Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trying out Windows Live Writer!

I am trying the windows live writer, and not sure what I’m doing, but I like how it shows me exactly what the post will look like on the page. It shows my blog background and everything…..I’m just writing in the center panel as if it were really my blog! It's an "What you see is what you get" kind of editor, so we will see how this goes!

I did download google chrome for a browser, and it seemed to work fine with blogger.....my editing options were back again with the old editor as with the new, but I think I want to play with windows live writer for a while...mainly because I can write the posts offline ((Like when sitting on a plane or in the airport?) ) and then send them either live to blogger, or save them as a draft in blogger and then I can go in and post them, or post date them from there. Options. I like options. ((Yes, I like options, even if it means learning new things sometimes!))

holdenbeach2010 002
We took some lonely back country roads to get to where we were going on our way from Winston Salem to Holden Beach, NC…..this is what we call a North Carolina Traffic Jam! :cD

Wow, as I’m looking at this editor, there are all kinds of neat things….photo albums, videos, maps, post tags, emoticons!! Nyah-Nyah
Projects started
projects finished
projects given up on!
Yep! this could be neat!
holdenbeach2010 003
I can round off the corners of the pictures and change the style! cool!
As we crossed the cause way, this was our view! Can you see the sun setting? There is nothing more peaceful than a beach in winter! We dropped our stuff off at the beach house, and went to a little seafood place for dinner. The special? Grilled tuna and grouper, served with conch fritters! I thought I had died and gone to heaven…..if we go there again, it’s more conch fritters for me, those were so yummy!
holdenbeach2010 004
Tiled picture! WHOOO! Yep, definitely a fun editor! This was my view at 7:50am yesterday morning. Cold and crisp, but blue sky and sunny! This is the view off the back deck. I just love the sound of the crashing waves on an empty beach. Nobody’s boom box, no one’s tents and wagons full of coolers and beach stuff, no one’s trash and yelling..just the sound of crashing waves and birds. Bliss!
Lisa and I worked on our projects all day, and we’ve got quite a bit done!
holdenbeach2010 005holdenbeach2010 006
I’ve added two more border sections to the hexagon monstrosity..it looks pretty weird right now as I’m working in sections. The picture to the right shows the sections…I’ve got 5 more of the upper one to do, and only one more of the lower one. There are 6 of each section to complete that border around the center medallion. I spent time before coming to cut some more neutral hexes as I am using more of those than anything else right now. I sure love how this is coming out!
holdenbeach2010 010
Here is Lisa walking Miss Girl Shelby! It was so cold on this walk I had to keep my hands in my pockets….but we loved it!
Look at that Sunset! You can’t see it but there is a pier in the distance. When the sun hit the water, we knew it was time to turn around and beeline it back for the house…..
holdenbeach2010 015
Ahhhh! Home Sweet Beach Home! At least until Sunday morning when we have to return back to the life of the living! But until then, there is more sewing to be done, and I’ve played with windows live writer long enough for now!


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM EST

    The beach IS beautiful in winter and your descriptions of that peace soothing.

    Your dialogue thru windows live makes me want to use it too.... and I don't have a blog.

    The hexi is to die for.... we all say I will do that but bit by bit you are doing it and then it will be finished and the rest of us will go...huh... what happened? where is ours... still in our brains,, no brainer...

  2. Everything, projects... scenery... lovely!!!! Does she rent the house??? :o)

  3. Thank you for Holden calmness during this hectic time. It was blissful traveling there in the winter time through you. Sigh.

  4. LOL....'like a kid at Christmas time' is going through my head right now. I appreciate you sharing the "funs" with the Live Writer; a great review surely.
    and what a quaint looking beach house! Looks like something out of a romance novel ;0)

  5. my husband got me started using live writer when we were on our last trip - it works great and I continue to use it almost everyday now - I never thought to mention it when you were having trouble. I guess in my computer illiterate mind I thought you could only use live writer if you used word press and you said you used blogger :)

  6. I love the windows live editor -- you can also write your blog offline and yet still see it in your format - then it just posts when you reconnect to the internet

  7. I've used Live Writer since shortly after I started blogging. I wonder if you have a newer version, though, because mine doesn't show my blog background until I hit 'preview'. Now I have to see if I'm missing something!

