Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed!

But not without a HUGE TO DO!

If you haven’t guessed, my last post had me at Chicago O’Hare International Airport! Yes, I know this airport like the back of my hand, and it is probably one of my favorite ones. I just find it very user friendly. I love the tunnel between the C & B terminals…I often go down there with my ipod on, and walk up one side of the moving walk way (Not on the walk way, but the corridor beside it) and down the other, just walking laps…..we call it the Terminal Treadmill! What else is a girl supposed to do on a 2 hour layover? You can burn off mega calories just walking!

I also love that it is not a CARPETED airport. If you’ve ever had to pull wheelie luggage over carpet in an airport, you know what a DRAG that is….literally

So, today I walked and walked and walked…..my flight was delayed due to the flight coming IN being delayed. But we finally board, and after we are all in our seats, we find out there is a problem with the galley door where the food service items come in. The “Locked” light wouldn’t illuminate or something…So…..wait for a part….and wait for paperwork.

After this was done, we get the notice that another light in the cockpit has gone bad, one of three….((don’t ask me the proper term for this, I was told what it was, but I can’t remember exactly!)) and we had to wait for a replacement part for that….and more paperwork….

And while this was going on, the pilot comes on and says ‘”Folks, there is another flight that has been cancelled and we are taking on their passengers too”….So that delayed us more…All in All..we left that gate and arrived at our destination 2 hours and 15 minutes late. But I’m not complaining! It was a heck of a lot faster than driving once we got in the air!

We finally landed, and this is what I saw!

lv2010 014

Any Guesses yet?!

lv2010 017

This is the view from my hotel window! The sun was caught just right in those reflective buildings! Do you know where I am??

lv2010 016

I’m in LAS VEGAS!! I’m here with my dad who flew up from AZ to meet me and spend a few days together. We haven’t had a trip together just the two of us since the time I went to Washington DC 4 years ago! Last year I visited AZ and we were all together, my two brothers, my Dad and myself, but this year it’s a daddy/daughter year!

I had planned to go see him in AZ, but he had a problem with his motorhome flooding due to a broken pipe, and this came up as an alternative. Flights into Vegas were cheaper than Phoenix. Hotels are definitely cheaper than Phoenix….and we are planning on seeing some shows, and walking around and enjoying meals and spending time together.

We’ve got tickets for Mystere tonight, and Jersey Boys on thursday…the rest we are playing by ear!

PS...for now I've removed the "background image" from the blog, so it should just appear plain white on grey. Until I figure out what to do that is!


  1. Treasure Island. I read your blog through Nedra the Cactus Needle and moved to Vegas 7 years ago from Seattle area. Loved the clues today and I knew immediately where you were landed. Enjoy your stay and this town is built for walking. Miles and miles of things to see and do. We are having great weather and I hope you can relax and bask in a Vegas winter! :-)

  2. Jersey Boys is the best... I saw it at the Fox Theater in St Louis... so good...

    Have a great mini-vaca..

  3. I am cracked up now!!! I posted on FB I always had a thing for "big HAIR" but...... even I have to admit - this is strange!!! The rest is too flat for the bump - but you did say the eagle landed sooooo maybe it's an eagle dropping under her bump......LOL!!
    Enjoy yourself - I'm sure you will!! Maybe that attendant will be on your return flight, and you will figure it out - LOL

  4. Oh I am so jealous, we just moved from there in June, and I miss it soo much. If you get to go quilt shopping go to Quiltique in Henderson, tell them I sent you....love the store. I will think of you having fun while I am sitting here with a brand new broken foot...will definitely put me behind on the RRCB....

    Oh yeah Mystere is awesome and my son loved the Jersey Boys...

    Enjoy your daddy time and stay safe.

    Michelle Ford

  5. I can't wait to go back to Vegas. I am a huge cirque fan and saw O, Mystere, and Love in a one week visit. I hope your visit is at least half as much fun as mine was and that you get to see all the wonderful sights.

  6. I so almost guessed you were going to vegas. I am only 4 hours from you. What a great idea for you and your dad to get together there. Have fun.

  7. Oh, I got married in Vegas almost six years ago, it was such a fun trip. Then we went back a few years later to meet up with some friends. Had a great time then, too. Enjoy your trip and the time you spend with your father!

  8. In addition to Quiltique, try out Christmas Goose quilt shop....and Fabric Boutique ;-) Enjoy your time here...it is so warm and beautiful! ;-D

  9. Anonymous11:34 PM EST

    Have a great time with your dad, Bonnie and I definitely think the flight attendant's hair belonged in another decade. lol

  10. Vegas in December is great. Have fun with your Dad. I suggest going to the Wax Museum and don't forget to walk past the Ballagio fountains with Christmas Music playing. I was there last year to see Donny and Marie, but they are in NY City this Christmas.

  11. I knew it from the picture of the airport! I used to live there! Jo Anna

  12. "your" hairdo is just going back to the fifties, time flies! i recall pettcoats, THESE hairdo's an pink pink pink. greased-hair-guys on motorcycles, the real grease thing. too old to feel sorry ;^}...
    lost a big part of this hair, don't need to walk on stiletto's anymore.
    have a great, happy time with your dad!
    irene form amsterdam

  13. Bonnie, that lady is my sister! HAH! Gotcha!

    I was clueless to your location until I saw the Wynn hotel, then I knew it was Vegas. Tip: If you want to play, play the penny machines at Imperial Palace, but whatever you do, have fun!

    Linda M

  14. Jersey Boys is GREAT! Saw it in Raleigh. Enjoy!

  15. woohoo!!! have a great time.

  16. This is too funny! I know that I've flown with that stewardess b/4! That hair is hard to forget!
    Maybe she doesn't get out much!!! As far as hair styles? Time to read magazines etc.... I'm one to talk though! LoL... Hope your visit with your dad is great!
    Have a Wonderful Christmas Holiday

  17. She's got the Snooki do!! If you're going to see Jersey Boys, you might as well tune in to Jersey Shore. Everything old is new again. I knew someone in college who had that lump on top of her head, all her hair, plus "addition" -- a la Audrey Hepburn in Charade -- for her entire 4 years there. Whoa!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful time with your Dad!!

  18. Well I must say it is very readable, which is what I come here for. My old boss at an advertising agency always said Form follows Function, so if you want something read it should be readable. Have fun with your Dad what a wonderful idea!

  19. Bonnie, maybe she is stashing Christmas presents under that do....who would check the hair?? LOL

  20. My Father lives in Henderson, I leave my wife and kids at home and I go visit him once every year. We usually road trip somewhere for a few days, but talking with him while sitting on his porch overlooking at the city is a great way to end a day.

    Enjoy your time together...

  21. Bonnie,Your blog without the background is easier to read. Just MHO.


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