Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Off to 3rd Grade! And Show & Share!

I can’t believe that just yesterday morning I was sitting on the front steps at my sister’s house in South Jordan, Utah posing with my nieces for the first day of school photos!

Taylor started 3rd grade yesterday.

How can that be possible?  I remember making her baby quilt!

There are photos of her here with it as an infant.  Isn’t blogging wonderful? It’s all HERE!

In Utah the elementary schools go year round in blocks, so I was just thrilled at how my “Bonus Day” in Utah panned out.

Not only was I there for an impromptu family BBQ complete with fireworks on a state holiday for Pioneer Day, but I got to go with Taylor to the school to drop her off for her first day of 3rd grade.


Such a big pretty girl!

It took me so way back to when my boys were little.  First day of school is a BIG DEAL.  they get to see their friends, they are excited about meeting their new teacher, wondering where they will sit and if they will like it.

I loved the plethora of new shoes all over the playground!

Nieces Addie and Emmie couldn't resist one turn down the slide! 
From here it was straight to the airport and I was winging my way home – no delays no more whammies!  HOME!


These two were happy to see me!

It was early to bed last night, I was exhausted.  And I slept way past 8am this morning, but I am reminding myself that I am still on mountain time, and it will take a few days to readjust.

And I’ve got the show & share from Montana!  It’s a long one, 5 days worth of workshops went into this show & share, so pour a cuppa and enjoy!

So here I am at home,  a day short in my week and feeling pretty rushed with deadlines.  But I’m pacing it out this morning.  I’ve got a haircut that I can’t miss….because the next thing on my docket is the workshop recording in Golden Colorado early August. 

I’ve got a massage this afternoon that I can’t miss because I am so tight and sore I am walking crooked.

And then we’ll tackle one thing at a time and knock things off the very long to-do list.

Mail order is going out a bit late because of the flight detours.  That can’t be helped.  It will all be out by tomorrow.

Quilt cam?  I have an eye doc appointment tomorrow morning, and I think they are dilating my eyes again, but I’m eager to sew – I’m thinking Quilt-Cam tomorrow evening will be a great distraction.  Be watching for update on that, it all depends on how the eyes do tomorrow. I will post more about that tomorrow afternoon if that is going to be a go.  Let’s plan it as a YES, 9pm eastern, and if it is a no, I will send out a message.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

If you aren't happy with yourself, make a change. Start small and build on it. We are not limited by our past, the future is wide open!

Vintage churn Dash quilt shared by a student in my Helena, Montana workshops this past weekend. Love the stripes!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. I will be praying for your eyes & the doc to be knowledgeable. I know from experience it can be frightening but try not to think about it. I hope quilt cam is a go! That would be nice. Have a great day!!

  2. I will be praying for your eyes & the doc to be knowledgeable. I know from experience it can be frightening but try not to think about it. I hope quilt cam is a go! That would be nice. Have a great day!!

  3. Firsts are meant to be Shared! Happy days like the 1st day of 3rd Grade and impromptu visits with their Auntie. I'm sure you made it even more special for her. She can take this picture to Shown Tell someday. Prayers are with you as you go to the Eye Doctor. Enjoy your hair appt and Massage today. Great thoughts for a Wednesday. Every day we can make a change and start new.

  4. Your Niece is so cute. I'm glad you could be there for her first day of school.
    Watching the slide show, I was wondering how many "Bonnie Quilts" there are all over the world? What an inspiration you are !!! I hope the eye doctor goes well. Enjoy your day.

  5. Thank you again for what was 3 of the most wonderful days I've had in a long time!!! <3

  6. What a fun thing to be there for the Pioneer Day fireworks AND the first day of school!! We watched our local P.D. fireworks from our bedroom window as we were getting ready to turn in. It had been a long day! : )

  7. School? It's still July!!

  8. I am so glad you are home at last. I hope the time with your family will help you unwind. I have a concern about your cruise to the mediteranian this next month. with all the violence in that area of the globe, I am not sure I would risk it. if you are still going I wish you a safe trip and a happy time. sorry to rain on your parade but I am concerned. I have been watching quilt cam for a while now and love it. you have taught me a lot about accuracy. I have been quilting for many years but could not master machine sewing. your ways have been so helpful. love you. be safe.

  9. Sadie Jane has an inkling you might not be home long...but by heckadoodle, she will love you to pieces while you are there!!!! Kitties looks cautious :)

    Years fly by so fast AS WE AGE... someone told me one year to a 4 year old is 1/4 of their life...but 1 year to an 80 year old is 1/80 of their life... Thinking this is why we think each year goes by faster?

    Enjoy your home time, bed in and breathe in that I AM HOME air.


  10. Bonnie, I was bemoaning the fact that I would have to miss QuiltCam tomorrow night as I had a meeting and I just found out it isn't until Friday night instead. I am REALLY happy to learn that I will be able to watch QuiltCam. This will be only the second time I have watched. I really enjoy having you right there talking to all of us. I pray that all will work out. You will be on my mind tomorrow while you are at the eye Drs. Have a wonderful evening. Cindy

  11. You are an amazing woman, how you can take advantage of an airplane malfunction to visit family in another state astounds me. Hope you can relax a little; not sure if "relax" is in your vocabulary. I do see manicure/pedicure missing from your list. Good luck with the eye doctor. I hope you are able to do Quilt Cam tomorrow; but don't feel obligated if you're not up to it. I'm a little torn between you and Hillary, but figure you will be done before her speech comes on.

  12. Visiting your sisters was making the absolute best from a bad situation! So glad you were able to see them. I had to laugh - played the little video clip of the kids going down the slide - when my cat (Ozzie) heard your voice, he started meowing his head off!


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