Thursday, August 02, 2018

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain!

I left Quiltville Inn for Louisville, Kentucky around 9 am yesterday morning.

I was happy to be taking a different route due to my starting point, than I had driven before.

Louisville is nearly 500 miles from home in Wallburg, NC – but starting at Mouth of Wilson, Virginia gave me about  1 1/2 hours head start.

ANYTHING that can cut a significant chunk off of a long day’s drive is a bonus in my book.

The only problem I had to do with was – RAIN.  It rained all the way.  And it wasn’t that light stuff with intermittent drizzle, it POURED.


Bye bye, house!  See you sometime in September!

I had hoped for beautiful mountain photo ops coming through Tennessee and into Kentucky – but it was hosing rain.  There were no rest areas beckoning me.

I made exactly 2 stops on my journey – one was a refuel, lunch and restroom break stop – and a second stop closer to Louisville to stretch my legs, grab a beverage and back on the road I went.

No antique malls happened – I had no desire to leave the confines of my car in the pouring rain, and the weather had slowed my progress along my way.

NO, it was just a day to GET there!

But before I left Quiltville Inn, I remembered to do one last thing:


Matching twin bed quilts in room number 5!

These beauties arrived while I was in Alpena, Michigan.  I am so tickled to have these matching quilts on the white iron beds – that it occurred to me that maybe a “theme” room is happening without me trying to do it after all!


LOVE this border!

The funniest thing was the reaction from the menfolk in my household, who just don’t understand why all of this stuff is showing up on our doorstep in the first place. (Men, they just don’t get it sometimes!)

“What ARE those things?  Guitars?  Butter churns?” in regards to the tassels in between the swags on the border.  “Maybe they are brooms?”

GUYS!  They are TASSLES! 

The looks on their faces was priceless, as in tassels were even more stupid than guitars, butter churns or brooms!

I laughed so hard.  And in replaying the whole conversation to my friend Lisa by text message – I laughed harder.  I will never look at appliqued tassels quite the same way.

But I am so grateful for these beautiful 1930’s vintage matching twin quilts.  They fit these beds so well, the look so great with the blue shiplap walls and the white billowing curtains.

Things really ARE coming together!


And some of this happened before dinner!

We couldn’t get set up in our meeting rooms for this weekend’s retreat until after dinner because there were some other events going on.

With a bit of time to spare, Irene and I headed over to her favorite nail place and settled in for some chatting and catching up while we got our toes pampered.  It felt great after a long day on the road -

Even better than the pedi was the massage chair I was sitting in.  There are days I wish I had one of those in my HOUSE!

Dinner was lovely.  But my day wasn’t done.  I needed to put in a couple of hours of computer work to get some class supply lists written and sent off for next year’s Mountain Quilt Fest in Pigeon Forge, TN sent off.  They’ve chosen things from the new String Frenzy book, and I hadn’t quite gotten the line up of class supply lists written yet.  Last night it was.

Bed time by 11:30 – and here we go into today – day ONE of our 3 day Sew In hosted by the Cozy Quilter of Louisville!

Yes, I brought a machine – sewing for me starts tonight!

And back to the top photo of this post – Diamond Tile is also here for some hand stitching of binding should the opportunity arise.  I slept under it even with the binding not done – ANYTHING is better than those hot and sweaty hotel duvets.

There are 50 quilters gathering downstairs for today’s kick off.  Time to get myself together and get down there!

Oh, and an update from son Jason – he was driving across Kansas as I talked to him yesterday.  Miles and miles of Kansas!  He should reach Colorado today and all is well.

August 02, 2018 at 06_51AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage grandmother's fan quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

We could learn a lot from the attitude of Vincent Van Gogh!

Get in there and learn it!

Bring it on, Thursday!


  1. Love, love, love the blue and white bedroom!

  2. “I hear ya about those hot house duvets things. Haven’t started traveling with my own quilt...yet.” Said the girl from Kansas🌻. We are always amazed we can drive through multiple states in a few hours when traveling in the east. 🙃 so fun to see how The retreat center is coming together. Certainly drool worthy.

  3. You're only 2 1/2 hours from my house! Wish I could be there for another one of your classes..but, alas, it's not to be. Enjoy your time in the Bluegrass State!

  4. Nebraska is the longest state to drive through! Jason is making good time. I dislike driving in Rain. Glad you got there safe. You're going to have Sew Much Fun stitching with the gals in Louisville. The Tassels do look a bit like Brooma, lol. Beautiful beds!! I informed my Hubster that I am going to come to the Quiltville Inn!! Don't know how or when, but I am coming.

  5. Glad Jason is doing well. I am thinking of 1993 when my 21 yr old son drove the southern route to Oregon and northern route back. Empathy for anxieties. My mother told my son,"Children shouldn't go so far away and worry their parents so much." She had also done that as a 19 yr old.

  6. Diamond Tiles is such a happy looking quilt....the red and turquoise just pop that baby right up to where you can't help but smile when you see it!

  7. Sorry about all the rain. We could sure use some here in Texas. The blue and white bedroom looks awesome! I'm pretty sure my DH would know those are tassels, but I'm not positive. lol Happy trails. :)

  8. The blue and white room could be the Blue Willow room. Hang a china plate on the door instead of a number.

  9. I love the white iron bedframes! I wonder what stories the floor in that room would tell. Looks like it's been repaired? I wish old homes could talk.

  10. You just AMAZE me! How you seem to flitter about from class to class through rain, heat and snow! How do you keep track of everything you are doing and what is coming up next and a year from now. Just reading about your adventures tires me out! I love following along!!! Thank you for sharing your life!

  11. What a hoot! Men! I love the blue and white and that border is beyond gorgeous. Here's a little story...When you talked about Jason crossing Kansas...I moved to CA and drove there via Montana (in order to see more of the country) is the 60s. I wondered who in world could live in that desolate land which was pretty flat and 'uninhabited'(?). Next time I came back to the Midwest on vacation I came through Montana again. Guess what...after all the people and the traffic in CA, I thought Montana was near to perfect and I was thinking is was much better than what I had in CA. Go figure.

  12. First— those blue quilts are PERFECT for that room. It would be funny to hand a sign over one bed that said “broomsticks” and anoth Over the other bed, “butter churns” =)
    I treated myself to a pedicure today, too! Every time I am there, all I can think is how I want to take the massage chair home with me.

  13. What woman would want to appliqué brooms on her quilt!?! Lol! They’re beautiful quilts in a beautiful room :0)

  14. As many times before...your blog is making my day. Have to go to Verona one day, apparently it's full of amazing vintage quilts ;-)).
    Love from Switzerland

  15. The quilts are beautiful! Maybe you could make the door signs with a # and under that The Blue Room.
    Amazon has some decent low price desk chairs..one is even by the Hon company (at a decent price) who is a leader in office equipment... I purchased @ $40 one cant remember the nMe but iv3 had it several years and it’s still fine!


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