Wednesday, August 01, 2018

A Head Start to Louisville!

This is it.

This is the completed hexagon medallion for Jeff.

The funny thing is, and I am sure you see it too if you look at it this way – those big star points?  Don’t they look like dog faces?  Sadie faces? 

It wasn’t what I intended, I wanted them to be kind of “heart” shaped, but instead it looks like dog eyes and noses.

Happy accident?  We got Sadie when Jeff was in high school.  She’s been a huge part of our lives over the past 12 years, so perhaps this is a way of keeping her with us for always, too.

Something I need to let everyone know about:

July 31, 2018 at 11_32AM
Time out for August!

Due to extensive teaching and lecturing travel, including the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England and important family obligations - orders placed after July 30th, 2018 will not be shipped until AFTER Labor Day, September 3rd 2018.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

You may still place an order, it will be filled and shipped after September 3rd.

Because I appreciate your support and your patience so much I am putting all digital patterns in the Quiltville Store at 50% off through September 3rd. Use Coupon Code AUG2018 at purchase to redeem discount. Code must be used at time of purchase. Do not forget. No exceptions - no refunds.

I return from England on the 16th. I am flying to Arizona to be with my brother on the 17th, returning the 21st. I will have one day to pack and head up to Pennsylvania.

Somehow we will make this work!

Thank you for your patience!

So yesterday?  It was a good thing I took that hexie quilt top photo BEFORE heading to Durham/Raleigh to meet up with Pepper Cory and transfer the book library from her van to mine –


Man, oh ,man, a lotta books in the van!

We played “Find our parking spot” in front of Nordstroms – 

“I’m in a gray van, parked near the trees.”  

“I’m in the blue van parked at the corner of the building by the trees.”  

“Which trees??”  LOL!

Books transferred and deciding we were hungry, we trundled over (in both vans) to Maggiano’s for a bite of late lunch, celebrating her hubby Rod’s birthday.  So great to meet him in person as well!

But by the time we left the restaurant it was coming down in BUCKETS.  And Rod, the chivalrous guy that he is, plodded off through the downpour to retrieve their van, pick Pepper and I up from where we were staying dry beneath a shop awning and took me back to my car where we headed our separate ways.  They, heading east toward Beaufort, and me west – back to Wallburg where a plan was hatching in my head with each passing mile.

And the rain continued.  Click to play:

I was able to load up everything that Carrie brought to me from my van load transfer to her truck in Hershey.


Holy box load of STUFF!

Katie had brought 3 sewing machines, pots & pans and other household housewarming gifts to Hershey.  THANK YOU!

I’ve been asked by many if we are going to have machines on hand for those who don’t want to travel with machines.  YES.  Machines will be available for rent, but on a limited availability basis.  I don’t have room to house (nor want to keep up with the maintenance on in spare time.  Spare time? What’s that!?) 16 machines for people to use.  There will be a few.

There were other gifts by wonderful open-hearted quilters as well.  A treadle machine was pony expressed from one quilter to another when they found I was going to be in Hershey.  It’s going to find its way upstairs in one of the landings if it doesn’t come to rest as a bedside table in a bedroom.  We shall see!


Square bread plate.

Also in the van unseen in this photo (besides the stuff going to Kentucky with me) is a beautiful set of china that belonged to Carrie’s great aunt. Seating for 36.  YES!  36!

What’s a girl to do with this kind of china gift?  Find a china hutch!  whoowhooo!  I’ll be on the look out as things are coming together in the dining room.

Now we know that china with a silver rim can’t go in the microwave, and should likely not go in the dishwasher – so there are plain white stoneware every day plates for those who want to use those – but these are SO PRETTY!

The other round plates, bowls, serving pieces, coffee cups and saucers, everything else – is all wrapped and packed in boxes.

But what I am so giddy about? The turquoise of the plates matches the ceiling of the front porch right outside the dining room window.

The china will be in the dining room for “display” but I will gladly welcome guests to use it because things like this SHOULD be used, not just stored in boxes.  Let’s make some memories.  

