aunt Mame was a very fun woman. Not a quilter by any means, but a great maker of family memories.

  13. So much excitement! Between readying for the bevy of beta beauties' arrival and the first clue for your mystery quilt you have your hands full. And I am so looking forward to both of those things myself. Thanks, Bonnie, for keeping things interesting.

  14. Oh Bonnie. I am so excited for you. Sounds like things are coming together nicely. I keep having the line "if you build it, they will come" running through my head. Look forward to seeing your photos when things are ready. What a lot of work and love has gone into Quiltville. The "test" group of your friends will have a great time. And be able to give you some very valuable feedback. Blessings on you and yours.

  15. The Inn is looking so great! Very excited for you to see your hard work paying off. Looking forward to hearing how your lucky beta testers enjoy their stay.

  16. I can hardly wait!!! I put on two retreats a year myself so have to figure out which eleven can join me — of course the dates are not known so it is difficult. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  17. Isn't it amazing how you can work, work, work at getting things done and it isn't until the 'crunch' that you realize how much more needs doing? Wonderful that your special quilters are coming to help you iron out the bloppers. That glass canning jar you have on that treadle machine made me smile. My mom and dad operated a general store when they were first married - 1940 or 41. We had a few of those jars and she said they came into the store with coffee in them. Isn't that neat?

  18. Busy lady. Do you keep your to do list on your phone or write on a pad of paper? I prefer pad and paper but I like using the microphone in notepad too

  19. OMG! You scored on those lamps. So sweet. What is the closest airport that a group would fly into to get to Quiltville Inn?

  20. Can't wait till you're open for business.
    Good luck and God Bless You and yours.

  21. Dear Bonnie,
    please breathe...You have already done a Magnificent job. You have thought of soo many of the little things to give retreaters a most awesome time. Remember we are all like Family , we have watched this dream of yours blossom, and you fill my heart, everyday, reading your adventure in this life.. What ever may come you will handle it!! Just breathe...

  22. WOW!! It's really all fitting together! Looks like a great place to spend a few days sewing with friends. Good luck getting it all wrapped up and ready to use.

  23. I have so enjoyed the blogs that comment each time you have bought, someone donated,etc getting the house in order. I just hope I can be part of a group that visits while I can.

  24. Congratulations on your dream becoming a reality! I have been following you for years and feel so close to you! Thank you for your mysteries, travel blogs, and daily inspiration. You are my favorite designer and I hope to be able to stay at your Inn some day. Bravo!!

  25. What a beautiful place you have created and you have "saved" that big home!! You might want to have people who come to retreat sign a "patch" with name, hometown and date so you could make a large signature quilt sometime in the future. Would be fun to have those "patches" even if the quilt never got made! Better than a guest book!!

    1. It could be a flimsy if you never got it quilted you could keep adding patches as time permits. Don't you just love all the ideas your followers have to fill what precious spare time you have.

  26. You have created a beautiful retreat center and saved an old house. You might want to have your retreaters sign a "patch" with their name, town, and date when they visit so you could make a scrappy signature quilt in the future. Would be more fun than a guest book, even if the quilt never got made!!

  27. Congratulations Bonnie! You’re showing us how we should never loose track of our dreams! Many blessings on the Inn. May it always be filled with happy stitchers and quilters!

  28. Absolutely fantastic work! I hope someday I can spend a few day at this lovely retreat you have created. I cannot imagine the amount of hard work that has gone into it. From I have read, it certainly is a labor of love.

  29. Adorable and exciting to watch this happen. Thank you for sharing your journey! I hope for a Quiltville guest signature quilt in your future!

  30. I'm so excited for you!!! Coming to a retreat at Quiltville is on my bucket list!!! Can you tell me the brand of your little red stove? I might need one in my house!!!

  31. It looks lovely and charming! One thing we found on previous retreats, the living room should be comfortable for watching TV for a couple of hours. Our group likes to do videos in the evening after a full day of sewing, or just gather and chat with coffee and dessert.

  32. So excited for you! It has been such fun watching the Inn transform right before my eyes. Loads of work for you and your husband but now it is nearing completion. Time to celebrate! :)

  33. I love this. I hope and wish all of the best with your friends first audition of the QuiltVille Inn. I am sure it will be wonderful

  34. Everything looks so welcoming an cozy. I hope each and everyone of your guests appreciate all you have done. It's going to be the BEST experience a quilter could ever dream of.

  35. It's so wonderful to have good friends who are there to help.

  36. Although I would have to win a lottery to be able to come to your retreat house, i sounds like it will garner praise and an awesome reputation very quickly! Wow! I just came home from a retreat. The cabin had TWO regular outlets in it placed in inconvenient places around the room...your outlets and usb chargers in the bedrooms sound so well thought out❤️

    I live on a rural PNW island and Amazon has been such a blessing for us! I have been a fan since they began and am thankful for them!

  37. This is on my bucket list. I know I have friends but I love how you have decorated and make it look so homey and inviting. I can't imagine having a few days to spend here to quilt and get some ideas from you. Blessings.

  38. Quiltville Inn is just lovely. Wishing you the best with your test run! I know it will be wonderful. Hope I get to visit someday.

  39. Happy this is all coming together for you. Job well done!!

  40. OH MY, Bonnie! I am excited for you and all of us quilters, too!

    Now I need to find a group of Alaska quilters that wants to come to Quitville Inn, or join up with a Washington or Oregon group that will adopt me! I do so want to come spend some more time around you!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun is trying to shine, and we have finally entered winter and had our first real snows.

  41. I love all the pictures inside the Inn. I especially liked the quilt with all the names. Norene Epps, Feb. 10, 1936. I was born Dec. 25, 1936. I wasn't even a twinkle in my Mother's eye in Feb. at the time Norene signed the quilt. I would have been conceived in March. Like most people my birth year always catches my eye. Thank you for sharing, Bonnie.

  42. I can’t wait to come to the Quiltville Inn! All the little touches you are adding will make it feel so homey. I’m so happy to see all your photos of the Inn. Can’t wait for the Inn website with all the photos.

  43. Just a suggestion for what already looks like an awesome spot - have your "test group" sign their names to blocks and create a quilt for the history of the Villa.

  44. Friends are gathered! So excited for our turn to come and sew and fellowship!!

  45. Can't wait to see all of these treasures in person. Checking every day to see when we can start making reservations - we have our group ready to go!!!!

  46. I'm sure your Beta test will go well. Your friends will want good things for you, and will only offer good ideas. Enjoy the weekend with them and relax.


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