    Beautiful photos of your time at the beach!

  8. OMG I am SO green with envy... I love the beach in winter - used to spend the week after Christmas every year 'camping' at Big Sur...
    Thank you for learning to use Windows Live (I might give it a try after all) and posting those georgeous beach scenes...
    and I love the progress you're making on your hexie quilt - it's awesome!!!!

  9. I have used Windows Live Writer for a couple of years now. I love it and it is so easy to use. I don't think you will be sorry.

  10. Congratulations on your new editor and thanks for the lovely scenes. There's nothing like sunset over the water, it can't be matched!

    Your hexie project is coming right along and I admire the work you've done. Even with a map,I think I'd be "zo comfoozed" by all the little pieces!


  11. Second that jealous, but because we used to spend a week at Holden Beach when the children were young. I love it there!!! Hands down my favorite place. I'm so glad to see the pictures. It's been a long time.......

  12. Windows live sounds pretty neat, maybe I'll have to give it a try! Your picture off the back deck looks like a postcard, it's amazing. Enjoy your last bit of time at the beach, and your hexie is looking great!

  13. What a beautiful beach scene. Thanks for telling about your new experience with windows live writer. I have been wondering about it myself, but haven't tried it yet.

  14. Just found the hexagon punch and have started a project of my own. Your planning is quite involved; I'm not sure mine will be.

  15. Window Live looks interesting! Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Side note....working on #35 of my strip piece squares.......

  16. I do fear that one of your scripted sidebar toys is doing something inefficient. Everything's ok with a modern Firefox on macosx, but the processor runs hard if I leave the page loaded in Linux + Chrome, and scrolling is jumpy on Linux + older Firefox. (It feels like a scripting problem, not a data throughput problem.)

    (You are forgiven in advance if you do not care about older Firefox versions, but if you are interested in the Chrome on Linux or modern-Firefox on Linux, problems, let me know and I will benchmark for you.)

  17. I have been using live writer for a while. you can also watermark your images and set it as a default. There are various plug-ins you can download as well. I love it!

  18. I'm trying out the live writer too and really loving it. Getting photo's where I want is much easier. Though I though I had scheduled a post to show up tonight, and when I checked my email this morning had comments on the post! Some how it posted last night! so i'll have to work out what I did wrong there!

  19. I too love windows live writer. It is an easy format and offers lots of options for posting. Have fun with it.

  20. You go girl!! This is a great post! Love your hexies and have them mentally scheduled for next year!

  21. Hmmmmm I have been trying Live Writer too and have noticed 2 things. That I have to paste in my signature as it hasn't picked it up from blogger. And when my blog is in other blog lists, there is no photo to go with my post, just the title. This was when I published it straight from live writer. So my next post I'm going to send to draft in blogger and then publish, hopefully a photo will then attach itself to my blog, in other blog lists! I noticed Bonnie's post came up in my blog list with no photo too, so is not just me.

  22. Hi Bonnie
    I've been using Live Writer for some time now, but I was concerned about downloading the funny emoticons. Can you please tell me how you did it. I daren't do anything suspicious to my desktop or I'll have a THUNDEROUS DH!
    Thanks Bonnie
    Sue :-))

  23. Anonymous11:14 PM EST

    I think I'm going to try Windows Live. I like the effects you got with your photos. I've had to use Corel software to do anything "fancy" w/my photos.

    Ahh, beach house weekend. I envy you, Bonnie. Holden Beach looks very much like Cape Cod.

    Gail :)

  24. Sure beats being in a snow storm doesn't it?

    Love the beach anytime!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  25. It looks like scenes from a movie! How idyllic!
    It sure makes going home hard I suppose....even though we know reality awaits! Your hexagons are sooooo beautiful! Regards from South Africa!

  26. Thanks for the Live Writer rec, wow that takes all of the work out of it (no more dragging pictures everywhere!). Now maybe I can spend a few minutes & update my sad little background, spiff it up a bit! Great photos!!


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