Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Text It Forward!

Text messages ROCK!!!

You know, I am trying to remember what life was like before text messages. I remember when the technology first came around that you could text by phone, and I just DIDN’T get it. TEXT someone? Why not just pick up the phone and talk with VOICE!

And I must say, that I was a real stick-in-the-mud to want to use text, until my KIDS converted me. What a great quick way to send a message….It was like passing notes in SCHOOL, only better :c) Text messages are great for times when you don’t want to be TALKING on the phone, like if you are in public…as I was yesterday….

After working at home most of the morning, I took off to run some errands, get some lunch, and stopped for a MUCH NEEDED pedicure. Boy did my feet and my legs ever thank me!

devilsclaw 005

And being surrounded by other ladies also enjoying their soaking, massaging, buffing, trimming, and pretty-toe-painting didn’t stop me from this little interchange:

devilsclaw 013

First message didn’t get through…..so I shortened it the second try in case it ALSO did not go through…lol! We’ve been counting down the days until my trip to Oregon…tomorrow morning this time I should be landing in CHICAGO and well on my way! We’ve been marking each day with texts as the days get closer. Fun :c)

I'm one of those who doesn't like having phone conversations out loud in public where other people can hear what I'm talking about. It's just NONE of their business. So I like to use text. TALK in the bathroom stall? NO THANK YOU! I don't want to hear that. They should text instead so I don't have to listen to what is going on in their personal lives AS they are also doing their personal business. Who wants to hear flushing coming through the other end of the phone? :c/

As it was, I received MORE giddy exchanges via text during the day!

devilsclaw 009

Charlotte is in Shipshewana! Or, she was yesterday…and I’m stinky green jealous of course, but it was fun to live vicariously through her adventures! She hit Yoder’s, and look what she found on the bookshelf there:

devilsclaw 010

This made for a very happy me as I was finishing up the quilting on the Devil’s Claw quilt, and getting the binding on!

And about an hour or so later….here came another one:

devilsclaw 011

From Charlotte, who had NOW hit Lolly’s!! I don’t want to think about the kind of fun she must have had digging through the FQ’s in the boat in the basement! But she sent me this pic:

devilsclaw 012

These little text exchanges MADE my day! So here is my challenge for you…..if your phone has text capability, and you have a LONG list of people in your contacts list on your phone….choose a friend. Someone you may not have spoken to in a while. Just send a text. Just a “Thinking of You.” Just a “Have a super day”…..MAKE someone’s day.

Let’s text it forward!

***Disclaimer*** PLEASE BE AWARE of time zone differences! I know from experience as I am WAY on the East Coast. There is a 3 hour time difference between me, family, and friends, and I have to make myself play by that old rule of “No phoning before 9am or after 9pm” in whatever time zone "THEY" are in. I live and sleep with my phone next to me because I don’t have a land line anymore. My phone is also my alarm clock. And texts that come in at midnight can tend to wake someone up. Be aware that even if YOU don’t sleep next to your phone, and it’s in the charger in the kitchen or in your purse where you won’t hear it if someone texts you at 2am, that the person YOU are texting at near-midnight their time zone MIGHT be awakened by the ping of your text coming through. If you wouldn’t CALL at that hour….voice call, that is….it might be better to send an email instead--and text at a better time. :c)


  1. Texting sounds like fun, I guess next time I get a phone it will have texting capabilities. Maybe I will get into the modern world...

  2. Thanks for the time-zone message. When you are in Hawaii, you are 6 hours earlier than east coast & I don't know how many times we have been awoken by a telemarketer at 3AM! I'm usually very polite, but not at 3AM!!!!!!

  3. I LOVE getting texts...especially from my boyz.

  4. Texting does rock! So do pedicures! I love your blog. It's such fun!

  5. I always thought the girls were crazy when they would text all the time. Now I'm hooked! If I want an instant answer to a question, I just text. Answer back in seconds - it's the best thing since sliced bread!
    Pictures of Yoder's and Lolly's have put me in the mood for shopping. I live about an hour from Shipshewana, so a road trip is definitely in my future. Glad to see they carry your books too. I can pick one up while I'm there.


  6. Your post is so funny today. I was in Shipsi on Saturday and went to Lolly's and Yoders too. I too saw your books and guess what. I bought your Scraps & Shirt Tails II book. Love it. Oh and Yoders has expanded, my o my, lots of space and lots of fabric. Spent WAY too much money at both shops but loved every second.

  7. Texting is great for the deaf. And yes, I'm deaf. :-)

  8. I love the use of texting. When my husband is at work and I have a question I dont want to forget I can text it to him real quick and he can reply to me when he can or answer me when he gets home.

  9. I'm a stick in the mud I guess, I don't text. Never could understand the attraction. JMHO

  10. YAY!!! I LOVE Shipshe! Yoders and Lolly's are the absolute best places. Das Essenhaus or the Blue Gate for dinner and a wonderful pretzel from Davis Mercantile - be still my heart!!!

  11. Anonymous5:13 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I don't hear so text is the only somewhat quick way my girls can get a hold of me. I am very thankful I can text and be somewhat "with it" in the 21st century.... they tell me the next thing whether I want it or not is clouds.... so we will see.... sure wish I was going to Oregon as well.... you and your pretty toes have FUN>....

  12. You must check out this website...


    HILARIOUS text messages...

  13. Bonnie,
    My phone has a way to turn off all noises for incoming texts, voice mails, e-mails and real calls but leaves the alarm on. I bet yours does, too.



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