Sunday, July 24, 2016

Texas Tumbleweed Day, Montana Style!

The smiles and the laughter, the conversations, the connectivity!

These are the best parts of coming together to learn some new things in a workshop!

Could we all sew this at home? Certainly – but being together makes it all that much more of a rewarding experience, don’t you agree?

Why quilt alone when you can quilt with friends who make life such a joy?

We gathered together in the conference room at the Holiday Inn in Helena Montana for a Texas Tumbleweed workshop from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

The fabrics and projects were so varied and it was great to see the progress bring these quilt visions to fruition.


Getting down and busy with the stitching!


Sweet machines humming away!

Yes, I am still in love with hand photos, and I try to take a couple during every workshop.  Hands are fascinating, aren’t they?


Of course the daily hot iron salute is a must! HA!


Check out the 1930s version!  SWEET!


One star done, make some more!


Gathering for our “on the floor layout!”

You’ll see how the blocks looked and more in the slide show below:

It has been really fun pulling some new goodies into the mix this trip!


For the Card Playing Quilters!

We’ve been having a great time with the playing cards and I completely sold out yesterday!  Some should have arrived at home by now and I’ll get those up on the website as soon as I am home. 

I have also just placed another large order for MORE because I know they are going to fly, so you’ll soon have your own!  The quilts on the face cards are all from my new book due out soon!  I can count the weeks on ONE HAND now and I am so excited!

When the workshop was over we headed out for a special treat:


Down to the Museum for a photo with the world’s largest bison skull!


Info about the sculpture which was blazing hot in the afternoon sun!


And a city tour on the Last Chance Tour Train!

We rode all around the city highlighting historical sites, buildings, mansions, places of interest.  It was WONDERFUL!

Today is my last workshop on this whirlwind Montana tour.  Smith Mountain Morning is up on deck with a full class of quilters eager to dig right in.

I’ve already done my online check-in for my flight out early early tomorrow morning.  5:50 am flight boards at 5:10am.  Egad.  It will be early to bed for me tonight!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Kansas.

They are your dreams. No one else owns them but you!

Tonight I will be drawing our winner for the July Quilty Box! Did you enter to win on THAT POST??

Have a beautiful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Another fun group together, and I agree, we can do the blocks at home, but getting together is heaps more fun, learning, and seeing other coloured fabrics, all a huge bonus. Enjoy that early a.m. flight.Gale winds, snow, and high seas are widespread down here, I can see cleaning up fallen trees on the agenda rather than some quilty sewing!!!

  2. I would love to see and buy a dated flip calendar using the quotes/quilts. It wouldn't need days and could be used over again. They are so inspiring Bonnie.

  3. Anonymous7:01 AM EDT

    I agree - quilting in a group is SEW much more fun. Laughing over our mistakes when they happen, a buddy who will help you "rip a stitch" is important too! Love the deck of cards! They would make a great secret pal/retreat swap gift. Excited for your visit to Dover DE in September. Gathering my fabrics! Mary Deeter / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com


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