Thursday, July 07, 2016

From Greensboro to Seattle to Alaska!

This was Sadie last night as I was packing my bags getting ready to leave for Seattle, and on to our Quiltville Alaskan Cruise with Craftours!


She knows what suitcases mean.

And this look just seems to say “Oh, but Mama!  You just got home a couple of days ago!  Do you HAVE to leave again?!”

Not only that, but I am taking her new best friend Irene with me.

Thanks to Robin, who sent Sadie a post-surgery Lamb Chop present, Sadie will be just fine until I get back.

Hold down the fort, Sister!

We got the results of her biopsy back.  They weren’t good.  They did find cancer cells in the lump tissue.  The margins are not as clear as they’d like them to be, but they THINK we will be good.  We just have to watch her very closely, and it is good that we got her in when we did.

Thank you to everyone who sent notes and messages, and cards in the mail!  You made a difficult time that much less stressful.


I am ready to rock my way to Alaska!!

Aren’t these cute?

They were found on Ebay for not that much money, and they are super cute enough that if they aren’t all that comfortable, I won’t wear them all day, but just for fun.


Quilts are HOME!!

Fedex made a delivery while I was gone!  There are two quilts missing that have been saved for other purposes.  Wanderlust is in Colorado for my workshop recording in Golden happening in August.  Idaho Square Dance has been saved for Quilts in the Garden in California, which I have heard is a fabulous .  They may hang on to Idaho Square Dance until Market, because I will be down there for School House for my new ruler tools, book signings and taping a demo for the ruler tools as well.

I can’t wait to share these quilts with you.  The books will be available in September, along with the rulers.  I am waiting to start Pre-orders until we are BACK from the Mediterranean Cruise that happens in August because the last time we did this the orders took my website down!  That can’t happen while we are out of the country, so if you could please hang on, as soon as I am back on September 1st, the pre-orders will go into full swing and you can pre-order to your hearts content.

Remember with every book pre-order you will get an instant download for the Wanderlust Table Runner to keep you busy while you wait for your book to arrive. I appreciate your patience in waiting for me to be ready for the chaos!

And with that, Irene and I are off to Seattle!  I’ve actually written this post ahead so it is ready to go as we needed to leave the house a bit before 4am to be at the airport at 4:30 for check in for our early early flight.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage 1940s Airplane Quilt found in Kansas!

I thought the pink airplanes were very apropos for today!

Whether you travel somewhere near, or somewhere far – there is ALWAYS something wonderful to discover.  You just have to keep your eyes wide open so you don’t miss it!

I’ll be in touch from the ship and in port as often as I can.

So looking forward to this time with 50 quilters and my Mom and my two Aunts!

Epic doesn’t even BEGIN to describe this!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip for you especially since your family will be there. Have a great time and let us know if those cute shoes were comfy or not. have fun.

  2. So glad that the news was at least somewhat good for Sadie. Hope you and Irene have a great time cuisin'.

  3. What a special time this trip will be as you share it with your mom and aunts. My heart goes out to you and your family re: Sadie. But she could do very well now that the bulk of the tumor is gone. We had a similar situation with one of our fur babies. Each day with them is extra special as you re-recognize how lucky you are to have them in your life.
    Have a great cruise. I know the quilters will be blessed!

  4. Family and friend time is the best time. Lots of memories will be made on this trip. Glad Sadie is doing better.

  5. Here's hoping that Sadie has many more hikes with you and they are right that they got enough soon enough. Enjoy Alaska. I live in a remarkably beautiful place and Alaska was one of the few places that I found even more beautiful. Safe travels.

  6. Bonnie, I live in the Portland, Oregon area. My good friend just left on Tuesday for an Alaskan cruise. This will be her 3rd cruise to Alaska. We went together with our husbands on the last one about 3 years ago. That cruise is so beautiful I could go every year. Have fun!

  7. SUCH A PRECIOUS PUP - those liquidy brown eyes are bragging you to stay. It must be very hard to leave her. BUT she is in good hands.

    Hoping, after all the events lately, that you will be able to find some relaxation on this cruise. Eat up the scenery,, enjoy the quilting time and come back home - refreshed.

    Smilies (and a secret hug for Sadie Jane)

  8. Only wish I was going n the cruise with you!! Say HI to my friend, Barb Giguere, who will be cruising with you. You'll have a lot of fun with her!!

  9. I'm sending prayers for Sadie. She is a sweet part of your family.

  10. This Alaskan quilter welcomes you to our great state. Too bad you won't be coming to Anchorage. Don't forget to pick up your Alaska Row by Row patterns when you are in the ports.

  11. Sadie has been storing up your love for years. She's going to channel that into feeling better and waiting for you to replenish when you return.

  12. I'm sure Alaska will be amazing and all that fun family time along with quilting-what wonderful memories will be made!

    If anyone knows the brand of those rockin' shoes pictured in the post I sure would love to search out a pair for myself! My daughter is getting married later this month and we are all wearing tennis shoes, and while I have a couple of pairs in mind- those quilt blocks ones would be the best!


  13. Have a fabulous trip. Sadie looks like she will be up and wagin' that tail when you return. She has many more walks in her and will love you all over when you get back to her. Meanwhile you will have lots of loving from your students, including your Mom and Aunts. Enjoy.

  14. Try not to worry about your dear girl. We had a very similar situation with our dear dog...Thunder. He persevered and lived to a ripe old age of 18. I will hold Sadie close to my heart and in my prayers while you enjoy Alaska. All you need to do is love her. πŸΎπŸ’•

  15. Tumbler soon to be completed, will there be a new one? Have a great trip!

  16. Awww! That is the look of "mommy's leaving again"! She looks like she's doing well after surgery. Oh, Lamb Chop, what a good companion for her while you are gone. Have a safe trip and wonderful cruise.


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