Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Great Things Come in AQUA!

I fell off the wagon.

I didn’t mean to!

I wasn’t trying to!

I’m not even sure how it happened….

But what good is a wagon if you can’t fall off once in a while?

I just happened to be trolling Etsy. 

Innocent enough?

But I came upon a listing for a sewing machine that just called out my name…..I wasn’t even SEARCHING “Sewing Machine”  I was searching for “Sewing Jewelry”….and well, you never know what a search is going to toss into your browsing path.

When I arrived home from Spokane, TWO boxes were waiting for me….and it is important that there were two.


One box held the machine!  All 47 pounds of her!

Isn’t she a beauty??  I had talked to the owner who had never shipped a machine this heavy before.  I told her of my previous purchases that had arrived with cases smashed to smithereens due to the fact that the machine is, indeed, much heavier than the case or base and it WILL bang around breaking the flimsy wood.

My solution is to remove the machine from the base, and ship the case and base in a second box.  Yes, it costs more for shipping, but all arrived well!

Remove the Spool pins and sewing needle from the machine, and anything else that sticks out that could get broken off from banging around.  She even removed the thread guides and put everything in a baggie so I could reassemble later.

Once the machine was wrapped, she double boxed it, one box inside the other, and filled all remaining spaces with packing peanuts as I had told her to do.  Packing peanuts went EVERYWHERE when I opened the boxes, but that is also a small price to pay for a machine that arrived from Colorado just as it should….WHOLE AND UNBROKEN!

The second box, just as big, but much lighter, held the bubble wrapped case and base that go with the machine. It arrived in perfect condition.

If you are ever having a machine shipped...please ask them to ship in TWO CARTONS and it will cost you more shipping, but you'll be much more happy that you don't have a smashed case due to the weight of the machine.


Isn’t she purty??


Class 15 machine, tensioner to the back left…

I love the class 15 machines ---they have a very sleek look on the front because all of the tension stuff is to the left and behind, out of the way…..no thread bouncing in my sight path!

Check her out – and pardon my froggy voice – allergies are rampant in North Carolina!

Busy day ahead today so I don’t know if I’ll get much time to play with her.

I’m meeting up with a Canadian quilter at 11am – she emailed, said she was driving through and wanted to purchase some books so I will drive over to a meeting place and hand them over – how is that for fun?

I am also leaving for Tuscany early early Saturday morning ---so I’m finalizing the last of our little hands-on workshop that I’ll be teaching to the 40 travelers who are coming with me.  Down to the last minute details here.

As far as Quilt-Cam this week?  Let’s shoot for THURSDAY evening at 9pm EST.  I think I should have my to-do list just about cleared by then and I’ll be anxious to sew!

Have an awesome Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful Machine! Thanks for the tips on shipping sewing machines. This will be handy because I have been looking on line for a 301. I took your advise and change the search on line to nearest to my location first. Now I just need to have the machine speak to me! Thanks for all you do!!

  2. OMGoodness!!! My jaw just dropped!! You are one very lucky lady!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Quiltcam on Thursday.

  3. Dana in Adelaide South Australia10:14 AM EDT

    HA ha... Yeah..'sewing jewelry'...you get that, don't you. Pefect for your aqua four-patches too. Soon you'll have machine to match whatver colour your sewing. Mght have to get some matching lipstick?? Lovely!!

  4. Boonnnieee,

    The NFL draft is Thursday! YIKES!!

    I think I can watch that while listening to you... wouldn't work the other way for me.

    I'd hate to have to watch you later; I love watching live.

    Thanks for all you do. Love the new machine and the shipping advise. Hope to use it soon.

  5. Dana in Adelaide South Australia10:15 AM EDT

    Ooops..sorry for typos

  6. Flonase and Allegra helped this NC person with allergies this year....first time in a couple that haven't ended up with sinus infection & no voice.

  7. DH is taking Thursday off so I can quilt all day and be Binding while I watch. Today is Border day in my basement. Quilt Show this week-end! Loving the Aqua Machine.

  8. Shes a beauty! I want her! Betty is the perfect name too!! LOL!

  9. My goodness, Betty White is gorgeous! Not only a wonderful straight stitcher but eye candy as well. I love it! Beautiful colour.

  10. I also fell off the no more sewing machine buying wagon this month. I saw a pretty 403(1956) in cabinet located in Columbia, SC born the same year as me. Had to get it.
    Then when on ebay looking for the cams to use on the 403 I saw a beautiful silver gray and cream (1963 Japanese made)Sears Kenmore. It shipped in one box from Colorado and I was lucky that the wooden box didn't break. Thanks for the info on a better way to ship vintage machines.

  11. Betty is beautiful, so happy she arrived with no bumps or broken bones.Adore the color. Great packing idea. I fell out of the wagon too,I wasn't looking,no machine advertised for that Estate Sale but there she was a 15-91 (1947-48) in beautiful condition with all her parts & pieces, including the vintage button holer, in a ugly cabinet.She runs/sews beautifully. I could not have bought a pair of flip flop shoes for what I paid for her. There are worse pleasures,I live a sheltered life,machines are my joy.
    Lou, in northern Michigan

  12. Betty White is a great name for this old girl!!
    Bonnie, I think you are on a slippery slope now. You will start "needing" a vintage machine to match color with whatever your current project happens to be! *LOL*

  13. Love your new machine!

    I am sitting here in Alaska making my "don't forget to pack list" for Tuscany. I leave here at 12:45 AM Friday, and will overnight in NY with my sister-in-law from Maine. We're sure to be on time for Saturday's flight that way. Quiltcam will be a nice kick-off to the trip! Getting excited.

