Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evening Edition–Free Kindle Book!

I'm sewing, I'm sewing! Ooohhh...even got my block done for the NEXT after the NEXT issue of 100 blocks by 100 designers. How's that for planning ahead?

I've decided that I just can't go to TN this week. It's time to be a bit realistic...you really CAN'T do it all, can you? Though I wish I could!

In the mean time --

I just found this little who-done-it murder mystery, and it’s free in the Kindle store today.

Dead Deceiver is written by Victoria Houston.

Book Description:

In Loon Lake, Wisconsin, a woman is murdered, her body discovered under a bridge. But Lew Ferris, chief of police, has his mind on another case—a local woman claims she’s being stalked. Is the woman, a former nun with possible psychological problems, imagining it, or is someone really terrorizing her?

The latest Loon Lake mystery, like its predecessors, depends on its characters to propel readers through the story: Lew, Doc Osborne, likable Ray Pradt (who, in this book, is angling for a part on a new reality TV show about ice fishermen), and the newcomers, alleged stalker victim Patience Schumacher and her husband, Charles Mason. The nice thing about the book is that fans of the series will enjoy reuniting with some old friends, and newcomers can jump right in and have a great time.

It just sounds like a good read, stack it up with the others, I’m ready!

As usual, check the price before clicking in case it has gone from being free, back to NON free again. Prices can change without notice, and I get these out to you as soon as I can.


  1. I wish you had a Nook!

  2. THanks Bonnie...got it! Of course I then got lured into buying another novel...

  3. Thank you Bonnie... I don't have a kindle yet, but I'm using kindle for PC and am enjoying your recommendations!

  4. Can't wait to start reading! Thanks for the latest "Evening Edition".

  5. Thanks for the tip! Right now, I'm reading The Lodger by Marie Belloc Lowndes--also a free book on Kindle.

  6. Thanks Bonnie for all the free Kindle books you are finding for us! I love a good mystery-thriller, and this one sure sounds good. I've been downloading quite a few of your free finds. Just wanted to say thanks.

  7. When I have to give up something I wanted to do, I find that there is much to be gained with what has to be done. Take pleasure in what remains!

  8. Hi Bonnie!

    I, too, want to say thanks for posting all the Kindle freebies. I'm not sure I ever would have known about them otherwise....

    I love the quilts in your header. Would it be possible to list them by name, and if you did a blog post about each quilt, maybe even a link to the post? I'd love to see them up close.

    peggi (at) seamstobeyouandme (dot) com

  9. Hi Bonnie, I got it, thanks again.


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