Sunday, July 10, 2016

Razzle Dazzle Day #1!

Don’t these ladies look like they are having a great time?


They may look like they’ve been friends for a long time, but in fact they just met, sitting at the same table for our first all day sewing event on our Quiltville Alaskan Cruise Adventure!

On the left is Silva and she is from Southern California.

On the right is Gail, and she hails from Michigan!

The most fun thing for me to watch yesterday was the forming of new friendships.  People I know from one area of the country are meeting people I know from another area of the country, and they are not forming relationships and having a wonderful time. 

This quilty web we weave is a wonderful thing!

49 quilters with room to spare!

We’ve got beautiful Janome machines provided by Citrus Sew & Vac and our fabulous man in charge, Scott himself!  He is on hand to change bobbins, change needles, whatever the machines need, he is our man on hand!

The girls are pumping Iron!

We’ve got ironing stations set up around the perimeter of the room.  These cordless irons are awesome!

Blocks!! YAY!

Becase we have 3 days of sewing at sea, and open sew every evening the duration of the whole cruise, and because we are working on ONE project together, we focused on just the star blocks yesterday.  Take it slow, easy going!  I have cruise Alaska before and I know that the first day in open waters from Seattle to the Inner Passage is the roughest.  Those who haven’t cruised before may find themselves a but off balance or queasy, so keeping it simple on day 1 is the way to go.

I love the shirts the ladies are wearing!

This is extra special for me!

Mom was feeling pretty sea sick in the morning, and I was worried about her.  Aunt Joy and Aunt Gail took care of mom by sticking a sea sick patch behind her ear, what she didn’t think she would need…and within 4 hours she was MUCH better.  After lunch she came to sit in our class and visit and work on her hexies while I taught.

I think she learned some things about her eldest daughter that she didn’t know before! This is the first time my mom has really seen me in action, and it has been fun to see her reaction.

You taught me everything I know about kindness and loving others and looking deeper than the surface to really connect with people, Mama.  I’m just doing what you taught me!

Our slide show is short.  Just a couple of minutes.  Upload time on this ship’s wifi is very slow, but I’m happy to have what I have so we can stay connected.  Enjoy!

Last night I arrived back to my cabin to find this:

Set your clocks back an hour!

Time changed at midnight as we leave Pacific time and enter Alaskan time!  This puts me 4 hours behind the time zone I live in on the East coast.  And this is Alaska!  So it was still light out at about 11pm as I went to bed last night.

My first sight this morning!

I was up early, way too early, and I wasn’t the only one.  I donned my sneakers and a jacket.  Temps are only in the 50s.  It was a cool brisk morning for a walk up on deck 12, but the fresh air was mind-clearing and the sights are unbeatable!

I’m heading out to meet Irene, mom and the aunts for breakfast.  When we reach Juneau around noon we have a whale watching adventure!  So excited!

Stay tuned for more adventures from Alaska, the last frontier!

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This world is amazing, go out and see it! Vintage trip around the world quilt found in Kansas.

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  1. Waving hi to Gail, Irene and Pat and all the gals from our Carribean cruise! So happy your mom is feeling better and that you have family along on this trip! Looks lime great fun!

  2. have fun everyone. some day perhaps I will be able to join in a cruise one day. I waved as you sailed by my island on your way to the inside passage.

  3. WOWOW, look at all the quilters! HOW on earth do you do this? Yes, fun seems to on the menu for the day... for the trip!

    Have fun

  4. Did I miss the leader ender challenge post?

  5. Leanne: Bonnie said she would post the leader ender challenge sometime after she gets home from this trip.

  6. The all-important question: Did everyone bring their own fabrics to use?
    That quilt is beautiful!(of course!) I know your mama is SO proud of you!! So glad she finally gets to see you in your element!!

  7. Hope you had a wonderful time whale watching. Did you stop and pick up some Glacial Silt Soap at the little hut by the dock? It's wonderful - if you didn't you should be able to find it in Skagway or Ketchikan if you are stopping there. I saw some in May.

    Tell your Mum to try drinking some ginger ale - natural remedy for seasickness.

  8. Sorry your Mom had a bout of sea sickness. She looks just fine with her Hexies on her collar I see holding the hexies made into a name. How fun! I'd like to go whale watching, but I might be like your mom, not going there...

  9. Happiness is being surrounded by family and friends. Add in our favorite past pastime in an awesome setting. Priceless.

  10. Enjoy your cruise to Alaska. We'll be in Anchorage (flying) early August, to see our son. Can't wait!!! We'll get to make family memories then, while you are getting to now. Make some great memories!

  11. I love the polar bear towel. Can you learn how to fold it while you are on the ship and teach it to us on quilt cam, please? They do offer towel folding classes on board. Or you can ask your room guy. Please????


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