Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fjords, Fabric & Fun!

6am and we were already pulling up to the Sawyer glacier at the end of the Tracy Arm Fjord!

When I awoke, I pulled back the window drapes to find chunks of blue ice n a calm silver-aqua sea, made opaque by the glacier run off.

When you reach this far away place, it really makes you think about those who first discovered it.

What in blue blazes were they doing out here in the first place?

Whatever the reason or result, I’m glad they put this wonder on the map.

And I’m grateful that I’ve had a chance to view it not once, but on two separate occasions, this latest one with family by my side.

I made a little video.  If you listen closely you can hear the waterfall, and perhaps even the ice cracking as it floats in the water.  The sound is effervescent!

All of this was caught from my balcony:

Pretty Amazing!


The ship as it slowly turned 360 degrees to head OUT the way we came in!

The last time I took this trip, we were able to get much closer to the glacier, but this time the ice caused too much of a hazard, so we got as close as we could get.  Bear were spotted along shore, and as we sailed back out of the fjord, hitting open water again, we watched whales spouting and surfacing while eating our breakfast in the windjammer.  Nature at its best!

The afternoon was spent SEWING!

The Minnesota Girls!  Chain chain chain!

Catch glimpses of our afternoon workshop session!

It was a full to the brim day!

One of our evening activities is Quilt Bingo!  And the stakes?  a FREE TRIP with Craftours!


They were playing for an awesome prize!

Congrats to Gail Stobart!

She won in a tie breaker where the question was to list both of my vans by name!  She guessed right, Shamu and Moby!  It was a whale themed question, perfect for Alaska and a great answer from a reader who follows the blog enough to know that I do name my vehicles and she knew them by name!

Gail said she wants to come to China with me in November 2017.  Maybe you’d like to come along too? It’s going to be an amazing journey!

We are back in the classroom today as it is a day at sea as we make our way into beautiful Victoria, BC.  The classroom will be full of fabric flying, stories being told of adventures experienced while on this trip thus far, and more friends making friends!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Have you noticed that all of the quotes since I left North Carolina for this trip have been about journeys and traveling?  I sense a theme!

Life is simply better with friends to share it with! Vintage snowball quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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  1. Woohoo. Way to go Gail. You deserve it.

  2. Oh fun! I didn't know Jim was on the criuse. Hi Jim! And i met Gail in Mackinac in May. Congratulations Gail. I've looked at the China trip, but my bucket list and budget will determine where i go on 2017. Meanwhile, i'm working on Razzle Dazzle this morning.


  3. Thanks for sharing. Get to experience Alaska even though I can't be there. Enjoy seeing all the places you go.

  4. What an awesome Prize for the Winner of Quilt Bingo! Last time I won I got a Fat Quarter, LOL
    The theme suits your life. Travel is what you do and you make everyone happy when you go and teach a workshop! Love the Show n Shares! Happy, Happy Happy...as they say on Duck Dynasty!!

  5. Congrats to Gail! Hope I get that lucky on your Caribbean Cruise in October!

  6. Congrats, Gail! What a wonderful prize! Thanks, Bonnie and Jim for making it possible and Thanks for Sharing and Enjoy your trip. It is on my bucket list to make that trip with you, soon! for sharing!

    I love the glaciers, I love the deep aqua color of the ice. I love to see them calving too, and sometimes the ice just goes straight down into the water with a thunderous roar!

    Me, I have been playing in the dirt, in my Alaska Garden! Planting more veggies to eat this fall and put up for winter!

  7. Hi Bonnie-on-the-sea!
    What a lovely picture treasure of you and your Mom at the top of this blog!

  8. I am so envious of your Alaskan cruise! All that beautiful scenery, animals, and quilting too! Wow.


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