Friday, April 17, 2015

Quilt-Cam, 4/17/2015

Another Quilt-Cam opportunity!  How great!

Maybe we are making up for lost time?

Whatever the answer, I’m grateful for it. 

It’s the perfect anecdote to my being home alone tonight ---and we can work together!

It’s been a wonderful day of sewing here at home with a few errands thrown in.

Anne in the UK has also been busy at it, finishing up her Spiderweb top and she wanted to share her story with us.

She writes:
 Hello Bonnie,
Ann from Norfolk, UK. Just thought I would show you my finished spiderweb top.
Last webcam I told you about the singer 216g I got for a song, Well, the cabinet was shot to pieces and I thought I would like a victorian table to put her in.
It looked a bit twee as she is a robust looking girl. Anyway I plumped for a nice 1920's oak treadle table. I bought it as "just the table" for £30. 
When I collected it, it felt a bit heavy for just a table, but there was no mention of a machine.
 Ann’s great find! 
When I unloaded it from the car inside the table was a 1921 singer 66 blackside with a whole box of accessories. Luck was on my side today.
1921 accessories box and goodies!
     As I am watching you in the wee hours I am giving her a good clean and overhaul.
       Hope you and yours are all well. Ann.
Lovely quilt, Ann!  And a terrific hidden surprise on the machine, she is a beauty! 
I love the 66 model machines.  They are very easy to run, and they have a drop in round bobbin so no separate case is needed, and you don’t have to deal with bullet shuttles and spindle bobbins.  A great first treadle if you are in the game for one!
As for me tonight:
Pulling back out the APQ Quilt Along blocks!
Ive got many many more to make as you can tell by the pile of 4-patch units. 
I’ve pulled out my 1960s Best Built in two tone robins egg blue and white –I haven’t had this one out to play in a while and I felt the need to switch machines around.
Ready to join me?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed. 
Leave me a comment below and let me know what you are sewing on tonight!  Got a question for me?? Leave one!

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  1. Not sewing, cleaning and bagging my GI components for my guilds "Staycation" on May2nd. Oiling my 1954 FW "Miss Dixie".

  2. nice surprise Bonnie love Quilt cam!

  3. What a great start to the weekend! Thanks for quiltcam tonight Bonnie.

  4. Watching from Adelaide, South Australia. Still working on my Grand Illusion. Looking forward to your visit next year.

  5. Anonymous9:22 PM EDT

    Hello Bonnie, watching tonight live for the first time. I've watched many archived shows. I'm working on a GFG. I live not too far from you near Thomasville. I enjoy your blog and quilt cam. Thanks Lora C.

  6. Quilt Cam! A great start to the weekend- I just got today a Singer 404, paid only $99.00 for her. I can't believe how quiet she is for being so powerful. I am sewing the center blocks together for my Orange Crush quilt on her, and I am in love with her already! I would not have thought of getting a 404 but you convinced me after the past few quilt cams, Thanks Bonnie for all you do for us :) Joann from AZ

  7. Hi Bonnie. Working on crosshatching a table runner. It is one of my UFO's to be completed for this month UFO club at my local quilt shop. Vicki Samsel

  8. I am new to live cam would like to thank you for all the tips I have got from you over the last few years I think I will be joining you in some of the quilt alongs they seam LOL like fun

  9. Thanks for Quilt-cam again. I have a question for you, if you don't mind. I've seen you are an Ikea girl and buy a lot of gadgets from them, but you have never mentioned their fabric. Have you ever used any? The line called Ditte (solid colors) seems good quality cotton at a very low price, I am tempted to use it for backgrounds.

    Monica from Spain

  10. Bonnie, The second season of Turn just started this past Monday on AMC so set your DVR for this coming Monday. As a history buff, I loved this series. Charon in TN

  11. Hi bonnie, I was so excited to see quiltcam tonight! I just came in from my new sewing shop, spending some time showing my friend how to hand sew the binding close. She just finished her second baby quilt. I taught her how to use easy angle to make triangle squares for churndash. Thank you so much for so many tricks and wasteless methods. Hope you don't mind that I'm watching you as I eat my bowl of lucky charms.
    I did my sewing all afternoon and early evening to finish the quilt for comfort quilt. So, I'm relaxing now. Thanks for all you do! Rea from Central NY

  12. How will those points on the blocks you are putting together going to be pressed to minimize bulk?

  13. Anonymous9:36 PM EDT

    Drawing diagonal lines for corner sew-n-flip units. It's my version of the quilt you made for your nephew that had mixed up 9-patches that were then bordered and the corners snowballed. Will send a picture when it is finished. It will be used on my bed at "Quilt Camp". Thanks for sharing. Jane: slimfatquarter@att.net

  14. Pinning the last two Borders on a quilt top tonight. Glad you got to sew on your Treadle today.I'm still Looking for one with my name on it... Have 2 grandsons playing with Grandpa and I tonight. Thanks for QuiltCam on a Friday. Great start to the Weekend!

