Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Quiltmaker Sept/Winner–Last Hours of London!

As I type this, 186 photos from today are backing up to my google photos!

I'm enjoying the last of the gorgeous view from my suite on the 6 floor as I pack my bags -

Our wake up call comes at 2:45 am - a mere 5 hours from now, so I'm headed for some shut eye.

But before I do – I wanted to take a moment and draw for our winner of the Quiltmaker Bundle I put up for giveaway when we left on this adventure. 

 We had 3605 entries – and I’m going to draw ONE WINNER!

My pattern Right Way Round is found in the Sept/Oct 2018 issue on newsstands now!


We are looking for entry 375!


Shevelle Mynatt!  This is your bundle!

I have sent you an email.  Please reply with your mailing address and I’ll get this bundle off to you.  Congrats!


Our day was packed to the gills and we NEARLY didn't make it back to the hotel in time for our farewell dinner!  We made it thanks to a black classic cab with 2 minutes to spare.
The day was spent going to Liberty of London first off - traffic was a cluster due to the terrorist mess that happened in front of Parliament yesterday, so it was slow going - after the ladies shopped the fabric department (and other departments) at Liberty - a must stop quilters destination - Irene and I headed out to do the hop on/ hop off bus tour, and it was the perfect day for it.

We saw all the usuals from Parliament to Big Ben, to the London Eye, to St Paul's Cathedral where I lit a candle for Mark.  It just felt good to do SOMETHING.

We cut our St Paul's trip short because our hop on hop off tickets also gave us a boat ride on the Thames.....and we hurried to get that done before coming back to the hotel, but the line for the boat was MASSIVE, and we wasted 1 1 /2 hours standing in a queue that went on forever ---took the tube back to Canary Warf where our hotel is (listen to me - speaking the lingo!) and when we came up from the underground we were completely discombobulated with which way to go as all the sky scrapers look the same and we couldn't find which way our hotel was -- so we grabbed a cab. 


Turns out it was a 4 minute drive - but would have taken much longer to walk and we would have been late for my farewell dinner.

This trip has flown by so quickly and I am so happy to have spent the past 10 days with this wonderful group of people! Our wake up calls will happen at 2:45 a.m. and will be On the bus at 3:45 on our way to Heathrow to start our journeys home. My route will take me from London to Dublin to JFK New York to Atlanta and finally to Greensboro. Let's just say there will be at least one nap during this flight!

My flight should touch down in Greensboro about 11pm NC time.  I need to be back at the airport 13 hours later for my flight to Phoenix.

I am saving all of my other fun England photos to post over the next several days while I am in Arizona with family.

I appreciate your patience as my life really IS “Up in the Air” right now.


Quiltville Quote of the Day

Antique rose applique from the American Museum in Bath, UK

I would definitely say that my life has way more roses than thorns – but the thorns keep us grounded and in touch with those around us.

Dealing with the thorns make us appreciate the blossoms all the more.

Good night, sleep tight – 5 ours until wake up call!



  1. Thank you for sharing your trip. Glad you all had a great time in England. Safe travels back home.

  2. Sweet dreams, Bonnie. Thanks for the chance to win and congrats to the winner!!

  3. Wow,that was a whirlwind tour,mind you Americans do usually see England at speed! Hope you enjoyed it over here and we are so thankful that you brought us some much needed cooler weather (and some rain)!

  4. Safe flying on your journey home. You really are a busy lady...I would be dizzy with all this travelling!

  5. ANGELS AND BLESSINGS surround and comfort you and family... prayers also coming your way... love and white light... Cats from Carlsbad CA

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure. Safe travels, with some time for rest, as you make your way to your family. Sending prayers for strength and comfort for all of you.

  7. Thanks for including those of us that stay behind. It's such a wonderful adventure you paint with words.

  8. HI Bonnie. Thankyou for being you, and doing what you do.
    Your sharing is greatly appreciated.

  9. perhaps in such a situation, send on home the unneeded luggage, have needed luggage sent to Phoenix and pick it up when you get there, rather than going home at all? Son or spouse could perhaps pick up and send the needed luggage on and take home what's not needed? Just a thought.


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