Sunday, July 24, 2011

Early Morning Edition–Free Kindle Book!


Bonnie is still sleeping! :cD

I found this last night before turning the lights out, and I wanted to get it to you before it expired, but I didn’t want to send it immediately on top of the other post I just sent either, so I am writing this ahead to post in the wee small hours.

As for me, I intend to sleep in a bit. That college life is TIRING! Even if we are all beyond the age of..”cough” let’s say……35?

This looks interesting to me. It might to you to.

The Bluejay Shaman, the first in the Alix Thorssen series by Lise McClendon, is free in the Kindle store

Book Description:

Traveling the back roads of Montana, not-quite-fearless art gallery owner Alix Thorssen is far from home and up to her Ray-bans in shaman’s secrets, mysterious deaths, madness, and – ah yes – passion among the pine needles.

Whoever killed Shiloh Merkin hated her and wanted her dead. But did Wade Fraser, Alix’s brother-in-law and University of Montana anthropology professor, do the deed? What happened to the petroglyph of the bluejay shaman?

Alix follows a trail of romance, moonlit rituals, and legendary artifacts as another murder leads her to a chilling confrontation with the killer.

In this first novel of the Jackson Hole series about Alix Thorssen, Lise McClendon weaves a gripping tale of suspense, blending Indian lore, the timeless clash of western values, and the magnificent landscape of the Rockies.

It’s a who-dunnit and I enjoy those. As far as the passion and romance goes, I like a bit, but prefer it mostly left to my imagination, so that might be the deal breaker for me, not knowing how explicit it is. Still..it’s free, and I have my delete button, right?

As always, check to be sure the price is still free when you click – prices can change without notice.


  1. 9:30 AM, got it and thanks a bunch.

  2. I really appreciate your posting about the free Kindle books, I never think to look. I really like "who done its" and having several free books ready for me is wonderful. Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks for another great free Kindle book!

  4. I've really loaded up my Kindle for next month's trip! Thanks...

  5. Thanks, Bonnie. Sounds like another good read. Where do you find these freebies for Kindle?


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