Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Storm Lake, Day Two!

Saturday was our My Blue Heaven workshop! Of course, the fun of that workshop is seeing them go from Blue to Red to Pink to Purple, to Green, to Brown and every color in between!

I love getting to know the Quilters, and the funny things that come up in conversations! You’d be amazed at the things you can learn by simply walking around the room and tuning in to what is being said…bet you can’t guess what was said over this rotary blade you see to the left!

“THIS is what happens when you cut through the cord of your Ott Light!”

“Really? Why were you cutting through the cord anyway? You should have unplugged it first!”

“I wasn’t TRYING to cut through it! And if I had, I would have unplugged it first!”

Too hilarious! And the Quilter said that her hubby offered to take it in to work and fix it for her there by splicing an old lamp cord to it. My favorite comment of all?

“I can just see them standing around watching my DH fix this thing…and what will DH say? The Famous Five Words: MY WIFE IS A QUILTER!!” NUFF SAID!!

*Disclaimer* We do not advocate running over ott light cords with your rotary cutter. it can be HECK on a new blade!

stormlakeIA2011 089O

One of These Things is NOT like the Others! LOL!! We are the cheddar sandwich! I swear..I thought these two gals were SISTERS! Can you think of any other mother/daughter team that looks more alike? And they are both so fun to be around. This is Jo of Jo’s Country Junction and her daughter Kelli!


They went over to the school bookstore and bought these Cheddar Tshirts….I guess they wanted to match the leader/ender bow ties that Jo was sewing in between the lines of her chain piecing!

stormlakeIA2011 087

Aren’t these the cutest little Beezers?!? LOVE THEM!!

stormlakeIA2011 083

I also love how inventive Quilters are at expanding to fill the space they’ve been given…and when it is close quarters? We use the white-board try to hold our extra cut out parts! ((do you know how hard it is for me not to call that a CHALK BOARD still!? Oy! Am I giving away my AGE or what?!))


The silly girls had me SIGN the shirts!!


And I got back at them with bunny ears over their heads… hehehehe! Jo! What is your hand doing on my butt, girl?! LOL!!

So…how are YOUR Leader/Ender bowties coming?! I think I’ve got…ummm……18….but we discovered something, if you can’t stomach the color of Cheddar…just think of it as MARIGOLD! We saw some of the most beautiful marigolds in the school landscape, and it was gorgeous with every other color that was around it…so just think..MARIGOLD!


So on to the pictures!! I hope you will click to view them full sized….I don’t think that the “slide show” where it runs on its own works anymore…at least it hasn’t on my end, but you can still click the arrow to go from one to the next to the next ---

I’m trying to get all my work done so I can take a road trip THURSDAY with some friends to TN ((!!!)) How can I resist?! I “SO” want to go…..but do I dare? I said if I can get caught up on a few things I might be able to go. “MIGHT” But but but but, oh how I want to go! And they are ploying me with temptations like

“ We are planning on going to Tennessee Quilt Shop and the quilt festival, then stopping at Batiks Etc. In Wytheville on the way home.”

Can they MAKE it any harder to say NO!?? I need to decide by this time tomorrow, so I better get off here and go get some work done!


  1. Oh yes Bonnie! Do come to Tn Quilts festival! I will be there with Pat Sloan! How awesome for me to be in the same room with BOTH of you!


  2. Better check the date, Bonnie--The AQS show in Knoxville was the 13th-16th! :(

  3. Do it Bonnie!! Go. You will get the other stuff done. Go. Have fun!

  4. Love the cheddar sandwich!
    The "My Blue Heaven" blocks are so different--and all so nice. Each one I look at I think is my favorite--then I see the next one. They all sparkle!
    Have fun on that road trip I have a feeling you are going to find a way to take. : )

  5. Looks like y'all were having way too much fun! Love the slide show, they are all beautiful! My Blue Heaven was my choice for the BBQG class in May, but was out-voted (but, I do love my PB). I just may have to do this one on my own. Mine would probably be "My Purple Heaven"
    BTW, what and where is the TN Quilts festival?

  6. My Blue Heaven looks like you are having the very best time clowning around. Everybody's blocks are awesome; so wonderfully scrappy! Thanks for sharing here, it made my day! ;)

  7. The My Blue Heaven class looks like they had a lot of fun! I did notice that in the slide show...
    yep, one of the blocks has a year 2000 on it! See, now you've got me looking for those. Oh, and I was going thru my stash the other day and found that I also have some year 2000 fabric! I'm sure that I bought it the next year or so... just funny how it just "pops" up outta the blue!

  8. Oh Bonnie - how could you resist such temptation? Actually, that's not temptation, it's a GIFT from heaven - take it and run girl!!!!!

  9. Imagine my surprise when I read your title. Storm Lake!! I thought, "surely not IOWA." But it was! Storm Lake is 7 miles from my hometown (although it's not my current home)! I cant't believe you were there and darn I missed it. Hope you were welcomed warmly and enjoyed the hot weather!

  10. I've debated saying this for a while...but now seems like the time to do so. I HATE cheddar! And all fall colors. Just not my thing to look at. But as I was buying some cheddar fabric recently the clerk commented that I could eat Cheetos while using the fabric and it wouldn't show on the fabric. I LOVE Cheetos! So I decided my "orange" fabric is Cheetos, not cheddar, and maybe I can sew some homespun plaids I've been saving with something out of my comfort zone. :)

  11. You had me at BATIK ETC!! All else is just a blur. :)


  12. One day....One day I hope to take one of your classes. Until then I will work on your free quilt patterns. Love them and love you. Hugs

  13. Looks like everyone thinks you should go...???

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Marigold I can do! :-)

  16. Buena Vista (College) University, school colors are that bright yellow and bright blue. Love those color - go Beavers. Wish I'd been there. Looks like you had a very good time. Robert, class of '73.


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