Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ready to Fly!

By the time this posts, I will be well on my way to the airport on my way to Oregon! It’s going to be a long day. You just can’t get to Redmond/Bend Oregon easily from Greensboro, NC!

My route? Greensboro to Chicago, Chicago to Portland, Portland to Redmond! I’ll get there around 3:45pm local time, which is 6:45 NC time! And it always takes me a couple days to adjust to a 3-hour time difference!

I’ve packed up probably MORE projects than I need to….but heaven forbid I power through a couple of them and have “NOTHING” to work on?! I’ve worked hard at kitting things up over the past couple of weeks, and several projects have some pre-sewing already done! I’m ready for machine time with Randy & Lori!

And bike rides! And early morning long walks! And ice cream down at the mall area of Sun River! I can't wait to see the river rolling by, the deer, the geese, the hawks, eagles, bunnies.....you name it. I love it there like no other place on earth. And spending it with these two gals is balm to my soul. Seriously. Oregon? I am SO ready for you! I hope you are ready for ME! :cD

This little ditty will be bound on my way to Oregon….this is the Devil’s Claw orphan that is being donated as a fund raiser:

devilsclaw 001

It didn’t take long to load it in the machine at all! And I chose a design that was fairly non-descript to simply add a lot of texture to the quilt surface…..

devilsclaw 002

I think you can see a bit of the quilting here --- I am one of those who likes to completely trim and square the quilt before applying binding….I love those square corners that way….

devilsclaw 003

A close up of the quilting, and some of the weird and wild fabrics that are in this thing! There are early calicos in here…some even dating to the 70’s! There are recycled fabrics,plaids and stripes, some civil war repro stuff, some novelites, some batik, some 30’s….some hand dyes even, and a few solids! It’s a wild mix of what comes out of my scrap bag. All in all I think I like how it turned out!

devilsclaw 004

I chose a funky red for the binding, it just seemed to add so much life to the rest of the quilt. It has black “chicken legs” on it, and the selvage said the line was called “HEN PECKED!” LOL! I have NO idea where this came from , or how long it has been in the stash, but it was a good match for this little quiltlet….

Of course, the hexagon-in-progress is ever-present when I fly…..I’m filling in HUGE neutral areas right now, so it’s not that exciting, but if I just use it as my main traveling project, it is always ready to go, and it will get DONE…at some point…right? ((At this point I’m still thinking of it as the ‘casket cover’ because it might take me until I die to finish it!))

Those of you traveling to Oregon, by plane, car, or bus….I’m wishing you safe journeys! I’m hoping we’ll bump into each other amid the throngs of show goers at Sister’s on Saturday! Please stop me to say hi if you do see me! I’d love a chance to say HELLO!


  1. The quilt turned out really cute. I love the red binding too! Have fun at Sisters!

  2. Travel Safely Bonnie, Enjoy your days of R&R. Looking forward to hearing all about it.


  3. I love how the little quilt turned out!! Makes me wanna scrap dive and do some devil's claws!! I like the "casket cover" idea!! LOL I tell my family, forget the flowers designated for someone to take home. Just hang my quilts for everyone to see and I'll have a list ready for what goes to whom!! LOL Hope you enjoy your time in Oregon!!
    Mary Lou

  4. Have a wonderful trip. I visited for the show 3 years ago and it was great....can only imagine how fun with a week of sewing and friends!

  5. Wish I could get to the Sisters show. But since I can't I'll enjoy the pictures that everyone posts. Have a safe trip and enjoy your visit!

  6. I LOVE the red binding. It looks great. Have a stress-free few flights (say that 5 times fast). Eat an ice cream for me.

  7. What fun! A week of sewing and quality time with friends -- enjoy!

  8. Have a great time in Oregon. Love that red binding! It justs pops.

  9. Oregon is so beautiful and is one of our favourite destinations. Have fun at the Sisters Quilt show. I sure hope to make it there sometime soon.

  10. Sun River, Oregon is one of my favorite places to be. Enjoy your time quilting, playing, hiking, and the quilt show at Sisters.

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  12. Have a wonderful time Bonnie. Wish I was going too! Sandi

  13. Have fun at the sisters show. My sister and I was there last year.

  14. Anonymous5:16 PM EDT

    Have a wonderful time in Oregon , your star quilt looks great on the longarm.hettymapp@yahoo.com

  15. Hope you have fun in Sisters. I am going too! My husband is on a contract job in Eugene, Oregon so I made the trip out to visit him from Florida. I have been to that show 2x before and loved it! We will probably walk past each other and not know it. Looking forward to seeing your future post on your trip!

  16. This little quiltlet is sweet! Should make a great fundraiser!

    Have a wonderful time in Sisters with your buds! What fun!

  17. Have a wonderful time at Sisters & other Oregon spots Bonnie! I went for the first time last year on a bus trip from Victoria, BC. I didn't manage to get to see all the quilts so I definitely want to go again by car but not this year. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope you publish a slideshow of photos on your blog. Pretty please ??? Enjoy the time with your quilting sisters!


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