Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Happy Snafu!

How cute is the helena Montana airport at 4:30am?

This was my view as I stepped through security, climbed up the stairs to the second level where gates 3 and 4 are located, one for United and one for Delta.

We thought all was right for my 5:10 boarding and my 5:50am departure for Minneapolis which would get me further on to La Guardia and then home to Greensboro by dinner time.

We even boarded and were ready to go until….

“Ladies and gentleman, we have a maintenance issue…please retrieve your belongings and proceed back into the gate waiting area..”

Oh boy.

And we sat, and we waited, and we sat some more.  Something with the hydraulics (not good) and because it is Helena, they had to call for someone off sites to come and fix it….

Only it never got fixed.

Imagine a whole plane full of people missing connections and whipping out their phones to try to make other arrangements.

As I talked to the customer service rep at Delta, explaining the situation which didn’t look good at all for getting me home last night due to sold out connecting flights, I asked if she could just get me to Salt Lake.  Just get me there and I can take a flight out the next morning.

I was placed on a standby list for the 1pm flight leaving for Salt Lake City.


New itinerary and my broken plane!

I had not had breakfast.  There was nothing available in this little airport.  It was nearly 9 am by this time, and I’d been there for 4 1/2 hours trying to get things straight.

Diane to the rescue! Diane was in my Helena workshops and when she heard of my plight she came and picked me up!


This is NOT the Helena airport!

Turns out the Diane who lives near the airport was on her way to take her dog Topsy to the vent for routine shots.  I was happy to go along for the ride!  ANYTHING is better than sitting in a tiny airport!  Topsy makes quick friends with another big black doggie!


Girls out for Brunch!

We had time to drop Topsy back off at home, and head out to a local diner for a meal and some fun chit chat before dropping me back off at the airport.

And I made the 1pm flight! YAY!

Though, to be honest, I barely remember it, I was asleep in my seat before we even took off.


Flying into Salt Lake City!

Look at all of that salt!


I found the green and red colors interesting.


There was a fire here.


Downtown Salt Lake City in the distance!

Hugs and tears and smiles and laughter happened at the baggage claim where my sister Joy and niece Addie were waiting for me.  I hadn’t seen them since our family reunion in Idaho nearly 4 years ago.  Boy how time flies!


Celebrating with ice cream at Sam’s Club!


Wasatch Front at the end of Joy’s street!

We are mountain lovin’ women!

This day was turning into something really fun as my youngest sister Mary and her family, who live about 10 minutes from my sister Joy were also joining us for an impromptu BBQ with all of the cousins eager to play with each other as well.


My Niece Kelli, Joy and Mary in the Kitchen!

I had NEVER seen a watermelon cut this way, and when Mary started in, I grabbed the camera. I have to try this!

There was nothing left but a bit of pink and a lot of white on those rinds, and this is the fastest way I’ve ever seen a watermelon sliced up for 13 of us in attendance last night.  A family baker’s dozen!

We caught these fireworks from the driveway at the end of the cul-de-sac!

Yesterday was a state holiday commemorating the 24th of July when pioneers choose this valley to call their new home. ..

What a perfect way to end a bonus day!


I’ll be back in November!  Can’t wait!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Spending just a few hours with family due to a travel snafu was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

Family is everything! Vintage quilt shared by a student in my Helena Montana workshops this weekend.

I’m off to see my niece to her first day of 3rd grade, and off to the airport we go to get me home.

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. So glad you could visit your family and catch up with everyone, and starting school already, wow, that's early. Also glad the lady could come rescue you from the airport and visit awhile and get some food. You must be so easy going, I get very stressed out in those type of situations. Hope you can have some time to relax and visit with the family for awhile. Take care.

  2. You really made the best of a crummy travel situation!! How fun to get rescued, and how awesome to spend some family time with your sisters!!! Hope today's travel goes MUCH better!! Mary Deeter - stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  3. great to be able to visit family due to a problem at the airport! looks like you had fun catching up with sisters and family

  4. Bonnie I am glad that your trip ended with some family time! Though I think at least the ladies here in Helena have adopted you and feel you are now family here as well. I am sure I speak for all when I say that we can't wait for you to visit again. Thanks for using my ragged quilt for today's quote. That was super special. Enjoy your time at home loving on your other family.;)

  5. If you had to go anywhere, Salt Lake City is hard to beat. So beautiful with the mountains. Glad you got to see family and out of the airport.

  6. I love layovers in SLC. I can take the Shuttle down to Temple Square and got a quick look at the Pretty Garden flowers. I want Watermelon NOW!

  7. Sorry for the travel trouble, but, if you are going to have travel troubles, time with family makes up for it. Hope you get home safe and sound.

  8. Happy that you were awake enough to enjoy family and such fun.

  9. What a great twist to your travels...I think you could write a book on how to travel and roll with the punches and come out shining in the end! Wishing you continued safe travels!

  10. So happy your "upside down" day turned out to be a great one. LOVE Utah and so few people realize how beautiful it is. I have been cutting ALL my melons this way for years ... you can control how much rind you cut away and actually SAVE watermelon using this method. Try it ... you will never go back! Glad you are finally home with your family ... I am sure you'll sleep well in your own bed tonight! ENJOY your home time!! Linda H

  11. Hi Bonnie,

    Glad you are home safe and sound and you got a bonus visit with your family.
    Thanks from the two Calgarians. We had a wonderful time with you and the
    Helena guild ladies. We would do it again in a heartbeat.
    We only had two quilt shop stops on the way home. We missed the Lethbridge
    quilt shop by 5 minutes. Have a relaxing and enjoyable break. It was a genuine
    pleasure to meet you. Thank you,
    Pauline and Darlene.

  12. No one will ever accuse you of wasting a moment. What a lovely way to make something good come of bad connections. Your creativity shines through in all that you do. You're such an inspiration to me and all who follow your blog. Glad you FINALLY made it home safe and sound. Bless you for all that you do for the quilters of this world. Pam

  13. P.S. I finished my Alliatare quilt and I'm thrilled with my scalloped binding. I'm so happy with this quilt. Thanks for sharing your creative genius with the quilting world. Pam

  14. How exciting to have an impromptu visit from Auntie Bonnie! I can see that the "let's make the unexpected fabulous" attitude runs in the family. Kudos must go to your amazing mother. You have beautiful nieces!

    I hope you are sleeping in this morning. Savor your family time before you are off again. I know they are happy to have you home for a little bit. (Sadie must be wagging her tail off and giving Mommy lots of attention).

  15. Congrats! on the Bonus Day. What a WONDERFUL way to deal with your travel plan tragedy!!

  16. Sounds like an awesome SNAFU. Nothing like time with family. My family will be getting together this Saturday. We do this the last Saturday in July and then have a brunch usually the first Saturday of Dec. Look forward to always see family.

  17. What a great silver lining! Sorry you took the long way home but great that you got to see your sisters.

  18. Glad you took advantage of yoyr time.It helps to have family everywhere. Loved the video on cutting up the watermelon since I have one ready to slice and dice. That's neat.


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