Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Addicted To Scraps! The Low Down!

I love getting emails from my editors!

On Friday, an unexpected fun one came in from June at Quiltmaker --- She said she was doing a feature on the Addicted to Scraps column in their next e-newsletter and it would go live on Tuesday. ((YEP! That’s today!!))

Did you KNOW that Quiltmaker had an e-newsletter? NO!? Well, you better continue reading to find out more about it…..

The Quiltmaker.com website is full of fun information, so be sure to take some time wandering through it and discovering all that is there...and while you are there...be sure to check out my Addicted To Scraps Column links!


And since I can’t make the text in the screen capture above clickable, we’ll make it easy for you…

At Quiltmaker.com click on the Magazines tab and a drop down menu will appear for you to choose either Current Issue or Past Issues to find the different Addicted to Scraps Blocks! HAVE FUN WITH THEM!! And send in your pictures, because just like Fern Hamlin, of South Bend, Indiana, your version of the quilts made with the Addicted to Scraps blocks might just be chosen for a Quiltmaker.com post!

You can also sign up for the free e-newsletters right there on the Quiltmaker.com front page…look for the blue box on the right and fill in your info and you will be set to not miss a single thing!

And just to give you a heads up --- while I’m here in Oregon, I’m working hard on putting together next year’s great selection of scrappy blocks for future issues all the way through 2012! It’s going to be another great year for scrappy fun, so stay tuned!

If you are new here, and followed the link on the above Quiltmaker.com page to find my website or my blog --- Thank you for your visit! I hope you will come back often. There is something quilty going on here on the blog nearly every day. You can find the “Google Friend Connect” widgit in my right side bar. Click it, so you won’t miss a post!

We also have a large group of scrap quilt fanatics on our Quiltville Friends Page for Facebook! If you are on facebook…simply go over the right side bar and find the widgit and click LIKE to join us! If you have a question or a comment for me, you can post it there and I’ll be happy to answer you!

Life is definitely more fun on the scrappy side!


  1. Oh, what fun, Bonnie!! I keep a journal that I call "Confessions of a Scrap Quilter", and my first entry says, "I feel as though I should begin with "Hello, my name is Karen, and I'm a scrap quilter. I am addicted." I look forward to checking out you links!! ~karen

  2. Always a pleasure to find what is in your next column. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the scoop on their e-newsletter! And congrats for the nice surprise email from them!!

  4. I like the way you're described as a 'Scrap Quilt Diva'! Very cool!!!

  5. Thanks for the QM mention, Bonnie. I really appreciate it! Hope Oregon is/was awesome!

  6. I love your blog, read it each day. You sure are one busy lady. You are always smiling. Have a good week.

  7. Waving hello from here in SE WA, I turn to your column as soon as I get the magazine in my mailbox! I had to subscribe when you ran the Christmas Lights Mystery so I didn't miss a step.

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM EDT

    I never miss an issue so I can use up all my scaps with different ideas. Please keep up the good work.

  9. Anonymous6:18 PM EDT

    After using the search box on quiltmaker.com it appears that the easiest way to find all of Bonnie's "Addicted to Scraps" block patterns is to go to: http://www.quiltmaker.com/addicted_to_scraps/index.html.

  10. I'm happy to hear that your column will continue through 2012. I'm making a patriotic sampler quilt using your blocks. I make up two of each block, in red/white/blue, usually making red the predominant color in one and blue in the other. Knowing that you will still be offering block designs next year assures me that there will be enough blocks for my quilt. Any ideas in setting them? I plan on using flying geese, four patch, strips etc of varying sizes to assemble the differently sized blocks. Maybe that's an idea for a column or a blog!


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