Monday, August 13, 2018

Beautiful Bourton-on-the-Water!

Yesterday was our drive through the Cotswolds, past farmhouses and fields – stopping in Bourton-on-the-Water (Oh, how I love the names of these places!) for some exploring and lunch on our way to Bath from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Charming, charming, charming!

As this is my second time here, I was happy to explore corners I didn’t see last time, and also watch those who are with me see it for their first time – so fun to see.

When you spend 10 days in close proximity with a group of people (especially quilters!) you do get to know them!  And each person brings something wonderful to the group adding to the dynamic.


Isn’t that right ladies??

Here we are walking from the bus into town.


Past stone walls, ages old and stacked with no mortar -

The limbs of trees  crossing the space with a canopy of green.

(And a bit drippy since it had been raining off and on all morning.)


Center of town.  So quaint!


Oh this is so classic!

Wonderful van out in front of Hartwell’s.


And I loved the tile entry, of course.


Post office building  down and across the street!

Even the light misty rain didn’t dampen our spirits.  It adds a wonderful shiny layer to everything.  We’ve got our umbrellas, and as was said – “We are not sugar, we will not melt!”


Jams in a store window.

I think I will pass on some of these.  LOL!


Low bridges and a stream running through town!


Oh, this is so idyllic!  Even in the rain!


Our beautiful Irish Craftours tour guide, Agnes.

She is a peach and I am so happy to know her!


More street scenes.

The rain was really starting to come down when we ducked into a tea room for a cream tea (tea service with scone, clotted cream and jam!) to get out of the drizzle and dry out a bit.


Oh, yes, thank you!


Cute and tiny little tea room, but the service and food was fabulous!


Catching up with Agnes on the way back to the bus!


Local church.  Just wonderful!

And really, we didn’t mind the rain.  This area has been under drought conditions with an extremely hot summer – so maybe we were the good luck charms bringing the rain with us?


Oh my word – so funny!

Thought of getting this for Quiltville Inn, but thought better of it!

Some people have no sense of humor.  (I’m still chuckling!)


I love you, Bourton-on-the-Water!

From here we made our way to Bath.  We had the second half of yesterday, and all of today here to explore.  This morning we are out the door for a visit to the American Museum and some other fun things to do – those Bath photos I’ll keep separate from this post as this is long enough already.  You can also check my facebook page, or my Instagram to stay up to date.  If you are on a real computer (not mobile device – you need to be able to see side bars – ) there is a little flip photo thing that shows recent photos posted to Instagram (but not the videos)

We are making every moment count – the memories will be many!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage log cabin quilt shared by Irene.

I love the friendships that are made through our love of quilting!

Much love from Bath, Somerset!


  1. I was here in in early 1980’s visited the american museum, showed interest in quilts was given first issue of British Quilters Guild tacked up on wall. joined in Scotland. 25 years later sent it to the Guild as their anniversary revealed they had copies of every magazine except the the first issue in their archives. thank you Bonnie for bringing so many memories back to me . now an 87 year old living in Nz following your blog and still member of Auckland Quild with a fabric stash.

  2. Bonnie, I don't know your travel route but if your ladies need a quilt shop fix, try Midsomer quilting. Ring them if they are not open and they will come up for you.

  3. I agree with you Bonnie. I love the sign too. I have a sense of humor and most definitely appreciate it's words. Life is too short not too laugh. Thank you for sharing your trip. It looks like you all are having a good time on your journey.

  4. this must be so much fun to see all these old, old places and stopping at the shopping for scones and tea such fun

  5. More fun with Bonnie!! I would have loved going to England, alas, I am home quilting and living it all through your Blog. Beautiful homeland of my Grandma Flossie!

  6. Ha Ha, the Joy upon coming and leaving i first saw at the service dept. for my Ford dealership eons ago... and knowing people as i do i'm sure not everyone you will have at Quiltville Inn will be all sunshine and roses, but that little sign might be tempting fate just a tad too much. Living vicariously and no worries about stairs... safe travels all y'all , <3 Cats from Carlsbad CA

  7. Would love to have tea with you! Such service--no paper plates and cups! Love the quilt, it looks like the one my grandmother made for me. I literally worn it out. All that is left are four patches.

  8. Enjoyed the American Museum greatly. Actually got drafted to talk to an art school class about American quilting. Luckily, I was working part-time at a quilt store so knew what the current trends were. I am from Indianapolis and they had a quilt with Tippecanoe and Tyler too fabric on the back. The battle was fought in Battle Ground, Indiana. Have a good day.

  9. The sign is adorable but not everyone has the sense of humor to understand it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. So much stuff to see and do. Wish I could travel with you but walking would be an issue. Now give me a scooter and I will outpace you, lol

  10. We bought the sign, but at Lower Slaughter--a pretty walk from Bourton-on-the-Water. We lived in England the four years before moving to MoW full time--loved the Cotswolds.

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  12. Such a beautiful trip you are having the scenery just breathtaking, I would love to join you all for a cream tea lol. The sign made me chuckle and so true, but as you say not everyone has a sense of humour.
    Shame a troll has got on the site but I’m sure they will go away soon.

    Quilty hugs

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  14. By all means, drink the water at Bath! I did when I was there, and felt amazing for the next week. I wish I could have bottled some and brought it home. When I was there, they sold it by the cup for 50 pence at the Baths.

  15. Your joy is contagious--even watching from afar. Wishing you all continued fun on this trip!!!

  16. I saw that sign in a pub in Doolin, Ireland so my witty funny naughty Irish husband had one made for our cabin. It sparks conversation with our guests but then we aren't getting paid for hospitality like you will be Bonnie. Yes a true sign of sense of humor and self confidence!

  17. I'm enjoying seeing all the sights you're posting! What a wonderful experience and memories galore!!!

  18. I absolutely adored the time I got to spend in England. Loved the tea houses, scones, charming homes and history! One of the people my husband was working with during our time there took us to a pub that was not part of the tourist area and to several churches, etc. that had been there forever! Great memories!

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