Monday, August 06, 2018

400 Miles & A Nap!

What a difference a few sunny days makes!

When I drove from Quiltville Inn to Louisville on Wednesday, it was pouring, foggy and pretty much awful the whole way.

I left our hotel in Louisville yesterday morning around 9am – and THIS is what I saw.

I took the back roads, following route 15 for most of the way across Kentucky until I finally crossed into southwest Virginia, hooking up with I-81 around Abingdon.

VERY few cars.  NO semi trucks.

The roads get windy.  You pass through small towns and there are some stop lights – but it was a WONDERFUL drive.

I got off of I-81 near Marion, VA and followed route 58 all the way to Quiltville Inn where I off loaded some of the goodies I brought home from Kentucky, and then this girl had ONE THING on her mid – a cool bedroom at the cabin for a nap.  7 miles from retreat house to cabin – perfect!

I wasn’t actually sure I was going to stay the night.  There is so much to do today before heading out to England tomorrow morning.  I’ve got to pack.  I’ve got to get out what orders I can before bed tonight.

But an evening of quiet at the cabin?  I just couldn’t say no to myself.

August 05, 2018 at 07_20PM

After-nap chair rocking on the porch!

That nap?  3 hours dead to the world.  I think I am still running on some kind of quilt retreat hangover.  I sat here for the longest time and just listened to the birds and cicadas as evening fell.

There wasn’t much here in the way of food stuffs for dinner, but let me tell you, a can of chili, some crumbled corn chips still left in the bottom of the bag, a sprinkle of shredded cheese and a couple dollops of sour cream are a FEAST when you are that hungry.  A sliced apple for dessert and I’m good.


Catching the last daylight with green behind me.

So much has changed up here on the mountain since I’ve REALLY been able to spend more than one night here.  Everything is the deep full green of late summer.  Flowers are losing their petals and going to seed.  There is just a hint of autumn yellow coming around the bed, and before we know it Summer 2018 will be in the books.

I’m really glad I stayed just for ONE overnight, no matter how busy today is going to be.


Settling in with some binding and Dr. Blake on Netflix.

3 hour nap or not, I was done in by 10:30 and crawled off to bed.  I swear I slept without dreaming.  Waking with NO ALARM was wonderful.  And to be able to sleep without the sound of a hotel wall unit going on and off?  Wonderful.

I know I usually post our Show & Share photos right after the workshop photos have been posted – 

I’ll have those ready for tomorrow when we reveal the winner of our Ecolux Lighting Gift-Away!  

(Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?!) 

Entries close at 6pm Eastern tonight – so don’t delay and get your entry in!

I’m not looking forward to the next 100 miles that will get me home but as soon as this posts, I’m out the door.  I’ll catch you from there!

Oh, I forgot:  Jason update!

He has arrived in Portland, Oregon with no hiccups along the way at all.  So happy for my son and the fact that he is not afraid to pack up and move to somewhere he has never lived in order to start a new chapter of his life while he can still do it.

We wish him much happiness and success and I'm looking forward to hearing about all of the discoveries he will make about the area, his new life, and about himself over the next while.

Yes, I'm going to miss having him close, but he is only a call or text away.

August 06, 2018 at 07_05AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Double Wedding Ring quilt shared in Louisville!

Have a lovely Monday, folks!


  1. dr blake is a good show to snooze by for sure! sun is out here as well (MD) but for how long is anyone's guess...we are still in the rain/sun/rain pattern....

  2. That rest evening is just what you needed. You look so happy with that green grass behind you. Drive safe and fly safe tomorrow. I see a few other of my IG friends are in England already. You'll be in good company.

  3. Bonnie, we actually got a sprinkling here on the south coast of Oregon, .07. It seems to have cleared the air a bit and I personally am looking for a good down pour. Have a great trip and send us lots of pics of "the other side of the Pond"!

  4. LOVE the quote for today!!

  5. I luv today’s quote. It’s a keeper.
    I remember a x-stitch quote from long ago that said “we hold our child’s hand for a while, their hearts forever.”
    We watched our one and only drive off from Fort Worth to Seattle with her car filled with two cats and all her worldly possessions 20 years ago. She had many adventures, challenges and wonders that she needed to experience for herself, and she grew to become an absolutely incredible woman. Now she is married ten years and has two of the most wonderful daughters you could ever imagine.
    May God bless Jason as he goes off to make his way in the world. May he stay safe and well and happy. But yes, thank goodness for cell phones, texts and emails. These days we are just a click away from our loved ones.
    Enjoy your day, Bonnie. You bring joy to mine each time I read your blog. God bless...

  6. Bonnie, I so enjoy reading your blog! You are so generous to share your adventures. Wishing you a wonderful time in England!

  7. Enjoy your blog and quilts. Best of luck to Jason. Portland is still my hometown so I know some of the adventures ahead of him. Come visit when your life slows down???!!!

  8. I hope you have a terrific trip to England. Glad you're starting out well rested.

  9. Bonnie, what motivated Jason to move to Portland? Will he live in the actual city, or a supburb? I'd be happy to have him over for dinner, if he needs a home cooked meal.

  10. What other shows do you watch on Netflix?

  11. thank you for sharing.Great design! Thanks for sharing.


  12. Love today's quote.

  13. Have a great time at the quilt show Bonnie, I'm going tomorrow (Thursday) Pity I don't know colours for mystery quilt but can still stock up on neutrals.


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