And if we have to hand wash?  No big deal -

Fill that big farmhouse kitchen sink up with some hot sudsy water and let each person swish and rinse their own.  what’s so hard about that?


Table for 8 DWARFED in this dining room!

There is stuff everywhere.  The table and chairs match the other set we have that will soon come over to join this one.  seating for 16 with loads of room to spare.  Yes.  China hutch.  Gotta find the right one!

And I think that wall next to the door way leading to the den is going to be all book cases for Pepper’s books.

All the stuff you see in the doorway of the den is kitchen stuff waiting to be put away as soon as we touch-up paint the kitchen cupboards this winter.  It’s a winter inside job.



Well, I did it.  I actually slept here last night.  No ghosts.  No nothing, just the sound of cicadas, crickets and other chirping critters in the darkness beyond the window.  And the a/c as it kicked on and off.

This morning I even managed a shower in the clawfoot tub – still managed to get water EVERYWHERE even with shower curtains surrounding the whole thing.

As cut as claw foot tubs are – they are NOT practical or safe.  It’s a bit tricky stepping down to climb out with wet feet.

No, these tubs are going to be replaced by walk in showers.

And because I got water all over the floor and had to mop it up with my bath towel, I ran my first load of laundry here as well.  I think we’ll be keeping that as a guest laundry for retreaters, and plan on putting big commercial sized units in the shop.  This little front loader is going to take forever if we are using it to wash 16 sets of sheets and towels, etc.


It was a good quick visit!

But I’m now on my way to Kentucky as soon as this posts and I can throw myself back in the car.

Oh, and this is a test of another sort.  To see if I can connect the laptop to the wifi we are beaming over from the post office and actually get this to post in a reasonable amount of upload time.

There may not be enough juice to stream Netflix here – but retreaters CAN use wifi for email, Facebook and other social media, and WiFi calling if their phones support it.  Facebook messenger is also a good WiFi app for calling folks when regular cellular service is not available.

I think we’ve got it covered!

August 01, 2018 at 07_08AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage nine-patch quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

Plays on words always make me smile and this one comes with meaning!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Looks great! I love the plates. Would not mind washing a few of those❤️ Safe travels to Kentucky!

  2. Bonnie. Love all you do. You should have a painting party of quilters on a weekend. I’m sure many would help so you can open earlier! Just a thought sending prayers for your brother. Safe trips. Pam

  3. There are no words to describe how beautiful your quilt is. What a treasure!

  4. That china is beautiful! LOL I didn't notice the dog face till you pointed it out and now that is all I see! Sadie even has a little white tongue sticking out. :) Safe travels! pam

  5. Your Hexie medallion quilt is THEE NICEST quilt I have ever seen, Bonnie. And if I weren't 1500 miles away from you, I would so fill your orders for the month of August. Have an amazing time in England!!

  6. LOVE that you slept at the Inn... and took a shower, too sad the clawfoots are cute and very impractical, especially for those of us of a certain age!! Sadly, I'm no longer a 'tub' girl!... Safe travels, I too would fill orders in your absence, but I'm too far away, Prayers and blessings from Cats in Carlsbad CA

  7. Wow, I wish we could have a little bit of that rain. The Hexie quilt is beautiful.

  8. the hexi quilt is gorgeous and can't wait to come to the inn.

  9. Love the quilt and "puppy faces". Safe journeys and hugs and prayers for your family!

  10. oooo - I love square plates! Those magnolia plates are beautiful and deserve to be seen and appreciated. I will visit you someday :)

  11. I LOVE that hexagon quilt....with your posts along the way it's almost like a bit of it is our project too. Dog faces! I think that's adorable and appropriate! Quiltville Inn should end up on the register of historical places! It is delightful!

  12. Bonnie, your ability to multi task is just amazing - and, yes, the sadie faces are fabulous...

  13. Love, love, love everything as it is coming together! I totally see Sadie with her tongue sticking out just a bit too! Prayers continue from here for Mark. Safe travels my dear friend!
    Your Sloth Sister

  14. I don't recall if you thought about (and maybe you did and it is impractical, LOL) using one of the tubs to wash out quilts?

