Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Cutest Little Quilt Shop in Helena!

I loved my time in Montana!  From Bozeman to Helena and the drive in between.

Even the time spent stuck with a plane that never left the ground turned into something memorable!

One of the perks of our time in Helena was the location of our workshop – we were in the conference room of the Holiday Inn, which is right on the walking mall with cute shops and even picnic areas where we could sit, enjoy our lunches, chat amongst ourselves and enjoy the beautiful July weather.

Does it get hot in Montana?  Yes! But to coin a phrase “It is a dry heat!” and that makes it lovely in the shade.  It makes it bearable in a breeze.  And it cools down at night to the point where sleeping with the windows open is blissful!


I love this cowboy statue!

And the building behind it!

This was right outside our classroom window!


And I ALWAYS love murals!

This one is of Helena history.

We are walking our way up the mall to Prickly Pear Quilts!


Love the original trolley in the mall!


So So cute!

((And I love the name!))


Tile floor happiness!


And a treadle in the window!  Yippee!!


But nothing can beat the warm welcome!


A sweet little shop packed to the rafters with everything a quilter desires!


There are so many samples to inspire!


The shop was bustling at lunch time!


I could stay here all day!


Patterns galore!


And vintage machine love!


I spy……my books!

Thank you, Prickly Pear Quilts!


Check out the row by row stuff!!

That tote bag is so stinking cute!


Sew Downtown at Prickly Pear Quilts!


All the info!  Just stop on by!

That was a whole WEEK ago!  How can that be?  And here I am at the cabin for the weekend and loving it.  More photos of that to come, but I think this is long enough for now.

One small snafu….the a/c konked out over night.  We don’t know if the unit froze up or what the deal is but we’ve got a call in to someone to come look at it and they are on their way.  Of course --- it’s a WEEKEND.

The upside? It’s a lot cooler up here in the mountains than it is in the valley.  There is almost no breeze this morning.  I’m going to be pulling the folding tables out on the bottom patio for kit assembly while watching my mountains in the distance.

It is what it is and I’d rather be HERE than anywhere else!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

The whisperings of your heart are far more important than the opinions of others who don't have to live with your choices. They create their own drama for their own reasons, but you don't have to be pulled into it.

Roll roll Cotton Boll quilt from my book String Fling shared by a student during our Helena, Montana workshops last week.

Have a lovely Saturday, everyone!

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  1. What a great quilt shop to visit virtually with you. Thanks. You always make us feel like we are along for the trip! Hope the A/C gets fixed up quickly. My quilting room is "over the garage" and I have 2 portable a/c-heater units that "vent" out the window. It helps us keep it cool, but with our heatwave it is working overtime! Mary/www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  2. I have seen those tile floor entrance areas on the edge step going into buildings so often in the west must have been very popular at one time. I think I have been in that shop - I stop at all I see when we travel west and so often they are very nice friendly shops - I wish we had them here in my neck of the woods. Love having the windows open at night when we travel to the mountain states it is so nice!! Have fun

  3. I just love traveling with you! Thanks for taking the time to do all the posts and pics. Oh, the places I'll go (via your blog!).

  4. I love that shop! They have a lot of variety inside those walls. We travel to Helena to see family and Prickly Pear is always on my "go list" while we visit.

  5. I always thought that shop has the perfect mix of kits and pre-cuts that a quilter's family member could pick up the perfect gift to take back home.

  6. I am sure no-one could leave that shop empty handed. Looks like you had so much fun there, enjoy the cool mountain air.

  7. Just love reading about your quiltventures!

  8. Just love reading about your quiltventures!

  9. I work at the library, which is just 1/2 a block from Prickly Pear Quilts. You couldn't find a nicer group of ladies to assist (or aid and abet) in your quilting needs. They are fantastic!

  10. Thank you for your quote of the day. It really struck home! Love your Montana pictures.

  11. I like the "BH Quilting" license plate on the tote bag! I picked one up from a Virginia shop last year with my initials on it. Looks like a fun shop!

  12. Looks like a great shop indeed and that tote bag was adorable.
    Looks like you had lots of fun


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