Saturday, April 18, 2015

Treadling Afternoon!

Some days are just perfect for Deck Treadling!

I got back from my eye doc appointment yesterday afternoon, brought in the mail, put away groceries – and LONGED to be outside.

It was just that kind of day with temps in the low 70s, sunshine, gentle breezes and birdsong.

My orphan backing parts were laid out on the same level, on the living room floor…so this actually saved me from having to run up and down the stairs to sew the parts in the basement….I can justify ANYTHING!

So out onto the back deck I went, rolling my beautiful 1890s VS 2 right out the door and setting her up on the deck to sew.

There are not many deck days here before it gets too hot.  My back deck is not covered ((YET!  That’s on the bucket list)) and the sun can be awfully hot in the summer…so I’ve got to grab the opportunity while I can.


Could this be more perfect??


Sewing rows and building backing HALVES!

I like to piece backs or even quilt TOPS into halves..and then join the halves to complete.  It distributes the fullness and makes things not so unwieldy as the top or backing gets bigger.


Beautiful stitches!


A backing is born!

Today’s job is to get this loaded into the long arm with the top ---and get some quilting going.  I just LOVE blue quilts.  Favorite ever!

Last night on Quilt-Cam I promised I would share Mona’s finish…the woman is a powerhouse!  Check it out, her first ever quilt is now bound and on her bed:


We've named this one Mona’s Choice!

What a great beginner project, and super results!

She also wanted to share the headboard she and her hubby just made using an old vintage door ((See the knob?!)) and the antique quilt you see behind the door she picked up while antiquing with Randy and Lori and myself in Charlotte in January.  It looks FABULOUS, Mona!

I can’t wait to see it in person.  Girlfriend, you are on a roll!

Check out her next project in the works:


Top together for a quilt for her hubby’s mom!

I’m just so happy that she has found something she loves so much, and dang it – she is GREAT at it!  No fear!  Just loads of fun.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!

Love from the Basement ---

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  1. Great job, Mona! At Quilt Cam you asked for suggestions for Mona's next quilt. I suggest Mona do whatever quilt pattern she really, really wants to do. My first quilt was a quilt-as-you-go log cabin. My second was one on the cover of Quilter's Newsletter, with everfreen trees made from 10 different triangle templates--and 10 more reversed! I didn't know it was supposed to be hard, and I really, really wanted it. It came out fine.

  2. Mona is a great quilter! I love her headboard too. Looking forward to seeing the front of your quilt. If the backing is any indication, it's going to be fabulous! Have a great day!

    Myrna in KY

  3. Mona had a good Teacher/Friend. She is a natural. We are having too much rain here in Aiken,SC. Soon the heat will be here too.
    Oh, by the way you are a bad (lol) influence. For my birthday this March I found a Singer 403 in a cabinet that was born the same year as me, so I had to rescue it. While I was looking I also found a beautiful 1963 Kenmore 32 (art deco made in Japan) rescued it too. Both are in good working order, love sewing on them.

  4. Old quilter11:15 AM EDT

    Great first quilt ! But love, love, love that headboard.

  5. Great Job, MONA!!! For her next project, I would say a Disappearing 9-Patch. I found over 16 different ways to set them with my Quilting friend, Lynn. They are kinda 'trendy' maybe not so much in style since Jenny, of Missouri Star Quilt Co, started cutting up and changing Hourglass and Pinwheels into pretty blocks. I'm drooling over my keyboard at that Treadle! Maybe someday I will have one...

  6. Wow, Mona has got the gift! What great quilts and the headboard is gorgeous. Isn't it fun to welcome a new quilter? Bonnie, I am curious what you are using as the seam guide on your treadle? I have a 1924 Singer 66 red eye that I have just taught myself to treadle on and ?I need to mark a 1/4" seam guide. Right now I'm making some string blocks to practice treadling.

  7. Mona must really be living right to have Bonnie for her mentor and Pepper scraps to play with! Thanks for quiltcam last night it was way fun. 😊

  8. I use a piece of masking tape to make my seam allowance on a treadle machine.

  9. Oh, Mona you are inspiring me. What a great job. I love the headboard and the quilts. Bonnie, you are even inspiring me to look for a treadle. First, I need to get the wedding and the move finished.

  10. Bonnie, I would like to share Mona's fabulous headboard with some quilter friends. Would you mind asking her if she would mind? I would be happy to give her credit for it (but would need her last name...unless she just wants to be Mona.


  11. Mons's first quilt looks great on her bed and that headboard with her antique quilt makes it perfect. She is a natural quilter and was lucky to have such a great teacher to get her started in the right direction.

  12. You go, Mona! Glad you found someone as well experienced as Bonnie, who could guide you along the way. Are we surprised? No. I knew the minute you decided to try quilting, you would be hooked. Your headboard is awesome!!!!

  13. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net5:01 PM EDT

    Your back is going to be as wonderful as the top! Mona is doing a great job.

  14. I envy your deck & the view from it. I also envy your treadle machine. I have been wanting one for so long, but haven't found one I could afford yet. I know it's out there waiting for me however.

  15. Anonymous8:27 PM EDT

    I just showed my husband the photo of the headboard and he got all excited! I may have one in my future!

    I am seriously coveting the treadle machine to sit out on a deck in a cabin!!


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