Sunday, July 03, 2016

Bricks in the Barnyard, Oh Sew Fun!

We had a great day to play with some simple blocks that have SO MUCH BANG to them when we put them together.

I love workshop days like this. There are only a few demos for basic units such as triangles from strings with specialty rulers, doing test units to make sure that seams are falling where they should, and a whole lot of continuous piecing to increase productivity.

And of course loads of visiting and chatting and laughing when there are 41 students all from surrounding states as well as Tennessee –it was a scrap quilting PARTY!

While I made my Bricks in the Barnyard using recycled fabrics, this one works up beautifully in fabrics of all kinds from modern greys and yellows to patriotic shades of red while and blue perfect for the 4th of July holiday to Christmas fabrics that have been saved for years, as well as novelties, batiks, civil war reproductions and everything else under the sun.

The possibilities are truly endless!


Chain, chain chain!


Press, press, press!


Sew, sew, sew!


Oooh, baby!

And if you can do it on a candy apple red Singer 301 long bed, all the better!  I think we all left a bit of drool as we petted tis sweet stitcher!

And Diane was busy on her 99 hand crank:

We gathered around, pooling everyone’s blocks together to play with layouts!


Barn Raising!


Diamonds, dark and light!


Zig Zags!


Straight Furrows!


Echoed Diamonds!

And you better be careful where you leave your phone while demoing layouts on your hands and knees on the floor!  Some one might grab it and….



I busted a gut when I found this photo that *I* didn’t take while editing the pictures down this morning!

You’ll find the rest of our shenanigans in the slide show below.  Enjoy!

It was such a fun day!  You’ll find the pattern for Bricks in the Barnyard to make your own in my book Scraps & Shirttails II.  Signed copies are available in the Quiltville Store.

Did you see?


This give-away started last night!

Click HERE to read about it and enter!

Drawing happens the evening of July 5th.

This morning Irene and I are loading up the van and headed to THE CABIN for 4th of July.  We’ll arrive about dinner time and will be meeting up with family and Sadie for a couple days of porch rocker time.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

People too often forget that it is our own choice how we want to spend the rest of our lives. Choose not to just go with the flow!

Bowdacious quilt from my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders shared by a student.

Time to pack up the van, and head out on our journey toward the mountains!

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. This is a really pretty block!
    Nice butt shot!

  2. Bonnie! Ask Irene to be ready with your phone to capture your reunion with Sadie on video! Oh, it will be a joyous moment! Happy 4th to you!

    Also, thanks so much for this slide show. The different color 'themes' (for lack of better word) are so inspiring!

  3. I love the Diamonds, light and dark setting of the blocks. Very dramatic. Enjoy meeting up with Sadie. Photos are a must!

  4. Nice to see the different layout options. Are Antique Malls open in your neck of the woods on a Sunday? Happy 4th to you! Celebrate the 3 years of Quiltvilla.

  5. Love to watch your class videos. The music is perfect. I may have to order another book from you. Although I have yet to make a full size quilt from the 2 I do have! Enjoy your days at the cabin.

  6. ATTENTION!!: Someone at the workshop left a plastic project box, and a rotating turntable. We could see inside the project box that there is a Bernina foot pedal. If anyone recognizes this, please contact me! Diquilts@comcast.net - Diane Lowe

  7. Wonderful to see all the different layouts possible. Another super group of ladies having fun. You'll soon be back to catch up with Sadie, hope she is doing well.

  8. I love that quilt behind your quote today - I have a couple of these blocks made because I just had to see what they looked like 'live and in person' which, gets me into trouble!! Once 'Fair & Square' and 'Jamestown' are done, plus the 'Spools', this years personal challenge (can I really get it done this year?? I have 150 spools made now so....) - and the others I have started, I just might get the bow ties done too!!! Have a great 4th of July weekend and enjoy the cabin time. That class looked like fun in this post and I love the surprise photo you found!! Love and laughter to you and make it fun!

  9. According to my time, which I think you will be just getting to the cabin, you should be seeing your Sadie girl and loving all over her. I'm sure she will be very happy to see you back within close proximity of her wagging tail and wet kisses. Have a wonderful, relaxing, fun filled time at the cabin and a relaxed time getting ready for the cruise. Loved the surprise pic on your phone. Lol! That is exactly what would happen to me around my group of quilt friends. Loved all the color variations of the block. I look forward to doing one of these quilts in the near future. QuiltedDrummer aka Cindy

  10. Well, I'm officially a convert! I have added this pattern to my "list to make" along with the boxy stars, posted earlier this week. And what are the odds...I was watching an archived quiltcam earlier this evening and you were working on a new sample quilt of boxy stars. Yeah!!!

    I am also head over heels for my new 301. I've been fighting tension issues on my $2500 Bernina for a week, trying to use monofilament thread to quilt a panel quilt. I'm ready to pull my hair out. So, tonight I put the monofilament on my 301, made a slight tension adjustment, and it balanced beautifully. I can even use my waking foot off my Singer Futura. Oh happy days!! THANK YOU BONNIE!!! I can't wait to acuttually make one of your quilts on my vintage machine. And as for my Bernina...I'm thinking it will be exiled to sewing clothes.

    I hope you have a wonderful day with your family tomorrow! Thanks for letting us share your time.

  11. Love, Love that pattern. Maybe on the to do list. Thanks so much for sharing . You are always an inspiration.
    Oh happy week-end.

  12. In Papua New Guinea you can buy newly manufactured Singer handcranks. They are used by women in villages that don't have electricity.

  13. Happy Fourth to y'all. Soak in the relaxation,family love,and peace from nature.All of your readers do this because you choose to share with us everyday. Thank you.

  14. It is always so amazing to see how one block can make so many different quilt designs. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net


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