  14. BONNIE - you just tickle me... the Sewing Machine Magnet Girl if ever there was one. Looks like a nice machine :)

  15. Beautiful machine! Congratulations! Where is the thread spindle? I couldn't see it.

  16. This is my first sewing machine - 1968-70. I sold it in South Carolina (2001?) to get my first computerized machine !! I love this machine!!

  17. Perfect name for her! I love Betty White, and my momma's name is Betty! Congrats on your cool machine!

  18. Love the name! So appropriate!!

  19. Can someone tell me the name of the Aqua 4 patch Bonnie is working on. I love it as well as the machine

  20. I'll be at O'Hare at 4am Sat. Will meet my sister in NY and we'll be joining you. Can't wait!!

  21. Is she a straight stitch only machine. I have one like her and she is my go to piecing machine!! Have fun.

  22. You are one lucky girl!!! How do you find these machines at such reasonable prices??? I love that machine and you named her perfectly.

    Quiltcam or NFL draft???? No problem for me which one I'm choosing :)

  23. Bonnie scores again. Congrats and hope you trot her out for Quilt Cam Thursday evening.

  24. Betty is the perfect name for her!
    I am really drawn to the vintage machines also. I always want to give them a home.

  25. Betty is a beauty and she matches your aqua project. I think it is awesome that you rescue these old beautiful sewing machines and I get to see all the different varieties of machines and how they run.

  26. Congrats on your new machine. I purchased a White 1563 zig-zagger a little over a year ago. Same aqua two tone color. I gifted it to my daughter for her 22nd birthday. Would you believe I also named her Betty?

  27. Beautiful Machine! I have that exact machine and she sews like a dream. Sturdy and fast! :)

  28. I think I need a machine with all that stuff on the side. More than once I have gotten hit on the forhead with the thread take up!

  29. Anne in MD7:31 PM EDT

    Congrats on the beautiful vintage aqua White. I never intend to be ON the no more vintage machines wagon! I share your attraction for these vintage ladies - love them. I do own a few already. Last weekend I missed a vintage aqua White model 1365 with drop in fashion disks at an auction. I'm still crying!! Why didn't I keep bidding? Live and learn. I'm just a tad envious, but trust that there are more machines out there waiting for me to find them!! Enjoy her and safe travels.

  30. I have more than one vintage sewing machine Singer 201 being my favorite but like MarciaME I have gotten my forehead to close to the thread take up leaver . So a class 15 would fit the vintage and save my head, I'd need to watch a vides to know how to thread as threading has been a weak spot for me. I took a Singer Genie to a class and couldn't figure out how to thread her. Lucky for me I also had a 301 in the trunk it was a purchase I hadn't (smuggled) taken in the house yet.
    I'd always take the 201 but it's just too heavy
    I love your newest vintage sew baby she is lovely and so much easier than a human baby no sleepless nights or all the rest but still a treasure for sure

  31. Love Betty White. She is a beauty and looks new. Appears to have been loved. Thanks for naming her after me, one of your new disciples. As a new quilter, I finally have all of my Grand Illusions parts completed and now need to put it together. Exciting. My first Bonnie Hunter quilt but not my last. It will also most likely be my first completed quilt. I have another one I was working on but wanted to try a mystery quilt and I loved it. Have a wonderful safe trip. When you return, I will have to tell you what happened to my BILs cousin when she went to Italy. Happy Trails.

  32. Yes, Betty is Beautiful, so do like the 50's turquoise. Remember the Turquoise and white Chevy! The first car i ever drove. Well, that's enough of the trip down memory lane. Looking forward to quiltcam on Thursday! H is out of town and this batchelorette is looking forward to some good company. Maybe by then i'll come up with a name for my featherweight 222. I've had her for a number of years now, but havent come up with what seems to be a suitable name. She's from Great Britian, via Canada..
    Hmmmm, maybe Sybil will work.

  33. Anonymous10:24 AM EDT

    I love the way you just threw that in there. I'm leaving for Tuscany on Saturday. You world traveler you.


  34. I'm sure you'll love this machine. I have an old WHITE Zigzag, model 363, and love it! It goes through heavy fabrics so easily. Congrats on a great find!

  35. I have the same model White machine. I found mine at a thrift store last year. Mine was in a cheap plastic case, not the wooden case that they were in originally. Have fun with your new machine.

  36. Love Betty!!! The very moment I heard you say, "Since she is a White..." I instantly thought of Betty White :)

    Great info about shipping too! Thanks.

    Love from Georgia! ~bonnie

  37. Love Betty White! She is such a beautiful color and in such good condition. Too bad you found her first as I could have picked her up local ;) Just Kidding. Glad you will get to love on her and hope to see her on Quiltcam tonight.

  38. Anonymous6:59 PM EDT

    Hey Bonnie have you ever heard of a Rocketeer machine---it must be 50-60s. Looks totally cool. How about a Atlas? maggie @ threads318@aol.com


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