Monday, December 06, 2010

A Quilty Day in Harlingen, TX!

The gals in Harlingen really are a bunch of "Texas Tornadoes!"

This was such a fun workshop..and we were full at 24 students!

One of the things I love about this workshop is getting students to let loose and really play with variety! We worked strictly with pre-cut bricks and squares that everyone cut ahead of time so that when we began, we began big time!

I've uploaded a little slideshow to webshots!

Harlingen, TX 2010

There is also a link below the slide show for you to click through to view the pictures individually if for some reason you are unable to see it.

After the workshop, we drove out to South Padre Island! It was my first time, and though it was a quick one, I'd love to come back some day. I tell you what, if you wanted to gather some girl friends and retreat...even the Hampton Inn had rooms advertised for $22.95 as it is really OFF OFF season right now. If it weren't so far to get here....I might consider it!

We stopped to have dinner at Pirate Landing, yummy blackened red snapper!! It was a windy blustery night, but I loved it! There is something about palm trees blowing in the wind, even in a stormy wind, that just makes me feel like I am in another world. And..I suppose I am! Since I left snow in NC! I feel like I am getting away with something that I shouldn't be....

The weather was gorgeous when I arrived....and the last two mornings, even though it has been brisk, I've been out the door about 6:45am power walking for about 1.5 hrs....feels good!

One funny thing about Texas...Every town has at least one, if not several HEB grocery stores! I loved the HEB when we lived in Waxahachie....

I stopped to get some breakfast things, cereal, yogurt, fruit, milk..and OH OH OH !! They have my absolute fave! Pina Colada light yogurt. This is the BEST, better than the "name brands." There are actually pineapple and coconut bits in it...MMMM! So guess what I had for breakfast today? :cD

I'm being picked up by Jan and her cohort, I'm being shuffled around for a bit of sight-seeing today, and lunch out! So far, we've hit the BBQ place the first night...hit the seafood place last night....and today....I've got Tex Mex on the brain! So that is my request for lunch.

This evening is my lecture/trunkshow, and tomorrow....it's already time to go HOME! Time really does fly fast when you are having fun, as they say!


  1. Texas Tornadoes? I hear a Country song coming on in my head. Those are pretty blocks, so scrappy! I'd go for a Beach view for $22.95, I see cold out my window in the NW.

  2. Bonnie you are so smart to make your travel fun....not just work.
    I bet those ladies were thrilled to have you....I'm hoping I can get into your workshop when you come to Poughkeepsie in the Spring.

    I'm such a fan :0),
    happy sewing and safe travels
    I'm home making string blocks wheeeeeeeee

  3. Quick question - you had mentioned a while back you were coming to Germany. Can I get details to see if I can make it to wherever you'll be?

  4. Bonnie,

    I had such a fun time at your class. I loved meeting you in person, and I can't wait to devour your book. Thanks so much!

  5. I was raised in Corpus Christi...the pic of South Padre makes me miss it!

  6. I love this block!!!! It's so colourful...! And the eight together make a fantastic pattern. It'll be a wonderful quilt!
    It's a really useful block to use my scrapas.

    Could you please, send me the pattern?


    Are you thinking in coming anywhere in Spain to teach us all the beautiful things you can do?

    Greetings from Spain

  7. Waxahachie? My car blew a head gasket just out of town there in 1981. I was hiding in the shade of some brambles, lol, and a guy on a horse topped the small hill. My hero! rode home, called a tow truck and we were towed into town, spent a few days and then drove on to ? what ever TX town I was going to. We bought a '62 Ford off some little old lady there and drove it for two weeks, came back and got our car. I was traveling for a living then and had to have a car immediately. I didn't know you lived in Waxahachie!

  8. Hi Bonnie - Loved the pic of SPI - I used to live there until I moved to Houma, LA, and joined Cane Cutter Quilters. Now I'm in NYC and sure miss my friends in Cane Cutters.

  9. You always manage to share an insite when you travel and do shows. I feel like a fly on the wall.
    Happy holidays to you. My 60 string blocks are done...of course!

  10. Am I the only one whose phone pages only measure 8.25" instead of 8.5"? I have measured every phone book that I still own and they are still too small. I'm recycling used typing papers.


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