Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You just might be an NC Redneck if ---

You drive a HUGE MONSTER DUALLY PICK-UP and decide that you can take up TWO parking spots at Best Buy 2 days after Christmas when the place is jam packed! Yeah, Dude, you did a great job backing yourself IN to that spot, and centering yourself over the line! ((What is it with guys that HAVE to back into a spot anyway??)) Annoyed See the “normal” sized pickup behind the MONSTER one? I just don’t get it ---

Yes, we braved the weather and wandered ourselves over to Greensboro into that jungle they call Best Buy. Take my word for it. DON’T. DO. IT!! Wait a week or so…or two or three! It was a complete zoo!

HOWEVER! We did get this nifty all-in-one remote that is going to make MY life so much easier!

christmas2010 018  harmony650

On the LEFT --- This is what I was dealing with before! One for the cable, one for the TV, one for the Audio, one for the playstation we use for netflix streaming..AUUGHHH!!  Finding the right remote, or finding ANY of them in the same place has been a nightmare! That little guy on the right?  It’s a HARMONY 650! ((Aptly named I must admit!)) And it is programmed via usb and the computer website to replace SO MUCH STUFF! I’m not convinced it was worth a foray into Best Buy, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Now all the other remotes have gone into remote-waste-land in the bottom drawer of the chair side table!

While I was at Best Buy, I should have opted for a new keyboard! I don’t have to look at my keyboard all that often, but any time anyone else sits at my computer they stare down, mouths gaping open, not sure where to peck! Does your keyboard look like this:

christmas2010 017

Half the letters are missing! I guess I am a nail clacker when I type! I haven’t met a keyboard yet that doesn’t lose its letters to my fingers. On second thought….if I leave this keyboard where it is, it might deter the others from thinking they can occupy my spot Flirt male

Yesterday I mailed 4 cases of books off to Germany –MEDIA MAIL! I need your quilty prayers and well wishes and thoughts that they arrive safely for my visit to the Black Forest Quilters in Stuttgart by the time I visit at the end of February! I was told it would take about 6 weeks for them to reach their destination. My fingers are crossed. That’s precious cargo!

I also sent off my teacher display quilt for the Road to California Quilt Show! WHooooo! That is right around the corner and I am so excited to be teaching there in January! Southern California in JANUARY!? Bring it ON! I’m already done with this snow stuff. It’s been pretty for a few days, but just like the Christmas Decorations, it’s time to pack it up and put it away for next year!

And that’s all I have to report. I have a week and a half before heading to Nebraska for my first trip of the new year, and I’m going to get in as much quilting as I can between now and then!

Stay Warm!Rolling on the floor laughing


PS. If you *ARE* a redneck with a huge monster dually pick-up, please note that I don’t promise to always be politically correct on my blog. I do believe in freedom of speech, just as you believe in freedom to drive stupid vehicles (or wear Bump-its in your hair, or wear Snuggies in public to Costco.) No one is FORCING you to read my blog, and any long emails ranting about how disappointed you are in my opinions will be promptly sent to the spam filter!Nyah-Nyah


  1. oh! that was a good chuckle... hahaha! thanks for that!
    Someone wears a snuggie to costco? really? good grief... that's just sad...

  2. Ha ha ha. I've never had the guts to do it but I've always wanted to leave one of these cards when I see someone park like that. :)

  3. Love the PS on this post! You are a brave soul to hit a Best Buy over the shopping season.

  4. LOL it is even funnier to see people here (in CA) driving around in 4 wheel drive Mercedes and Porsches. If you lived in the Sierras maybe but no snow here just a few miles from the beach. So they pay $4 a gallon in gas guzzlers to look like idiots.

  5. Sometimes I do have to drive a monster dually pick up truck to town (when the fuel conscious car is not available) and it's easier to back into a tight parking space than drive in forwards. And makes it easier to get out without hitting any pedestrians.

