Wednesday, August 15, 2018

From Bath to London!

One more Hexie Star as we drive down the English Countryside, across the Salisbury plain on our way from Bath, past Stonehenge, and on to London!

Even our guide, Agnes mentioned that she is finding herself readdicted after our hexie workshop in the bar at our hotel the other evening!

One hexie at a time – we’ll convert them all!

There have been several pairs of busy hands on our bus as we make our way from place to place.  Some knitting, some crocheting, some applique or embroidery – wool applique is another great carry-along project.

You just never know when the opportunity to be one with needle and thread will arise!

But all needles down as we approached closer to Stonehenge:


Crowdy with people, as always -

And the scene on our bus was one of “move out of the way, I can’t get a shot!”

We are on the freeway, or the equivalent of our “interstate” driving past as slow as possible on a road that says “NO STOPPING!”  Lines at Stonehenge can always be extra long, and it really can take the most part of a day to see it up close, so one of these times I’m going to take a trip by myself and do just that.

I did a funny little video so you can feel what it felt like on this drive-by Stonehenge experience.  Click to play:

We are lucky to have Jay and Lynn Randall with us who arrived in the UK early to do some of the things we weren’t able to fit into our itinerary, and Stonehenge happened to be one of their stops.  Jay was happy enough to share HIS great photo with us so we could see what we were missing a bit closer!  LOL!


WOW.  Just wow!

Thank you, Jay!


Photo of the roof of the Albert hall before the building blocked my view!

There is a special skill set involved with taking photos through bus windows while the bus is moving – and evidently I don’t possess it!

But familiar sights were all around me – when I was here 4 years ago, my friend Stephen met me and took me on a walking tour to Hyde Park, and into Kensington Palace – which was fabulous.  Unfortunately he has a REAL JOB and has to work today so I won’t be seeing him.  

But HERE is the link to my previous Kensington Palace visit! August 6, 2014.  How could the past 4 years have flown so fast?

We drove past SO many things that I remember from last trip, and it is so great to be back to explore some more.


Flag flying over Clarence House – home of Prince Charles & Camilla.


Buckingham Palace – beautiful gardens in front!

I thought I’d drop in for tea with the Queen, but the flat flyig above let us know that she was on holidays in Scotland, and not in residence.  I’ll have to plan better next time!


You know that is all said, tongue in cheek, right?!

It would be fun to teach Her Majesty a bit of English Paper Piecing!


The architecture is so BEAUTIFUL!

In honor of Queen Victoria, by her son 1910.


People enjoying the beautiful day, everywhere!


Our hotel in Canary Warf/ India Quay on the East side of London!

BEAUTIFUL!  Right on the river!


6th floor suite?  Are you kidding me?  Thank you, Craftours!


We could have a stitching party up here!


These macaroons were half gone by the time I finished reading the note!


But this VIEW!  London city scape in the distance – marvelous!


And Sunset was the icing on the cake!


And stitching happened late into the evening!

After dinner, Irene and I came to my suite to sit and stitch while we watched the sun set behind the city.  A bit of Poldark on Netflix, big wall TV – PERFECT! 

I wish I could spend a week here. But today is our last day.  We head home VERY early tomorrow, in fact our wake up call is 2am.  It’s like – why bother to even go to bed?  But I will.  Or I’m just no fun to fly with if I haven’t had at least SOME sleep. 

Which brings a mention - there will be NO blog post tomorrow as I'll be up in the air.  And there may also be nothing more than a very short post on Thursday because I'll wake up from this jet lag, and head straight back to the airport for my flight to Phoenix to be with family.  

Thank you for understanding, I'll be back in touch as I can.

Remember that all digital patterns are still 50% off using coupon code AUG2018 at checkout - good through Labor Day.  Code MUST be used at time of purchase.  No refunds if you forget.  Thank you for understanding my lack of time in refunding $3.00 to someone.

ALSO - our Quiltmaker Giftaway is now closed, and I will see if I can draw for the winners and post that tonight before I get to bed -- if not, those entries aren't going anywhere and I will draw for them from Arizona if need be.

On the agenda today – On the bus at 9:30 to drive to Liberty of London.  From there we can decide to go to the V&A museum, or take off on our own to explore our way through our day.  We just have to be back here to the hotel for our farewell dinner at 7pm. 

Since it is Irene’s first time here I believe she needs a walk around the tower of London and photos of Tower Bridge, and some other iconic London sights.  Perhaps a tour of St Paul’s.

And lunch out somewhere fun!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Antique applique quilt from the American Museum, Bath UK.

Some days are just slower going. Remember to focus on what you did accomplish, not what you didn't.

And we are going to focus on what we DID see, and not what we didn’t have time for!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Bonnie the hexi’s are beautiful. I’m flying to the Uk with my SIL IN 4 weeks time for a month of crafting. I’m more excited now that I have seen your photo’s. Wishing you all safe travels home. Lenore

  2. Thank you for sharing your trip through England. What a fun time for you all. Safe travels back home to you Bonnie and all the other people on the trip.

  3. So nice that you are taking Irene to see things on her first visit. You are so giving, guess that is why we all love you so!!!

  4. Enough... my life... i have enough, i am satisfied, i enjoy most every moment and those others share with me. Life is Good and yes, enough. Love, and prayers and blessings to you as you continue your travels and long awaited visit w/family... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Safe travels, Bonnie. I hope you can take today's quote to heart over the next few days so family can be your priority. We, your fans and blog followers, can and will wait. Hugs and prayers for you and all your family.

  6. Thank you for taking us all along on your adventures! You give a wonderful prospective of all that you see and do! Also, thank you for that quote! I have been beating myself up because I am not getting much done day to day. I am having some health problems, and I don't have the energy to do much. I will from here on, let myself do just what I can and be happy with whatever progress I make!

  7. Safe travels home get some sleep before travelling. Go see your family. We will be patient. Prayers for Mark.

  8. Love touring with you. Thank-you! So glad you will soon be with the Arizona family!

  9. Hah - you went past Stonehenge and I went round the back doubles across Salisbury Plain. I was visiting my mother - missed you again! One day perhaps.LOL!


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