Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sisters Quilt Show Saturday!


Going to the Sister’s Quilt Show is always an exciting thing for me……we get up early, we’ve packed our lunches….and off we go! The best part of the day? Being there EARLY enough to see the quilts being hung.

There is nothing like a central Oregon July!

Central Oregon is mostly high desert --- and the terrain varies from tall pines and rivers down by Sun River, to scrubby juniper further up toward Bend and beyond. There are gorgeous snow capped mountains ALL YEAR LONG. It's a place like no other!

Both of my boys were born in Oregon, as was my DH, who is also proud to call Oregon home.

Describe the weather in Central Oregon in ONE WORD!? PERFECT!


I took this capture on Wednesday while packing…..DO YOU SEE THOSE TEMPS?! There have been years when it was 105 by afternoon at the quilt show. But even at those temps, by evening, the thermometer drops at a rapid rate, and by early evening, it's time for that sweatshirt on the patio!

This year looks to be AMAZING!

Also…notice the “CHANCE OF RAIN” at the bottom of the above pic….0%! That’s the other wonderful thing about central Oregon in July. It has NEVER NEVER NOT EVER rained on the day of the Sisters show!

I am also enamored with how COOL it is in Oregon in the early mornings…nearly COLD….definitely SWEATER or SWEATSHIRT or LIGHT JACKET weather. In North Carolina, I don’t think I’ve seen a sweatshirt or jacket since…..APRIL!?

This is sleeping with the window open weather in Oregon! Oh, how I miss that from when we lived in Eastern Oregon/Western Idaho! There is NOTHING like good sleep with the window open in the summer. Can’t do that here in the south. The humidity is so thick it’s like a steam bath out there. Wednesday morning when I went to walk/jog Salem lake, my glasses fogged up as soon as I stepped out of my car. It was 75 degrees at 7am. Yep! I love my July respites in Oregon!

We’ll be at the show early --- eager to see the quilts going up on buildings, and especially chomping at the bit for the antique quilts area!


Here’s the Sister’s fire department helping with the hanging of last year’s quilts! See that gorgeous blue sky?! Yeah….hard to focus on that when focusing on hunky fire fighter guys! Oh wait--- you thought I was looking at the QUILTS?! ;c)

I’m thinking about all the other quilters who are not with us this year. I’m missing Lucy! and Claire! And all the Wisconsin girls! ((You do know you are on our hearts, don’t you? You better make it NEXT YEAR!))

And my camera is charged and ready to get as many pics as I can to share with you after the hubbub of the day dies down.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are! And if you do see us at the show, please stop us and say hello! I’ve said it before…and I MEAN IT!


  1. If I could write in green it would just be the word "envy"! Three of my kids live in Oregon and when my eldest daughter complains about "HOT" she knows or remembers nothing about the hot humid days of Tokyo summers. Wish I were there with you.

  2. What a fun time you will have!! Wish I could 'pop' over and join you! Be sure to share LOTS of photos!


  3. Anonymous9:01 AM EDT

    Bonnie, have a wonderful time. Sisters is on my Bucket List. But you know you have been quilting too long when you look at the way the firemen are dressed and think: "Nice blue with the accent of yellow."
    Faye Bushey, Maine

  4. I am stuck in the South this year, so I am glad that you will be sharing pictures. Too bad that you can't send some of the cool night air back with the pictures.lol Hope that you get to see lots of antique quilts.

  5. I wish I was close enough to go, but I hope you will get lots of photos for us that cannot come.


  6. Today is Saturday and I actually have a ride to go, but because of health and time restrant's I have decided to stay home and HOPE that others who go will take photos of each and every quilt there so the rest of us can dream and drool over the exhibits.
    I have been to the show in the past and it is amazing. Just amazing. It is sooo hard to stay home. Please please take lots of photos to share.

  7. Well, that does it! I am adding the Sisters Quilt Show to my bucket list! I don't know why I haven't gone before - I just live up the road in Washington state....

  8. So glad you are there to share this with us. I am looking forward to my vicarious visit to the show and hopefully someday I can have my own visit! Thanks for all you do for the quilting community, Bonnie. You are amazing!

  9. Do have fun and enjoy your stay. I am looking forward to seeing your posts. I will be enjoying NC weather. Have not been home for 6 weeks. So this is good too. Thanks.

  10. Hopefully next year I can make it to the Sisters Quilt show since I live so close. Have a blast Bonnie and I am waving from Idaho. I cannot wait to see pictures.

  11. Have a great day. I might revisit Sisters next year. I need more vacation days from work :-)

  12. Enjoy! And take lots of photos...

  13. I was born and raised in Oregon but now live in South Alabama. Your post made me so homesick. And I left Oregon before I knew anything about quilting so I have never been to a Sister's show. You lucky "duck".


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