Monday, December 13, 2010

Lovely Monday!

I’ve said before how much I love Mondays…and it still stands true! After a busy weekend, a quiet empty house and mundane Monday chores are just life centering!

I have filled up the “to-do” list for today with things like:

  • email with a cup of my favorite Good Earth Original tea
  • Laundry ((running as I type! I’m so glad I don’t have to do this by hand on a washboard in the river!))
  • Book Orders
  • Post Office
  • Bank

I have a couple basket blocks to finish sewing up for a project for a friend….

holdenbeach2010 016

This is a shot of our sewing space at the Beach House! The table was plenty big…and you can also see who had the biggest MESS! That would be ME!

holdenbeach2010 017

Yes, there was plenty of sustenance on hand! I love the Dove Dark! The secret is not to BITE it, but just let it melt in your mouth and see how long you can make it last Rolling on the floor laughing


This is one more shot of sunset on Friday night…..ahhhhh! Saturday was cold and rainy and we stayed in ALL DAY! Do you get the sillies with your quilt friends when you get together? The kind where you laugh so hard you don’t know if you can hold it?

This was our funny: I have a bing app on my iphone that plays 100 hits by year….and they list ALL the years from something like 1947 through today. So I told Lisa to PICK A YEAR. She chose 1988. Okay. Good year…we start listening.

They start playing SOME obscure song that we KNOW was never in the top 100 of anything ((but rejects!!)) So…this is where the funny comes in. Did you ever watch “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”? Remember the card game they play at the guy’s mom’s house? We started doing it with the music on the bing-thing. If it was a song neither of us heard of, we’d yell “Bull-Sh*t!!” and change to the next song. It was SO funny….I guess you just had to be there. The funnier part came when we switched from my bing app on my phone to Lisa’s regular ipod with her own music on it, and I forgot and still wanted to cry “Bull!!” at it…LOL!

Naps were taken after lunch! LONG naps! And when I woke up, Lisa was on the couch doing handwork to the Indiana Jones marathon on the USA channel! PERFECT! The machines got no more work out Saturday night, as we decided to stay in ((rainy and cold)) and just hand sew while oggling at Harrison Ford Winking smile Take Out Chinese and a movie Marathon? More perfectness-in-quiltdom!

holdenbeach2010 001

We left Holden Beach behind yesterday after lunch…well, after waiting for the dishwasher to run its course so we could turn off the water for the season. Remember, our whole point in going was supposedly to help with the winterization! I sewed hexies all the way til dark while Lisa drove….man, I love those heated seats in her car! We did have to make a North Carolina Pit Stop at Krispy Kreme, dontcha know?!

I have to admit that I am “SKIPPING” guild meeting tonight. It’s the Christmas Potluck, and I would just like to stay in and have a nice quiet dinner with my family. I think that is okay, don’t you?

Besides, tomorrow I am leaving for an “undisclosed” location! I thought it might be fun if I play “Where’s Waldo” and have you guess where I’m going! And if you already know the answer, then you are not allowed to comment! LOL! I’ll post an update from there with pictures and see if you can guess ;c)

So….with this Windows Live Writer thing…((I’m writing in it now)) I’ve heard from some people that there is a problem with the signature at the bottom of my posts not showing…you know that little automatic graphic that has my name? Do I really care about that? No. I figure you know who I am whether it has a fancy fake signature at the bottom or not. That’s just blog-clutter when it comes right down to it.

But the other thing that IS missing, is when my blog is listed in someone else’s side bar. Or on my feed on facebook. If I write the post in Live Writer, the pics aren’t uploaded via flickr (not sure if this is the reason, but all I could think of) and then there is no pic to go with the post. So….I’m trying to think on how to solve that.

If I upload this to blogger as a DRAFT I can tweak it from there. If I use blogger to insert the top picture of the post….doing the others in Live Writer ((is this sounding like too much work just to get a pic to show in a sidebar or facebook?!?)) will it pick up that pic and post it. We’ll see.

Someone also told me that in Live Writer I need to double-space between my paragraphs because when it transfers over it shoves the paragraphs together. PFfftttt. So it’s a tweak in progress. The best thing for me so far is to be able to write the posts offline. And I think I’ll like that, especially when I am using up time on my wireless aircard to write a live post.

I’m about to upload this now….and the pic I am going to insert from blogger is a pic of the tea I love at the top of the page..if that shows up in someone’s side bar, or in the blog post on facebook, we’ve got that sorted.

Gotta love a computer adventure! Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Love the "Bull" part! LOL Quilting with a friend is just the ultimate thing - silliness, happiness, and all!
    Sounds like you had a great time & for sure some great "slower then normal" time :)
    Safe travels on your "Waldo" trip! :)

  2. Your beach time sounded very relaxing, and I love your lazy Monday - I think every week should have at least one! LOL

    On another note, what's up with all the cruise ship mishaps??? I'm going on the quilting cruise with you and Pat Sloan in November 2011 - let's keep our fingers crossed!!


  3. I see you brought the "heavy" machine along....paper piecing?????????

  4. The beach trip sounds like fun. Did you know there is a song called Bull s@*#? made me laugh thinking about you yelling that at the song.
    Safe travels where ever you are going


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