Saturday, August 04, 2018

A Day of Wonderful Wanderlust!

This sweet gal gets the award for BEST RETREAT-WEAR!!

Buy me fabric, and tell me I’m pretty!  Perfect ---(This is on my must find list ASAP!)

I love the way that the quilter’s retreat uniform of choice has turned to a wide variety of slogans and sayings on fun t-shirts that let the world know just what our passion is, and that we are a force to be reckoned with.

It makes showing up at quilting events SO MUCH FUN!

We gathered together for day number 2 of Sew-In with the Cozy Quilter in Louisville, Kentucky – group just shy of 50 participants for our Wanderlust workshop from the Addicted to Scraps book!

I was raring to go since we just did this one for another large group at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey a couple of weeks ago.  Some things we tried in Hershey worked really well with large groups, and I was ready to give it a go with this batch of quilty folk, too.  I am always learning, trying new ways to teach things, and it keeps things interesting to say the least!


From tiny center stars….


to the outer ring that surrounds the center star --


The best thing about our day is the time we spend with each other!


Well, okay.  And the vintage machines.

Always the vintage machines!!


Thank you for the Signature 60 wt 3-ply door prizes, A&E Threads!

I don’t think that Kelly is happy with this prize at all, do you?

The kind folks at American & Efird, home based in Mt Holly, NC  (not far from me at all!) Have generously donated thread for each student at this event, as well as THREE of these neutral gift-packs as door prizes.  AWESOME thread, made in the USA – ask your local shop to get it in so you can try it yourself.  My students are loving it!  And so do I.


Laying out our blocks.

Wonderful job, everyone!

You’ll find the rest of our fun and scrappy day in the video below.  Click to play:

We aren't the only colorful shindig in Louisville this weekend.

The National Street Rod Association has their annual car show here as well, and the parking lot at our hotel and surrounding hotel lots as well  have been  full of wonderful vintage cars.  We spotted this one on our way back from dinner last night and I had to stop and take a photo as the evening light was perfect, and that color…wow!


Come to mama you lovely cheddar beauty!

And then of course…..there is my poor dirty van:



Yes, it’s dirty.  I drove through pounding rain to get here.  No time to wash it.  But look at it this way – if that winder were clean, I’d never have received this lovely hello from someone who knew this van was mine!  Without the dirt, there would be no message.

Today is our last day – another big group coming in for Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II, still a favorite!

August 04, 2018 at 06_47AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage pinwheel quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter!

(Love that he is always on the lookout for great quote background quilts for me!)

Shift happens.

It's how we adapt through that shifting to our new normal that ultimately makes our ride a happy one!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


  1. Bonnie, you are the best! Take care of yourself and get some rest there. Praying you have a safe ride home. Thank you for sharing all you do!

  2. You can find the shirt at quilterssquareky.com :)

  3. Yes, That shirt is great. Her smile says it all. Love all the fun blocks. Has a workshop ever resulted in a Charity quilt made from everyone's first blocks??? Shifting with some resistance. I hate getting older, moving slower. Using that darn frogger way too much. Happy Saturday. 1st one in August.

  4. Your quilts make me smile! Looking forward to meeting you in person in a few short weeks. Safe travels, Bonnie!

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