Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Trip That Wasn’t…or Isn’t..Yet!


It all started like this.

With a simple 50 minute delay, that turned into a 2 our delay ---

I called Delta, and they were nice as always on the phone, trying to get me to Wichita tonight – but it just wouldn’t happen.

I could take my chances that my connecting flight in Atlanta would also be delayed, but if I got to Atlanta, and that flight had already left, there were no more flights from Atlanta that could get me into Wichita tonight.

So guess where I am??

“Come back to the airport and pick me up, I am rebooked on a flight at 5:25am tomorrow morning!”


And I had to uncheck my luggage – ALL my luggage:


Waiting back out at the curb.

There is an upside to EVERYTHING.

First and foremost I am not stuck in Atlanta overnight having to pay for a hotel room because weather delays are not compensated by the airlines.

I got to call the guild and tell them to cancel my hotel, saving them money!

I get to stay in my own bed tonight.  ((Even if it means getting up at 3am to take a shower before leaving for the airport at 4am.))

I’ve been bumped to first class for both legs of my trip tomorrow morning, and I should be landing in Wichita at 10am if all goes on schedule.  I know.  I’m afraid to think of what can happen to this schedule – but still ---

Winfield is only an hour from Wichita –My lecture isn’t until 1pm.  This is a VERY VERY GOOD THING!  I may still make it just fine.

Someone will just have to sticky-roll the threads off me before I go on to speak.

Oh what the heck, leave them there ----we are quilters!  We all come with threads attached!

So tonight I’m back here:


Singer Improved Family, 1885!

The Singer VS2 with the pretty pretty decals has a shuttle with a stripped screw.  I tighten it and it sews fine, and the vibrating shuttle loosens the screw and pretty soon the bobbin thread snaps, and we start all over again, tightening the screw, checking the tension, rethreading the machine ---I’m ordering a new shuttle.

I thought I could trade it out for my Singer 27, but no….the VS2 is shorter in length.  See the difference?


Even the grooves for the thread guiding are different.

On a mission for a new shuttle.

The Improved Family is a fun little machine.  A pre-curser to the class 15 machine, it has a round bobbin that snaps in behind a little door shuttle….check HERE where I posted more photos and info.

It's NOT a pretty machine like the VS2, but it is more than 10 years older and quite innovative in its day!  Great stitcher, too!

I won’t be sewing long.  I’m feeling pretty pooped out.  3am will come early.

But to drown my frustration, I’m treating myself to some goodies brought home from New Jersey this week:


Thanks, Cathie!  I needed it!

Have a good evening, everyone.

With the earliness of my flight in the morning there likely won’t be a blog post to speak of between now and then.

Will catch you up as I can from Kansas!

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  1. Have a great trip :) .....Jan M a fan from Canada

  2. Have a great trip :) .....Jan M a fan from Canada

  3. That is a very Pretty Machine! I dont have any machines that use a shuttle, YET! Someday. Hope that the Flight tomorrow flies as planned. Sleep well tonight in your own bed. I'll be cutting more scraps up tomorrow for the L/E 2015 while you FLY. DH says, "Those are Tiny Pieces"

  4. I wonder if Locktite would help with the screw? There's a removable type that I have to use on a bolt on my longarm (per the company's recommendation)to keep it from coming loose. I also use it on one of the little bolts on a seam guide.

    (By the way, these tests are tough!)

  5. Dark chocolate. Yum! Hope the weather holds out in the a.m. Safe travels.

  6. Wishing you safe, expedient travel.

  7. Anonymous9:03 PM EDT

    May the travel be smooth on your trip tomorrow.
    I am looking forward to spending Tuesday with you. The workshop sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Bonnie try emailing stitchesintime@earthlink.net . That's Cindy Peters she handles parts for treadle machines and we've had great luck finding parts for our machines with her.

    Good luck on your flight tomorrow. As a Kansas quilter, other side of the state from where you are going, don't fret we are pretty laid back. Someone might be late to your class tomorrow because they have to put cattle back in, we understand that kind of thing.

    -Home Ec. Mel

  9. Have a safe trip! So excited to see the license plate! I shop at the "Home of the row-by-row" and get to meet Debra Gable,the designer of the license plates tomorrow. I can't wait for you to book a Syracuse trip someday, too.

  10. Have a great time. You can sleep on the plane.

    Linda from the Upper Penisula of Michigan

  11. Anonymous11:23 PM EDT

    If you can't make it to wichita, fly to Tulsa and I'll drive you up. 3 hr drive;)
    Rebecca J.

  12. Hope your flights go well. My husband works in the travel industry and I hear these kinds of stories all the time. Bumping you up to 1st class is a great compensation. Enjoy the experience as 1st is a much easier place to sleep. Roberta O. from Tucson.

  13. Jan in Ketchikan1:33 AM EDT

    Had to laugh when I saw the chocolate bar. I have a couple of them up here in Alaska, Mom was from Jersey and Dad named his boat the Jersey Girl. Got them a couple years ago so they probably aren't edible any more. Can't believe I wasted chocolate! Have a great trip, hope all your connections are perfect! Just did a practice scrap block from the May/June issue. Wow, those are some little pieces.

  14. That's what I'd call annoying!! Good thing you don't live far from the airport and Dave was available to get you... Have a great trip.

  15. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip! Yes, leave the threads, we are all at home with them. As for the chocolate, yes that is medicinal grade dark chocolate. cures what ails you!!

  16. I'm hoping that no Quiltville email tonight just means that you're incredibly busy and having a wonderful time...

  17. I'm hoping that no Quiltville email tonight just means that you're incredibly busy and having a wonderful time...

  18. I am also suggesting Locktite. It is used in allot of trades to keep pesky nuts & screws in place when there is vibration loosening them. It will release only when you want to remove the screw with a screwdriver. Might be easier than finding a replacement shuttle. Hope the remainder of your trip is safe & goes to schedule.


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