Monday, December 13, 2010

One More Try

Well, adding a linked picture from somewhere else on the web didn’t solve my problem, so I’m still tweaking what I need to do to get the feed to show up in sidebars with pictures!

Though, something tells me you will click to read whether there is a picture or not, knowing there WILL be pictures on the post…but STILL!

Oh, the problem I was having with blogger was FINE in Chrome, but still WRONG in Firefox. I thought it back to the last time that it worked in Firefox on my laptop, and it was BEFORE firefox did an automatic update. So I’m reinstalling Firefox to see if that helps some of the problem. Just can’t get the hang of Chrome..where is my regular toolbar? it’s just tabs! I need things in plain view Annoyed

I’m uploading this as a draft…trying something else with a picture…so pardon multiple test posts today until I get this sorted out!

I wrote this post in Live Writer, saved it to blogger as a draft, copied the text from the draft, posted it into a new message and uploaded the cat pic at the top through blogger. Let's give this a run and see where and how it shows up!


  1. It shows up fine :)
    Google Chrome has it's toolbar way over to the right hand side a little wrench gives a drop down :) Good luck figuring everything out! :)

  2. He looks toasty warm!

  3. Love the kitty staying warm

  4. I have no idea what you're doing -- tech wise -- but I am enjoying your posts and your pix!!

  5. "Let's give this a run and see where and how it shows up!"

    Bonnie! It showed up in the Washington, DC, omg!!!
    Seriously though, it looks fine to me, I don't know what's missing if anything. I'm viewing it through IE.


  6. Bonnie, hi! First off I want to say I'm a huge fan of your quilts and your blog. I follow on RSS feeds and really enjoy seeing what's going on. Now for a small complaint. I don't know why this happened but today I am not able to read anything without hightlighting it, because the background quilt is too prominent and the printing doesn't stand out. Don't know if this is a problem only on my computer or not. Don't worry though, I don't mind highlighting the text to read it. Enjoy your evening "off".


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