Friday, April 24, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Texas Braid Friday!

Great day with Washington State Quilters in Spokane, Washington!

We sewed all day long and made so much progress!

Braids are extra fun when made from scraps, cut ahead of time and ready to sew.
Students are encouraged to swap rectangles with other students to increase their variety! It was an awesome day and I will be seeing lots of these folks again tomorrow for our Smith Mountain Morning workshop.

I keep forgetting what time it is back home since I am three hours earlier here on the West Coast, and I know this is posting late according to the time I regularly post - but I need to stick with the time zone I'm in otherwise it's way too confusing!

We are out for a bite to eat with several of the class members, and then back to the hotel room for some easy piecing on a borrowed featherweight tonight.

A good night's sleep, and I'll be ready for tomorrow.

Love from Spokane!


  1. Awesome quilty fun. You go girl. I can never keep up with you but you are a really fun read.
    Once again, thx for sharing.

  2. I see you had a rooster in the hen house today. Looks like a great class!

  3. Wow this time the sewists seem kind of packed very closely together. Each teaching spot you stop at is very different. I have been to classes at a couple of quilt shops so I have been able to see the set up ahead of time and know the arrangement and lighting and is they have irons and cutting stations . I have no idea with your classes if the students attend other classes in the settings they use for your classes or if because so many of use want to take your classes they are held in larger spaces that are new to everybody.
    I guess as a student you pack everything in the car/truck/van/suv/rv hope for the best and if you have a space and plug go get your iron and light out of the car.
    I so want to take a Bonnie Hunter class even if table space is limited who cares you will all be friends by the end of the class

  4. Fantastic. My cousin and I tried so hard to get into this class..but they were full so soon!

  5. The meeting yesterday was so much fun with you! Your quilts are so beautiful and I really love your scrap organization system. Getting to sit across from you at dinner last night after your talk was so much fun, even though you were talking a foreign language with Becky about handcranks and treadles!! Now I want one of each :)

  6. Bonnie, when you were so sick on the road earlier this year, I was very sympathetic. Now I have the same cold bug and I am very empathetic! I was in bed for three days so I only have one row pinned together with its corresponding sashing row for Grand Illusion.

  7. Is the Texas braid named in honor of Willie Nelson? lol

  8. Where can I find the Texas Braid pattern?

  9. It was so great to finally get to meet you Bonnie! Fantastic class. I'm Ready for another today.

  10. Waving Hell-o to ED & Jean! I have met them at EESCHENK's for Trends. Now they got to meet you. Have a great class today. The Braids are looking good! This grandma is off to watch some Baseball, if it doesn't rain.

  11. Great to meet you finally in Arkansas City,KS. HOPEFULLY I CAN BECOME AN INSPIRATION LIKE YOU!
    Looking forward to 100 blk mag! Thanks for all you do, Best Wishes

  12. Where is the Texas Braid pattern? I have all of the books - and I guess I can just start looking - but in case someone sees this and can answer quickly that would be super awesome!

    sao in Midlothian, VA


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