Thursday, April 23, 2015

Piecing on my Alone Time!

When one wakes up at 5:30am, and isn’t being picked up until 10:30am one has time to SEW!

5:30 may sound early, but it is actually 7:30 Wichita time – so I’m considering the 8 hours I got as a total WIN WIN WIN in the sleep department!

I’m writing this little ditty to post ahead, as I’ll be busy with two lectures on Pacific West Coast Time ---and I wanted to share what I got done this morning.

So here we are!

I only packed one piecing project knowing that I wouldn’t have time to sew in Wichita.  That was a crazy trip with hardly time to sleep, let alone sew!

But this morning….my soul was centered by some simple piecing of my on-point 4 patch units.


Sweet machine!

This little featherweight belongs to Lexi – and she purrs like a kitten!  Blocks come together easily with Pandora playing on the Jim Brickman channel in the background….

It wasn’t long before I had this laid out on the Design Floor:


A Baker’s Dozen!  13 blocks!

These aren’t trimmed yet – I need a bigger mat and a large square ruler, so the trimming will wait until I get home.  But I’m making good progress.

And I am loving that aqua solid as the setting triangles!


Four Up Close!

There is every kind of fabric in here.  And I think that is why it works for me.  Recycled plaids from shirts, civil war repros, some brights and novelties and old calicoes…color, color, color and more color!

Having this bit of respite to sew this morning has reset my stress level to ALMOST zero –and I’m ready and  recharged and eager to go give these two lectures today!

Pick up in 10 minutes…I better run!

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  1. Brenda Wilkinson, WL, BC7:25 PM EDT

    Love the aqua! It is a nice frame for the scrappy blocks. One day I will try something on point.

  2. Oh this is so pretty--love the turquoise setting. hugs, Julierose

  3. OH Bonnie - I really like that you're using a SOLID color fabric. With the different fabrics in the blocks, the solid lets your eyes rest and take stock of the interesting prints. And NO ONE seems to be using solid colors these days... like the BIG silent no-no in the quilting world. :)

    Happy to know you have relaxed and now can really enjoy this trip and the quilters you will meet.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  4. I sure you had fun with the Spokane Quilters. Wish I had planned ahead to be there. Only a 3 hour drive... I can't wait to see what they get to work on.

  5. Hello Bonnie,
    From New Brunswick, east coast of Canada. I made my first blanket/quilt out of fleece material, did add batting and binding to it that was five years ago.
    Since finding your videos and blog, I am really looking forward to working with scraps that my neighbor has given me to make a quilt for my grandson. Thank you so much for the great videos and awesome blog.

  6. Love your scrappy blocks with the aqua.

  7. Sewing along ith you on this one Bonnie. My background is a soft lime green--in the same shade (?) range as your aqua. Can't wait to see how you set these blocks or if you just leave them as is. I LOVE making the on-point with the 4-patch centers. When does this quilt get revealed? Will there be a APQ magazine book or spread??? I'm not sure how this challenge works... Louisa Enright in Camden, Maine.

  8. Love these blocks! I just transferred all my strips and squares to their permanent homes. Can't wait to get started on this.

  9. the aqua solid rocks! God has given you a gift for color. you can take something not so lovely and make all of us want to duplicate.

  10. That specific shade of aqua is hands-down my absolute favorite color. I LOVE how these sweet blocks are turning out, and I love how that one consistent solid is helping that happy mix of 'scrappy everything' work and play well together. I'm so enjoying your updates on this project, and looking forward to seeing how you decide to set these blocks when you get there.


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