Thursday, December 09, 2010

By the time you read this......

I will be on my way to the NC coast with Lisa to SEW ALL WEEKEND!!! winterize and close down her dad's house for the season.

Two girls and shelby-the-dog, we are on our way to Holden Beach! I had to ask Lisa just today "Where is it we are going??" Because I just really didn't pay all too much attention at the time she asked me. I only heard.....NC COAST.....BEACH HOUSE.....SEWING...and that was all I needed to know!

We will return Sunday, so it's a short trip, but I'm looking forward to some behind-the-machine time. I'm dumping the "Texas" duds out of my suitcase, and re-packing it with "2-girls-roughing-it-with-no-make-up" duds!

No plans for meals, or cooking...we can stop by the grocery store and pick up breakfast stuff. No plans for dinner...we can go out or stay in or have pizza delivered or do whatever!

It's been SO COLD here in NC, that when I arrived home last night it was 22 degrees with a windchill that made it feel like 13. So I was a bit worried about what the weekend would throw at us. In fact, my car sat in the garage un-driven since Friday, and when I went to go mail out book orders, it wouldn't start! TOO COLD!!

But look!! This is the forecast for Holden Beach!

This doesn't look so bad! Long bundled up walks on the beach? I'm there! Sleeping in if I want to? I'm there! The rain/wind for Sunday doesn't sound so great, but it can come after we are on our way home.

Part 4 of Roll Roll Cotton Boll is already to be released in the wee-small-hours of Friday, so you don't need me around for anything else, do ya? ;cD

Oh. PS. I've had some people email and ask, looking for things --- thinking they were on the blog, wishing they were on the blog instead of the website, asking if I would kind of consolidate it. I'd love to make it easier for you to find things! So I'm considering moving some tutorials and tips & technique stuff over here to the blog. It might mean a post with a chart of cutting side triangles comes through your feed, stuff like that, but it would be nice to have it in one place for easy reference for you, so I'll do it. A little bit at a time!


  1. Thank you for being so generous and patient with your readers.

  2. Have fun at the beach, Bonnie.
    If you put a deck & adirondack chairs in the foreground of that first photo it could be the picture that hangs above my sofa....my vacation in a frame. LOL

  3. You are soooo lucky. Enjoy!!!!! I love your blog. Zelda

  4. What ever works for you! I visit your blog all the time and will find the info where ever you put it.
    I love the beach anytime....there is nothing more beautiful to me.

    Happy Sewing and beach walking :0)

  5. Have fun at the beach..will cya back here in TX in Feb.!! YIPPEE! Just wonderin' if Chloe's still around, if so, how's she doing, etc.

  6. Seriously, cold at 22 degrees! You are most certainly a southerner at this point in your life. Thinking of you enjoying your time on the beach.

  7. The post finally showed up. Glad you have a little time to unwind at the Beach. Have fun and remember we will be here when you get back...

  8. Praying you are refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Lucy (in IN)

  9. Hey it's in the 20s here too - in AUSTRALIA in CELSIUS lol. The beach is awesome anytime of day or night, summer or winter, rain or shine. There's just something about all that ozone and the wonderful rhythm of the waves. BTW you ARE enormously patient and accommodating to your readers; now - have some TIME OFF lol!!!Very well earned.

  10. Have a great weekend, stay warm!

  11. I love living vicariously through you :o)

  12. Holden Beach! My family has our gathering there in early August... oh the longing! Post a few pictures, please, so we can feel it. And enjoy, enjoy!

  13. Enjoy! Can't wait to see what you accomplish while "winterizing"! ;)


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