    1. Or a yard ornament to grow flowers, herbs or tomatoes? Or dog bath?

  15. Your hexagon quilt is fabulous! Can't imagine myself sewing that many together. The Sadie faces are perfect as are the colors. Have a fun and safe trip to Englad and prayers for your brother.

  16. Ooh are you showing or doing any workshops at Birmingham, I have glanced through the information available but I can't see anything. I ask as I am going on Thursday 9th, by Coach from North Wales and then around the show on a motability scooter, so looking forward to it and meeting you would be the icing on the cake for me :)

  17. I am so glad to see the Hexie Quilt finished top! The Sadie faces are CUTE and unexpected. Have fun and don't worry about us, here in the USA. I'm jealous and wish I could go to England. Had to stay in the English Tudor suite, locally last night instead.

  18. Wow! your hexie quilt is magnificant! How fun to sleep in the Inn. Enjoy Kentucky.

  19. Your hexie quilt is the one that got me started doing epp and I love it. Love the quilt and epp.

  20. The hexie quilt is magnificent! Every stitch filled with a mother’s love for her son. Have a safe trip to England and great visit with Mark. Prayers for all.

  21. I have that same quiltville quote on my refrigerator have safe and fun trips and always in my prayers

  22. That is one beautiful quilt made with loads of love! Safe travels for you and prayers for your family!

  23. So fun that you spent your first night at the Quiltville Inn! I hope to visit there some day.

  24. How wonderful to have had a night at the Inn. Love the Sadie faces in the quilt. They are a 'doggie hug'.
    Enjoy your travels and great idea for a 'quiet' busy month too.

  25. Funny little dog hearts! Beautiful and lucky Jeff! Fun post even with that amazing rain! Currently having a heatwave over here - hope it's a little cooler with all those quilting bods at the Festival! I shall very likely miss you as I tend to go on Thursday - it's busy but I travel up a fair whack and go back the same day - I have to be very organised beforehand though!
    Safe journeys to you.

  26. Exactly six months ago today I sent this to Dr. Wakina via dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com;
    “Hello Dr. Wakina
    I am writing to see if you can help me reconcile with my partner. We both love each other very much but we have had to face many obstacles. Though I am stronger mentally and emotionally and he is and he often runs from problems and ends the relationship then later regrets his decision once he has calmed down.
    I have been to counseling, worked on myself, and I’m very spiritual. I have made mistakes, learned from them and want to be a better woman for him. Both our hearts are broken being apart, we have both tried to see other people but we realize no one else measures up.
    I love him very much. Can you help us to forgive our pasts and reconcile and have a stronger relationship? His pride and ego get in the way, he is very stubborn and worries what people will think if we get back together.
    Please help”
    My utmost effort payed off and we are happier together after the goodwill spell from Dr. Wakina

  27. All that linen laundry sounds monumental for 16 beds. Just a thought...maybe each guest could bring their own set of sheets. I know I wouldn't mind. It seems this would save you lots of precious time and cut down on costs not only for you, but your guests too.

  28. Bonnie, I have my mother's Lenox China that was boxed up for years. I finally have a hutch and use it on occasion. I do put it in the dishwasher on the China cycle with no problems. I also have a set of Royal Daulton China that I used every single day and always put it in the dishwasher on regular cycle. Both have gold rims so they do not go in the microwave. I would test a couple pieces in the dishwasher, what have you got to lose?

    1. I was told years ago that if you let the china cool all the way down before you take it out of the dishwasher the metallic rims should be fine. I also say test it out

  29. Bonnie,

    I have a China Hutch and a China closet that you may be interested in.
    I will send pictures later tonight.
    I am actually driving to FL but will be in a very small vehicle.

    Patty Bertrand
    If interested I will need to find homes or other places for the china and other items. :)

  30. I love to read about how it's all coming together. And the surprise Sadie faces in the quilt will bring you all smiles. Safe travels this month, and special prayers for your visit with your brother.

  31. Bonnie, I have this same set of china (Turqois) with the serving pieces. Also came from my great aunt. I am 56 yrs old. Love these colors.


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