Thursday, April 09, 2015

Sew the Night Away!

2015-04-08 21.58.30
Not too many hours passed between the time I wrote my evening post last night, and when I went to bed, but boy did I sew!

I’m on a roll with getting these Lozenges together ---check out the LOBSTAH! 

Memories of last week’s trip to Maine!

If you remember – I’ve been having serious issues with my phone which have only gotten worse.

So last night I bit the bullet.

I did everything I could see to do to back everything up, made sure I saved all the passwords out of my password app just in case, crossed my fingers, crossed my eyes and hit reset to factory.

And while it was doing its thing…I sewed.  Like a crazy woman.  Praying with every breath that I didn’t do something stupid that would have me lose everything.  EVERYTHING!


My morning pile of pairs ready to be pressed!

And look, this hotel does Not have irons that have to be unplugged and replugged every 15 minutes to reset!  Hooray!

And the iron is not bolted down to the end of the ironing board, either!

There is no time this morning –and it’s going to be an extra long day with a guild presentation this morning, and a 6 hour Love Shack workshop that will go from 1pm to 7pm….but tonight, if I’m not too tired, I’ll be pressing these.

Do you chain press?  It’s SO SIMPLE!


Entire chain on the ironing board.

I place the chain so the darks are on top, and I work my way up the chain pressing as I go.  So slick.  So fast.

Once I have pressed the length of the ironing board, I can easily snip these apart and stack them all in the same orientation.

If I were to use the purple razor cut apart thing before pressing, it would take a lot longer to do this chore.

Give it a try!  I think you’ll like it!

As for the phone....It's going to take me a while to get everything "back to normal" but so far I've had no camera crashes which was the most annoying thing.

I’m sending you happy Thursday wishes from a rainy and dreary Columbia, MD.  We’ll have to quilt the sunshine into this day.


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  1. Glad your cell is working better. Welcome to Columbia. I'm looking forward to sewing the sunshine in with you today. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go!

  2. One thing about rainy dreary days is they are good sewing days cause what else would you be doing! Sew some sunshine for sure!

  3. That phone thing is going around. I just had to do something similar. But, once done, everything went back to normal with a simple sync. Hope it is the same for you. Enjoy your day. Your life is so exciting. Lane

  4. OMG, what a nerve wracking choice to make to go back to factory reset, you are so very brave! So glad that it all worked out in the end and I pray that you have no more camera issues from now on. We had 3" of new snow here in New Hampshire & Maine last night. Sewing my heart out to ignore it, LOL!

  5. Only my Instagram keeps crashing. Guess I better turn my Samsung off too. Chain sew then use the Gadget! It's a sit down job. LOL. Having fun showing 3 girls how to Chain sew and strip piece. That's my Spring Break FUN! Enjoy the Love Shack Day. I loved seeing your Lecture, those quilters are luck to spend the whole day with you!

  6. Hope all went well with your reset. Like that you are in my homestate. Wish I could be with you. I don't think there are plans for you in Southern California for quite awhile. RD2CA what is wrong???? Sandi


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