  6. I'm glad you could get your Harmony controller to work. We tried one a few years ago, and could never get to control everything correctly. I like your PS too. About the keyboard, I don't know which has the longest lasting lettering.

  7. Doesn't look like they parked close to the front door though. At least they parked "away" and walked to the store.
    Our January guild meeting is almost here! Have been looking forward to your program!!!

  8. My keyboard looks similar to yours! I still have a few more letters then you do....but probably not for long! lol

  9. I HAD A keyboard like that one until my Handy Dandy Husband took pity on me and got this spiffy new one for Christmas.

    And backing in isn't only men... I've seen women do it to... it's called "the get-a-way position". I always wonder what they are having to get away from.

  10. I have a nice little sports car that I like to park as far away from anyone else, usually the furthest from the shop doors, just to keep it a nice little car. Why is it I always find a hulking great thing parked next to it when I return usually with plenty of other spaces around?

    I had a email for Logitec about their new multi changer and was very tempted!

    Sounds like your new year is heading for a very exciting start!

  11. Hey Bonnie, Those big trucks are the reason I have the NON Emergency number for all the police stations in my area saved in my cell phone. I don't have a problem following the law...others shouldn't either....hahahaha

  12. We have an older model Harmony that I LOVE. I could never play a dvd before we got it. It does take some fiddling to get all the correct stuff downloaded to it, especially if you have some older equipment. But once it's set up, it's great.

  13. I'll be at Road to California, and I look forward to seeing your teacher display quilt. (Alas, I couldn't take any of your classes.)


  14. We just got back from Germany!!! I hope those books find their way safely to The Black Forest Quilters. Are you going as well???

  15. Oh, oh! I usually back into parking spots. Don't have a pickup though. When I was learning to drive, we had a curvy, uphill drive and Daddy insisted that we back in, because it was more dangerous to back out onto the highway. And the truth is -- it IS easier to back into a spot.

  16. My sentiments exactly! You tell them Bonnie!

  17. LOL Bonnie...being a Carolina girl myself (all-be-it one exiled to Utah) I soooo love the Redneck jokes and my Nephew proudly thinks of himself as a Davie County Redneck!
    As for the backing thing...I don't get it either although I squeal like a girl when I can find a parking place that I can "pull through" and not have to back out of when I am ready to leave. I hate backing up!

  18. Oh Amen, sister! I loathe those enormous vehicles. And if you look closely at them, a vast majority look like they have never hauled a single thing. You can tell if a truck has been used as a truck, even if the owner is careful and neat, and most trucks that are sold are for the ego boost, not for hauling. The worst thing, though, is my little Subaru getting sandwiched between two of them in a parking spot, which makes getting out of that parking spot an exercise in terror. It's like backing out of a canyon. I want to mount a speaker on the roof to announce "Look out - little red station wagon coming out - and I can't see you!"

  19. Anonymous2:07 PM EST

    Monster pick-ups are just rude guys with a junior high ego. enough said

    My keyboard that is a whopping 68 days old has 5 keys that are already loosing the print AND there is no little knob on any of the keys so my left hand fingers are forever "over" one = lots of typo's. Good to keep your keyboard at least you are happy and the others can adjust.

  20. Your key board looks like mine, only I have a laptop and have a couple of keys that keep popping off. Yes, it does keep others off of it!!
    Wonder if you are going to any other guilds while in Germany, I know my sister would love for you to go to Rhineland guild, but not sure how close they are. hmmm!
    And about the truck - vent away - it might be me venting one day - hee hee!! No, I don't have one, but if my hair was longer, may be tempted for a bumpit - hahahaa!! I'll save my snuggie for indoors too!!

  21. I don't even understand owning that truck. I guess owning one makes you special ;) then you get to use two parking spaces. NOT!
    Hope that remote works for you. We have the three remote thing doing on here. Brave you going to Best Buy. I don't like going there ever...
    Happy sewing.

