Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Wichita Evening Stroll!

After checking into my hotel and dropping off my bags, it was suggested we do the nickel tour of downtown Wichita, followed by a little walk down by the river.

There is a beautiful park along the river, with downtown visible in the near distance, and it was a beautiful evening.

Folks were out in numbers enjoying the sunshine, the smell of the grass,  enjoying the green of leaves bursting on trees.

I was told the story of how the Plains Indians had settled this place at the convergence of the big and little Arkansas rivers, believing that a place where two rivers joined deemed it a sacred space.

Water is such an important necessity for our existence, I can see why it was felt that this place with both water sources was sanctioned for prosperity by the Great Spirit.

If you look closely at the bridge above you will see the arms of a great warrior raised in supplication.


Standing tall and humble, the Keeper of the Plains. 
The Keeper of the Plains stands at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas rivers with hands raised in supplication to the Great Spirit. Since the sculpture's installation in 1974 to commemorate the United States Bicentennial, it has become a symbol for the city of Wichita and a tribute to the Native American tribes who continue to gather at this sacred site. 
Renowned Native American artist Blackbear Bosin donated the Keeper of the Plains to the citizens of Wichita. Source. 

Me and my Shadow!


Wichita Skyline across the water, the Keeper watching over the city.


We weren’t the only one enjoying the evening out!

This guy was just enjoying the water and basking in the warmth resulting from sun on the rock in the afternoon light.  He was not about to move, but he sure hissed at us and told us to back off from his spot!


Thank you for your welcome, Keeper of the Plains!


Wichita, lovely in the evening light.

I’m up too early.  But then I got to bed too early.

And actually that is okay if it means I am also to bed at a decent hour tonight because tomorrow morning’s taxi to the airport at 4:45am is ALSO going to come mighty early!

I’m ready for our Love Shack workshop today with the  Country Rose Quilt Guild in Rose Hill.  36 quilters!  Bring it on!

Getting Stitchy down in Kansas --

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  1. Morning! What a beautiful view. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!
    Aileen in Florida

  2. What a beautiful town. I'd like to check it out someday. I know you'll have a great class today. Sure wish I could enjoy it with everyone!

  3. I visited Kansas for the first time last year while do some genealogy. (My family is all from there) I feel in love with it! Some off the views are breathtaking and the people where so friendly. I feel drawn back there, not sure why but thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! I hope your day is great!

  4. There is a beautiful river walk just outside the meeting place in Spokane when you visit later this week. Let me know if you need more info.

  5. JaneB is right, Spokane has an beautiful walking path following the river http://spokanecentennialtrail.org/

    The lilacs should be blooming in Spokane while you're there - it's an awesome sight!

  6. beautiful pictures, could almost feel the breeze from the river. i always say if you need any quilting info, go straight to quiltville. bonnie has a plethora of tutorials and just good sound quilt information. so i'm googling scallop borders (cause i'm so sure it's not been covered here) and really not liking the complicated mathy instruction i'm finding. wait a minute! WHAT?, a easy common sense tutorial on scallops. thanks bonnie!!!

  7. Such a pretty evening! a few years ago when visiting my dh's 92 yr old aunt we did a tour of Wichita. She dud the driving so I am not sure how much we actually took in as my eyes were closed a lot! Betty had lived there over 60 yrs and knew every place and just about everybody. Lovely little plains city for sure.


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