  15. Hi Bonnie, so great to catch you live on the west coast tonight...my dh is hosting bridge, so I get to hang out with you. Just found out that I also can meet you in Sacramento when you come to CA! So thrilled. I have just finished quilting my Grand Illusion, and it's all ready for binding. Can't wait to meet you in Sacramento! Nancy

  16. So excited to have QuiltCam on a Friday night and sewing along with you in Ontario Canada! I am sewing an on point layout of blue and yellow log cabin blocks tonight. Sewing on my new/old 1952 Featherweight. Thanks for inspiring my love of vintage machines :)

  17. Hi, Bonnie! So great to see you tonite on QuiltCam! I am working on getting my fabrics ready for your workshops with Jo in July. You will be in my hometown, so excited. I will be driving from Florida and my High School classmate will be joining us from Texas. Really looking forward to a SUPER week and seeing you again!

  18. Hello from Costa Rica. Love watching quilt am. Thanks for all you teach us. Anne.

  19. Thank you for Quiltcam!! I need to know what cleaner you use on your old machines that will clean all the old age yukiness without damaging the scroll work.

    Thank you,

  20. Hi Bonnie from Lake Jackson, TX. We've had a horrendous storm tonight. Three inches of rain in 20 minutes. That's what happens when you're 12 miles from the Gulf coast. Listening but no sewing as power is out. Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!

  21. Hello from Salt Lake City Utah! I am working on cutting my Texas tumbleweeds blocks and straps for Smith mountain morning for your class in Soldotna in May. I am excited to meet you there. I am a little sorry that it's because of me you and hubby had to stay in a hotel and not with my mother while you are there! Oops. Please forgive me! See you there!

  22. Hi Bonnie, Did Mona finish her quilts? I've enjoyed watching her progress and would love to see the finished quilts!



  23. Wow yay for me I have caught quiltcam LIVE YES. It’s Saturday her in Australia Bonnie thanks for making my weekend. I picked up some large spools of polyester cotton thread (more likely to be 100% polyester). Is this ok to use in my quilt making?

  24. Anonymous10:06 PM EDT

    The first quilt I made was a Log Cabin. Quilt in a Day, by the queen herself, Eleanor Burns. A great starter pattern! That was in 1999 before Jelly Rolls became big!

  25. Enjoying Quilt Cam tonight -- first live one I've caught in a while. RE: my first quilt...a rail fence...November 1984, when I was expecting my son. It became his baby quilt...I still have it, well-worn. I didn't quilt again for about 10 years!

  26. You will love Tuscany.

  27. My first finished quilt was Cake Stand with a praire point binding. I started a Love Ring and a Sunbonnet Sue but lost them during varies moves. I know that you said no triangles but Churn Dash is a great pattern with lots of possibilities.

  28. Anonymous10:14 PM EDT

    Chris in Tacoma

    Drove thru Tuscany with my youngest daughter. Countey side was fab!


  29. My favorite thing was climbing up to the roof of the Domo in Florence at 4 or 5 p.m. The view of Florence was gorgeous, and you get to see the ceiling of the church up close. It was so much fun. We caught it at the end of the day and the line was short.

  30. Ooooeeeee.....*waves madly*....I caught the end :)

  31. Thank you for QuiltCam! It motivated me to get my Grand Illusion webbed together.
    I enjoy sewing along with you and hearing what everybody else is up to.

  32. Wow I am so excited.
    My spidey quilt shown on Bonnie K Hunter's blog. I am telling everyone I know (and don't know). Thankyou Bonnie.
    Ann Barrett.

  33. I am watching from Tauranga New Zealand. Thank you Bonnie, I love your programme.

  34. You asked about Tuscany. Well if I could choose where to live it would be Florence. Make sure you walk Across the Ponte Vecchio and look at the jewellery...only look mind ggg. Visit the Duomo and the Uffici, but just wandering around the streets, and drinking coffee in the cafes.(dont forget different prices if you stand and drink or sit) :) And DO NOT return home without some silk fabric, even a small bit, for which this area of Italy in renown Never mind see Naples and die....see Florence and loose you heart Have a great time :) Kathryn


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