Thursday, July 21, 2016

A My Blue Heaven Day, Montana Style!

You just gotta love the “quilters attire” that shows up everywhere we go, bringing smiles and laughter and a nod of heads.

This is the uniform of my people!  This is what I relate to!

Eat Sleep Quilt Repeat!  Is there anything better?

It’s always fun to meet folks who AREN’T quilters.  “What else do you like to do for fun?” they ask.  As if there is anything else we’d really like to be doing?

Oh, I love to hike and walk and watch good movies, read a good book now and then, visit historic sites and beautiful landmarks and usually there is quilting accompanying me as I go.

And I found myself in the company of very like minded folks yesterday in Bozeman, Montana with the Gallatin Quilters Guild, and friends who had traveled in from outside areas to spend the day with us in a My Blue Heaven workshop!

Oh yes, THIS is what we do for fun!

Not that it isn’t hard work now and then…

We can be pretty serious about the whole project!

In fact, many of us wear our passion for quilting on our sleeves!  And our shirts are covered with the threads to prove it!

One quilter leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind how she spends her time:

This is Willa’s arm!

This is the inside of Willa’s arm!

This is the tensioner assembly diagram for a vintage featherweight!  Now she will NEVER forget how it goes back together!  Willa is a brave woman.  I am scared of needles!

Willa got her first tattoo AFTER the age of 60.  When people ask the inevitable “What are you going to do when it sags in 30 year?” she replies... “I don’t think I’ll care, I’ll likely be gone by then!”

What a fun woman with a great sense of humor and drive for doing what she wants to do with her life no matter what other people’s opinions are!  You inspire me, Willa!

More photo fun from our workshop day found in the slide show below:

You'll find the free pattern for My Blue Heaven under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

And our day continued into the evening with a guild meeting at the Bozeman Public Library!

It’s a parking lot TRUNK SALE!

Unbeknownst to us, the library where our meeting was held does not allow the selling of ANYTHING on library property.

Not a problem!  The parking lot outside the side door is NOT Library property!

Instead of having a book signing table in the meeting room where quilters could purchase books and goodies, we set it all up in the back of Cathy’s Subaru.  We looked like a bunch of quilting drug dealers vending contraband out the back of her car! LOL!!

Yes, quilting IS my drug of choice, and I show no signs of stopping. And I'm in very good company!

It was all in good fun, proving that where there is a will, there is a way, and it allowed us to enjoy the beautiful Bozeman evening both before the meeting and after the lecture was over.

Good thing it wasn’t February! LOL!

Thanks for the fun day, Bozeman!

Today we do it all over again with  Star Struck Workshop and I’ll be off to Helena this afternoon for another round of fun in a different corner of this beautiful state.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Working through the scary things {or having to work things out and sell books out of a car in a parking lot!} brings more confidence. And actions always speak louder than words. Crumb quilt shared by a student on a recent guild visit.

Is it Thursday already? Have a great one!

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  1. Wouldn't it be fun to have a Quiltville Tshirt for our quilting cruise!?

  2. Bonnie!! I like your comment "Working through the scary things ... brings more confidence." LOL!! That's true for sooo many things from trying a new piecing/quilting technique to all the way to some of life's major issues!! We just have to keep trying and work through it step by step and hopefully we will have more faith in finding options should we need to face it again.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Wow. She is braver than I am. I have little dot tattoos left from my breast cancer radiation placement and that was awful. Maybe it's better from a professional but I doubt it.

    I'm glad you and the Boseman folks are having so much fun. I'm with the shirt sentiment: quilt, eat, sleep, repeat!

  4. Folks/quilters in Montana look like a SUPER DUPER bunch of ladies. Don't you love quilters?

    Been to Montana once...and could have stayed forever... BIG SKY is right! Have fun, eat good food and come home safe with great memories


  5. I have a Shirt with that Sentiment! It's PURPLE!!! I need one that says Quilt Eat Sleep RETREAT! I'm glad you got in a Hike this trip. Beautiful Big Sky Country.

  6. I totally needed that quote today. Thanks for the needed encouragement to not let fear stop me from doing what I know needs to be done.

  7. Fun post. Reading from Denver airport was in Thayne Wyoming yesterday. Don't know which is closer to you now but as this is the return flight to Australia I will carry some new neutrals and your happy spirit back Down Under.

  8. I totally need the "Come to the Dark Side" T-shirt. Does anyone know where to order one?

  9. Hey Bonnie,
    I met Willa last month at a Featherweight workshop.
    She is the real thing, a great gal.
    Sorry that all your workshops were full up here, I would
    have loved to have sewn with you!
    Happy stitching!

  10. Hi Willa!! Glad to see you are keeping things lively in Bozeman. Wish I had been in this class with you, enjoyed seeing you at the Featherweight Class! Sherry in Great Falls


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