Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Bit of Sewing….


I’m off! Heading toward my secret destination! Can you guess where I am headed?


But last night ((Monday eve)) I was able to get some stitching in. I made 4 basket blocks for a group project we are working on.  The instructions said to make the 10”  baskets in brown, and the tops in floral, with a white background. Here I am on the other side of the fence hoping that *I* followed the rules right!


I took the fabric with me to stitch at the beach but you know what? That Janome machine just kept eating my triangles and I couldn’t get a good 1/4” to save my life. I came home with the intent to sew them on my trusty old Bernina. I know that we all have machines we love….our “go-to” machines that we can count on to get the job done, and this is just the way it is for me.


I love that Janome for many things…for the thread cutter especially, and the knee lift, and the wide open space to fit big things in.  If I ever wanted to do fancy stitches, they are there. It is my main machine for paper or string piecing. But when it comes to piecing, sorry Janome, you are getting passed by!


But just for the same reason we have different sizes of screw drivers, many sets of dishes, and scissors in various sizes for different projects, I just need a different machine depending on the job.  I don’t think there is one machine out there that does it all, but I’m sure you will attempt to correct me if I am wrong! LOL!!



I want to share with you a pic that was sent to me! Becky writes:

Hey Bonnie,  on one of my yahoo groups they were talking about your current mystery And when I came to 'check it out' I saw the rewrite of Christmas Lights.  I just wanted To drop you a quick note and picture.  There were 5 of us that did it last year when
It came out in the mag and the goal was to have the tops completed for our guild Christmas party. I am sending you a picture.  Mine is the one with the light outer border of Christmas
Balls. Thanks!!  We so enjoyed doing it. Oh by the way.  I'll see ya in March at Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge TN. Later!
Becky Wynne
Hermitage Tn

Thanks so much for sending the pic, Becky! They all turned out so great!


And of course, I’m writing this post a bit early, setting it to post later….gotta get to bed tonight, got places to go tomorrow (And by the time you read this, I’m well on my way!)


  1. Those Christmas lights quilts are so cheerful. I like stories like this. I can almost "feel" the fun they are having. On another note, to bad about your Janome, but your blocks turned out great.

  2. We are famous! What a nice surprise to see our picture on your blog. I am the one second from the right and I increased the size of my quilt to queen (I don't do little). This quilt was a real challenge for me---lots of little pieces---but I prevailed and love it. Thanks again for sharing your creativity.

    Patricia in TN (patricia-myquiltingadventure.blogspot.com)

  3. OOps, I am second from the left---second from the right is Becky who sent the picture. Got so excited I forgot my left from my right!

  4. The eating of the triangles is precisely why I got the Janome MC6600 instead of the MC6500. The first thing I tried to sew on my test drive was half square triangles and they got eaten on the 6500. I tried them on the 6600 and it was perfect.

    The problem with the 6500 is that it only has a 5 pt feed dog system whereas the 6600 has a 7 pt system. The extra 2 teeth at the front on the 6600 are what are needed to grab those triangle points to pull them through.

  5. I don't know where you are going, but I sure hope to hear a knock on my door!!!!

  6. If only my husband understood that different machines are good for different things.....I have had my eye on another machine for a while but that is as far as it has gotten. Sigh. LOL

  7. Anonymous12:43 PM EST

    My Babylock QCII sometimes eats triangles and takes a lot of settng up to get a good 1/4" seam. It's a great computerized machine but my old 1979 Viking mechanical machine was so much better at piecing, may she rest in piece. I miss her so.

    I think next time I go machine shopping, I'm going to test out the HST's.

    Gail :)

  8. Can you get a single hole throat plate for your Janome?


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