  22. Bonnie, you crack me up in every way possible. Love your PS. We used to have a big truck like that because we hauled horses. Sometimes my hubby would park like that so he wouldn't get door dings. I always shook my head at him. I love all your posts, because you tell it like it is. :-)

  23. My keyboard looks exactly like yours. I replaced it once hoping it was a fluke, but it wasn't. I use a lot of hand cream and blamed it on that, but maybe not. I can't imagine that the quality of things made in China would have anything to do with it. I want to find one of those skins to cover the next one to try to preserve the letters.

  24. Well - we all know what guys say about women who park like that. I have a theory about men with oversized cars. I think they are compensating. Need I say more?
    Thank you for inspiring us this year - looking forwards to more good stuff in the year to come!

  25. Laurie Perry reported on her blog that people were wearing pajamas and bathrobes to the grocery store during California's recent rainy spell. Guess the sight of rain depresses them so much they can't even bear to get dressed. So really, a snuggie worn to Costco is NOTHING.

  26. I always park my long truck into parking spots because otherwise you can get blocked in. I am very careful where I park for that reason! But - I am MUCH better at getting my truck centered into the spot than the truck you took a photo of! I never look at the letters on my keyboard, but I do NEED the little bumps for the 2 index fingers to keep me in my spot. Good luck with your mail - my son's SANTA presents still have not arrived in Austria even though I mailed them the fast way the beginning of December! Ugh. To be 7 years old and not have Santa arrive on time. Well, since Christmas is over now I do hope that your packages make speedy way - and no more storms shut down the European airports! Cheers! Evelyn

  27. Thanks for the great laugh Bonnie. I loved your PS and I agree about your freedom statements. Anybody can wear their snuggly anywhere they want - I wouldn't but I have quilts not snugglies and they stay home. I hope you enjoy the "Harmony" we have a logitech our son got his Dad for Father's Day and I love it. If something doesn't work push the help button and it figures it out and fixes it.

  28. I carry "you drive like an a**hole.com" slips in my car. Check the boxes for the appropriate "violation" and slip it under their windshield wiper. But then I am just mean that way!

  29. Thank you for going to Best Buy (my son works for them!) We got one of those Harmony universal remotes and love it. Of course, our son did all the work getting it set up. It's so nice to have your own private tech support! I drive a normal sized sedan and often lose it in the parking lot because monster trucks have surrounded my car. Yikes!

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  30. You have a great sense of humor Bonnie...I hate any car that can't park the right way...Grrrr
    Especially when I have to drop and pick up my kids from school...How some people get their licence is beyond me...Hehehe
    Happy New Year...
    Hugs Michelle

  31. It's amazing to this old lady that people are still buying the gas guzzlers. Gas is likely to go up in price, perhaps reaching $5/gallon by 2012. Still, if people want to drive and pay for them, that's their business. Taking up two parking spots is everyone's business.

    Good news: I've completed 450 half square triangles. Bad news: Another 150 to go. Good news: I'm getting quite good at making them, which is an accomplishment. Overall, a plus. Thanks so much Bonnie for doing this. It's been a lot of fun.

  32. Keep the politically incorrect posts coming. I love them all.
    I have been known to go to the grocery in my PJ bottoms. Uh Oh.
    I'll see you at Road. I'm taking your class and have to start cutting. That's going to be a lot of cutting and I'm not done with my RRCB 1/2 squares yet!!!

  33. I have to admit that we own THREE of those types of vehicles. I will also say that if someone owns that type of vehicle they have a reason to own it...people aren't going to put gas/diesel in something they don't have a use for. A dual-wheeled pickup is usually used for pulling. At least they parked out by themself...and the white vehicle parked behind it is a small pickup...not really considered a "regular-sized" cab.

    My pet pieve is people parking in the handicap parking spots when they don't have a permit. I have a temporary permit because of foot/ankle surgery and seeing people "share" the permit is just unethical to us crutches-using customers.

    With all of us in the world....there's always those of us who are "weird" to others!

  34. Anonymous1:09 PM EST

    I love the block used as your photo in facebook. Is the the pattern on your website?


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