Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Visit to Hatley Castle, Victoria BC!

After we left the Butchart Gardens, we had time to see a bit more of Victoria!

Our first stop after the gardens was to the Cloth Castle for fabric fondling, stash enhancement and license-plate obtaining.

And then we headed to a Castle of the more traditional kind. 

Hatley Castle originally named Hatley Park, is now a Classified Federal Heritage Building. Since 1995, the mansion and estate have been used for the public Royal Roads University.

From the 1940s to 1995, it was used for the Royal Roads Military College, a naval training facility.

Doesn’t it look like a fortress?


As seen from one side!
This superb example of an Edwardian park was laid out for James and Laura Dunsmuir in the early 20th century. At its center stands a Tudor Revival mansion, whose picturesque design is enhanced by a rich array of decoration and fine craftsmanship. The grounds, featuring a variety of native and exotic vegetation, unfold from formal gardens to recreational spaces, farmlands and forests. Acquired by the Canadian armed forces in 1940, Hatley Park evolved to meet the needs of Royal Roads Military College in a manner that has preserved its essential Edwardian character. [source] 

We’d like to call this the Quilt Retreat Castle!


And the gardens were in bloom!


A beautiful giant dahlia!


Garden along the croquet lawn.


Mama bird chirping madly in her nest above the front door!

Interesting thing about the faces on either side of the door.  Can you see that on the left is a woman’s head, on the right, a man’s?

In Edwardian times this was to signify that women would enter on the left and take the left staircase up.  The men would enter on the right and take the right staircase. So very very formal!

We didn’t have time to tour the inside, but the resourceful girl that I am – I went to YouTube and found a video showing everything that is inside so I could see it.  I thought I’d pop it in here for you as well!

On the grounds of Hatley Park – one of Canada’s National Historic Sites – lies Royal Roads University’s Hatley Castle. Surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens, this Victorian style castle was originally built in 1908, and is now the centre of the Royal Roads University campus. Join this guided tour, and not only will you see a piece of Canadian history, but you’ll also experience movie history, as Hatley Castle is where Hugh Jackman made his debut as Wolverine in the X-Men films.

Such an amazing place!


So glad we got to see it!


In Memoriam.

NEXT TIME!  I hope to be able to visit the inside of the Castle.  It all felt so Downton-esque if you know what I mean!

Back home in NC – this is going on:


Working with my new tools!

Some behind-the-scenes cutting with a very special tool available soon! I am working on an exciting project that will also be revealed very very soon! Stay tuned!

There will also be a nap today. I just need to stop and take a nap.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Hold your loved ones extra close, this world is a crazy place, and there is much sadness happening right now. But we who love can shine the light!

Carolina chain quilt from my new book Addicted to Scraps! Pre-orders available for the book, and the Essential Triangle Tool on my website September 1st!

Have a peaceful Sunday, everyone -

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the Castle. My husband has the pleasure of teaching journalism and communication there. Did you see the peacocks, they are amazing? Looking forward to your new book and tool in September. Hope it's available in Canada then.

  2. Thank you for posting the video of the Castle. What a splendid place to visit, and what a charming, knowledgeable guide. I felt as if I was having my own personal tour.

  3. What a great place to visit Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

  4. Of course I had to search and see if I could find anything about this tool. From the description I read it is a must have. To be able to do half square triangl
    es, quarter square triangles and flying geese with one tool will be amazing. I will be pre-ordering September 1st.

  5. I need a trip to BC. That means that I will need a passport. Counting the days until September 1st. Enjoy your home time!

  6. Amazing! I am also in Victoria! Going to Buchart tomorrow. I am cycling for two weeks here!! What a great town and the Busker Festival is amazing! We ride all day, stop at the sights along the way and are having a blast. Today was our first day! Have fun. Too many people to hope to see you!!

    Anne from TN

  7. Awesome tour!!! Thank you so much for sharing.It was truly fascinating. Looking forward to the book and tool release. Have a blessed day.

  8. I love,love being an armchair traveler with you. You show us all such interesting sites that you see on your trips. Thank you.....

  9. Thank-you so much for your amazing photos

  10. We are headed for Victoria next month to visit family. I have made note of the places you visited. Some I have been to...quilt shops, and some I would like to see again. Thanks Bonnie for adding to our itinerary.

  11. Such a lovely experience, looking forward to a visit there. The tool is the 1st in many years that is exciting. Most nowadays are just plain "add to my collection" but yours will be a working tool. Thank you.


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