Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Quilters of Morning Star!

It seems as if every day there is a quilt show in my inbox! I love each and every email that comes with a photo attached, and I just received one that I want to share with you!

Not just because it’s Christmastime, but just because I know there are countless others who are involved in this kind of service ALL the time, not thinking that their efforts add up to much, but when combined all together, we can accomplish great things!


Carol’s email came to me with the following story:

Bonnie, I took your Crumbs class when you were in Charlotte earlier this year (June?) for the NC Symposium.

The ladies at my church (Morning Star Lutheran Church) have been making basic tied quilts for 3 years for Lutheran World Relief. Each year, they have made more quilts and this year, over 150 were made.

The ladies decided last year that they wanted to make a "real" quilt for our youth minister who was donating fabric samples from the company she worked for. The samples are used in the quilts along with other donated fabric. We made her a kind of a wonky square in a square. It was an easy block to teach everyone -- very few are quilters -- and then I could square up all the blocks before putting them together.

Early this year, we made a string quilt for our minister of music. That was another easy block to teach that could be squared up.

The last two quilts to be made were for our 2 Pastors. After taking your class, I taught them how to make your stars. We probably had 20 women making stars. Then the stars were squared up to finish at 8". We also mixed in some words using Tonya's alphabet. (I made those blocks.)

Just thought you would like to see the quilts. I've attached pictures of the 2 quilts for the Pastors -- they were similar, but not exactly the same. I have also used both a star or a letter to make 4.5" coasters -- fusing the star or letter to timtex, fusing a backing, and then satin stitching around the outside. (Like the edges of fabric bowls were finished.) The coasters are pretty cute! I don't know how many stars I've made, but it's definitely a lot! Thank you so much for your techniques and your class. I enjoyed the class at the time, and have definitely put what I learned to good use!

Regards, Carol K.

P.S. I've also attached a picture of all the quilts from our church before we packed them up for shipping.


Thank you for sending the pics, Carol! The story is so inspiring, just look at all these quilts ready to be donated!


  1. What an awesome job! Thanks for sharing with us too!
    Christmas Blessings to you and your family.

  2. That quilt is gorgeous.... See, your quilts really do bring people together!!!

    Now.. how in the world do you get your photos to go sideways like that haha.. lmbo!

  3. Wow, that is a ton of quilts for a great cause! Love the words in the quilt...so much fun! Now, excuse me...I have to get back to piecing SIX HUNDRED half square triangles...giggle!! Not really, I had a bunch saved from some of your other mysteries, and so glad to have had them all ready to go! Thank you, Bonnie for doing this mystery...I really look forward to it...it is kind of a gift!! Merry Christmas!

  4. What a great post - and a fabulous batch of quilts... soon the whole world will be warm...

    Like Julie, I'm piecing hst's today !! I do the "draw a line" method, and DH offered to draw all the lines, so he is busily drawing diagonals, and I sew and cut! We are a production line... on a great rainy Sunday.

  5. This is a wounderful story!! Great pictures too!!! thanks for sharing this with us Bonnie!! And thanks Carol for all the work you have done to help new people learn to quilt!!

  6. all this from ONE quilt group? multiply this times all those others and together we DO great things already i think....thanks for showing us this visible proof

  7. One of those Pastors (lucky man!) used to be a Pastor at our church here. The quilts are GREAT (they had a good teacher!!). I LOVE this story~

  8. I hope Tonya sees this too....
    All I can say is Bonnie and Tonya you have inspired many and given so much to all of us quilters! I wish you both continued success.
    thanks for sharing this story and pictures.

    Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas!

  9. Wow! That is excellent. I love reading posts like this.


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