Monday, July 11, 2011

Antique Quilt Paradise!

THIS is the MECCA spot of our yearly visit to the Sisters, Oregon Quilt Show……We’ve been coming for years, and this is the first place we always hit --- early, early, up with the birds.

Many of the quilts aren’t even hung yet when we arrive, eager to see what lovelies will stop us in our tracks as we help unfold, spread out, discover. And we weren’t disappointed!

Remember my telling you that it was something silly like 38 degrees when we woke up on Saturday morning? It didn't deter us from getting in there and seeing all there was to see! The sun did warm up through the day, all the way to about a blissful 81 degrees. I wimped out....wore long jeans and a sweatshirt, but Lori and Randy are seasoned Oregonians and came in SHORTS!

sisters2011 050

The charm for me about photographing this booth is also the “Forest” approach. I love seeing all of the quilts folded and hung side by side…even more than I love seeing them all spread out individually. Look at these beauties!!

sisters2011 041

Everywhere you turn, wonderful quilts are hung from tent rails, on fences, folded in piles….Some simply, some extravagant….each one a masterpiece!

sisters2011 042

Some pieced, some applique, some a combination of both….colors? Oh yes, every color under the sun, and just not one specific time period, but everything from early early 1800’s into the 1950’s!

I am in love with that birds in the air quilt on the bed! Isn’t it great??

sisters2011 038

Lots of close ups of blocks for study! This one didn’t come home with me, it was outside my price range, but I just LOVED it!

Click to view the block close ups! Weeeee!

sisters2011 037

This quilt was also on the bed when I walked into the booth ((The quilts are stacked many high on the bed, princess and the pea style!)) And if you were walking by it, I’m sure you would have thought to yourself….Oh, Bonnie is going to LOVE this one! And you would have been right! Isn’t it great?

There was one other string star that really caught my eye…..not quite as old as this one, but the use of the tiny tiny strings was just SO fun!

sisters2011 054

Look at these little tiny slivers added in hodge podge fashion to these string star diamonds! It just sparkles!

sisters2011 055

I didn’t get a full pic of this one as there was no where to lay it out at this point, but I just was in love with how she almost sewed the strips log cabin or braid style to the diamonds. FUN!

sisters2011 056

Love the bits of solid red that sparkle here and there….and I think you can see a bit from the red border, that the border was pretty shredded. Great for pics and inspiration but not one that I wanted to take home.

There are more! But take some time to click to view the photos full size….they are wonderful!

sisters2011 084

Hanging with these girls is just a riot! Here is Randy discovering HER purchases for the day!

sisters2011 085

Lori, fondling a fabulous border print on an 1800s ohio star with very BRIGHT Chrome Yellow!

And I want to get back to sewing, and we want to take a long walk this morning….so I’ll let you drool over these a while and there will be more to post later!


  1. I Think I have died and gone to heaven--and I wasn't even there! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this vicarious visit. Loved it!! Drooling for more!!

  2. Oh goodness......what beauties!
    Now here is another scrappy quilt to add to my list.

    Happy sewing

  3. Loved all the pictures. Even the block where the birds are all messed up (different directions lol). Scrapitis is a serious affliction :-)

  4. Thanks so much for posting all the pretty antique quilts! I havent' got to go to Sisters since 2007 and have to live it through your BLOG. Maybe next year...

  5. Oh! I just loved viewing all the antique quilts. I think you are one of the few who post pictures of the antique quilts. Thanks for sharing, they are very inspiring.

  6. Did you end up buying one?...or two?

  7. the antique quilts were fabulous. I considered getting the funky braid-style string star...

  8. From someone who will most likely never get to go, thank you for sharing! That is the most interesting String Star I have ever seen. I love all the scrappy and I love the two color quilts. The purple and white one really caught my eye. More quilts to add to the "someday" list!
    I know you are enjoying your quilting time with friends. I hope your flight home is less eventful than the one getting there!

  9. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the way you share the scenery, food and happenings at all the places you travel. Most of us don't get to travel nearly as much as you do, and it is wonderful for you to share your experiences. Of course, we all love your quilts, but the travel news makes it all the more fun. Thanks for being so generous.

  10. Oh my! Aren't they all so beautiful. Of course my favourites were the Carolina Lilies!

  11. Thank you Bonnie
    you made my day
    off to make a cup of coffee and then sit and drool all over my keyboard
    can't wait to see your inspired quilts and LORI"S from these piles and piles of antique quilts.....
    simply heaven huh?

  12. Thank you so much for these pictures!! I love to see these quilts. They are so inspiring.

  13. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  14. what eye candy! and just exactly how big are those HSTs in the birds in the air? that would be a challenge for certain. really appreciate all the luscious photos

  15. I am so jealous!! These are all amazing - I can't imagine being lucky enough to see them all. Did I mention that I am JEALOUS????

  16. Yes, you took a picture of the tiny strip star one, I knew you would love it, if you saw it. I loved that quilt and thought of you. Glad you had a wonderful time.


  17. Absolutely amazing! Wonderful pictures. Thanks for taking us to Sisters virtually.

  18. OMG!!! What a great slide show of antique quilts! I saved it to my files. Thanks for sharing. I'm adding Sisters to my "must do" list for sure.

  19. Drooling here in New Zealand!!Stunning quilts

  20. Really wonderful quilts! Oh the stories they could tell! So glad you are there having fun so we can share it with you...

  21. Wow!!! I'm so jealous!! I have always wanted to go to Oregon Sisters Quilt show. You look like you are having a mashing great time. I love to read about your travels. I have you in my blog roll. I have just entered into blogland for the first time. I have my first blog ever up and running. I'm @ sandrakayedesigns.blogspot.com. I've taken two of your classes when I lived in Jacksonville. My crumb quilt. Hangs in my art room. You are awesome Girl!!!! hugs, sandie

  22. Love, love, love antique quilts. What a treasure trove there! Thanks for showing those fabulous quilts.
    : )

  23. The Feathered Star with the 'contrary wife' center is especially intriguing! (I think we'd all love to see a Bonnie-style Feathered Star...hint, hint.)

  24. Bonnie - thank you for all of the writing that you do, almost daily! But I so appreciate the time you spent downloading the antique quilt slide show. What inspiration. Don't know how these quilters did it back then. Absolutely amazing. Again, a big thank you! Pam

  25. Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing these beauties. Some of the quilts are just unbelievable. The quilting in the orange and white triple Irish Chain quilt is amazing! Grateful greetings (!) from Una in Norway

  26. Wow these antique quilts are beautiful! What an inspiration. Love to see them. and I love to see that you three are having so much fun!

  27. Anonymous4:14 AM EDT

    Thanks for sharing so much quilty love!!!

  28. I am so glad that you share so much with all of us. Some day I will get to that show in Sisters.
    Amazing quilts.

  29. what an inspiration! That is heaven right there- or hell because I would want them all!!!

  30. Those antique quilts are AMAZING!! No wonder you reckon you could stay just there the whole day. Thanks for sharing the piccies :)

  31. Thankyou for sharing these wonderful quilts!!!

  32. They are so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  33. just beautiful,Hope I can make a couple of them in my lifetime


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