Thursday, April 30, 2015

Quilt-Cam, 4/30/2015

Good evening everyone!

I’ve got a treat for you ---before we sew.

This is Jane’s lovely sampler…check out the unique setting with the on point squares in columns dividing everything!

Isn’t it spectacular? From what she says, it’s an Edyta Sitar design.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lone star border…how fabulous!

Jane sent me a message – and though she is probably off to bed now and missing it completely I wanted to share it with you here ---

She writes:

Hi Bonnie!
I have just discovered your Quilt Cam on You Tube and I LOVE it! You're great company while I'm playing with my HandiQuilter 18" Long Arm Machine . You're in the basement and I'm up the ladder in my loft! I am on a mission to use up the scraps from the earliest origins of my stash and I have just completed this scrappy star block quilt made with blocks from a BOM project. I laid them out on a neutral background and added an Edyta Sitar style border. (See pic).

I see from your blog you are doing a quilt cam tonight but it will be 2 am here. I'm a late night quilter but even I should be in bed by then. I will catch it as soon as it gets posted to YouTube but it would make my day if you get to read this out on air.
Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration and advice - You have changed my life!
Love from Janet (aka Englishquilter) in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England

How fun for you, Janet!
A gorgeus loft to quilt in, and a handiquilter to do it with!
As for me…I’m ready and roaring to go with my project…I got a bit done on it today while spending HOURS on the phone with tech support for the shopping cart portion of my website.  I think we are up and running now, but it has been a day of snafus so I am certainly ready to destress and stitch!
Lozenges have been on the floor all week!
I keep seeing things, and rearranging…and then I see something else and do more rearranging, but you know what?
I gave up and just said SEW THEM TOGETHER.
At this point I don’t care if there are two blues or two browns together.
So we are going to do this thing!
I’m webbing the blocks into rows..and then a big pinning job happens when I have to match point to point as I sew the rows of blocks together.
I’m sewing on my new acquisition – a 1960s WHITE straight stitcher!
I am loving her!
Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed…let’s sew!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, what do you put on the back of hexies?
    Sharon in NJ

  2. Loving your new aqua machine. I kind of gasped when I saw it on Etsy and am so glad you ended up with it. Having just purchased a Singer 301 and a second 201 in one week plus inheriting a white Featherweight the following week, I decided I need to give it a rest! In fact, I need to find a taser app for my phone that will keep me off CL. Ha ha!

  3. Fantastic new about you PDF patterns.. I cannot wait to see all the changes on the web site......

  4. I am also binding this evening. I am binding Blue Skies, which I hope to show when I attend you Rangeley Maine Retreat

  5. Hi, Bonnie! Thank you for Quiltcam tonight, I know you've been very busy.

    I'm joining the rows for a Scrappy Mountain Majesties in reds, blacks and black/white prints. It will be a gift for a good friend of my daughter who is getting married this summer.

    Have a great time in Tuscany - it's a beautiful region that I was privileged to visit about 9 years ago.

    Safe travels!

    Holly H NY

  6. I m late joining you tonight from Ontario, Canada. I just got home from work and am delighted to relax, pick up my hand quilting, and join you for QuiltCam.

  7. Anonymous9:42 PM EDT

    Wishing you a great trip to Tuscany! Tonight I'm deboning some shirts to take into the classroom tomorrow. Last week I read 'The Patchwork Quilt' to my class of 2nd graders. Afterwards they suggested that we make a class quilt to give to my teaching partner. So tomorrow afternoon they will begin tracing squares and cutting them out. I'll piece the quilt top and bring it in so everyone gets to tie a corner or two, squeezing in a few minutes here and there over the next month. On the back we will put a line from the book 'Because a quilt never forgets.' It is very appropriate because the recipient will be retiring this year, but hasn't told the students yet. I love their excitement and I'll post a pic when we finish.
    Jessica Terrell

  8. I am enjoying Quiltville live tonight. No sewing but cleaning up my cutting table and getting it ready to get back wiring on a lattice quilt for MYSELF and hubby. I ordered Adventures with Leaders and Enders last week and am so looking forward to getting it and starting my first leader ender project.

    Thanks for all you do. Have a wonderful trip.

  9. I had surgery on my right hand last Tuesday and now have a hard cast on my forearm. Having planned ahead I am chain piecing 2-1/2 squares for a Happily Scrappily Irish. I am sewing on my 1952 singer 201k which was gifted to me by my mom.

    I also just purchased an AccuQuilt Go and am loving it! (Not electric)

    So glad to be to join you live tonight.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  10. So great to be watching you live. Love quitcam. Wanted to mention that your hexie quilts are awesome. Am trying to "copy" your latest one. I was wondering have you ever considered including then in your books, or better yet how about making them part of your new digital downloads. Have a great and safe trip - look forward to seeing pictures.


  11. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie! Kathi from Virginia, I recently met you again in the Talkin' Turkey class in Columbia, Maryland. I am working tonight on my red string squares and loving it. Thanks for the amazing patterns and workshops.

  12. I was a little late in watching Quiltcam tonight, so I had to rewind you after it was over to watch what I missed while un-sewing tonight. Fortunately it was just basting thread on my GIMQ that I just finished quilting and I will be binding by the weekend. I learned tons from this mystery as it was my first mystery quilt. My daughter loves it too and she fell asleep under it already as she wouldn't let me put it away after seeing how it looked on her bed mid way through the quilting. Love your new machine and look forward to listening to her hum along in future Quiltcams. There is just something about those older model motors and workings that make for such a soothing sound. Kelly from CO.

  13. Hi Bonnie! You really did make my day Thank you so much for posting my picture on your blog - I'm so proud! Have a wonderful time in Tuscany. I'd love to go there. I look forward to reading all about your trip.
    Love Janet (aka Englishquilter)


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